And speaking of the enemy,  it looks like this latest attack in India was another example of what they are capable of.  They killed innocent people in this attack, all for the sake of trying to disrupt world business.

    This attack was engineered, not for massive casualties, but for disruption.  Everyone knows that most of the world’s IT services are located there in India.  It is the backbone of the offices of the world, so any attack that can disrupt India’s Silicon Valley is the goal. Certainly whatever group did this, their goal was to destabilize the region and I am sure they will find even more bombs.  Hopefully no one else gets killed.  –Head Jundi 


Thirteen bombs hit India’s Ahmedabad, five killed

Sat Jul 26, 2008 9:43pm IST

By Rupam Jain Nair

AHMEDABAD, India, July 26 (Reuters) – At least 13 small bombs exploded in the Indian city of Ahmedabad on Saturday, killing at least five people and wounding 55, a day after another set of blasts in the country’s IT hub, officials said.

On Friday, eight bombs exploded in quick succession in the southern IT city of Bangalore, killing at least one person and wounding six others.

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