First off, this show definitely gets a FJ thumbs up.  Each episode is all about how to survive some really tough and realistic scenarios.  The two shows I recommend especially are the mall shooting and the hijacked airplane episodes.  Both of them are filled with excellent information on how to realistically survive and lead the efforts.  This stuff falls in line with the ‘hero in waiting concept’ I keep talking about.  That there is no one else that is going to save you and your fellow victims, so it is up to you all to stop the terrorists or criminal, and get out alive.

   The second part of this, is that Cade Courtley is one of us.  He is a security contractor (or was, now that he has this Hollywood gig), and this is something we can all be proud of.  Cade is representing his SEAL community, and this industry well.

     I also think that these shows will no doubt lead to the survival of folks. It reaches out to the kid, the mom, the grandmother, the wife, etc., and gets everyone involved in an entertaining and intriguing show.  It is all about arming people with the knowledge necessary to defeat the Jokers, the Mumbai terrorists, the fires and floods, the 9/11 hijackers, and the Hasans.  We cannot and should not depend on someone else to save us, and this show is just one more way of arming yourself with life saving and enemy defeating information.  Be the ‘hero in waiting’ and win that fight. –Matt


Cade Courtley, Host of Spike TV’s Surviving Disaster

What will you do when disaster strikes? Spike TV’s new original series Surviving Disaster, led by Navy SEAL Cade Courtley, vividly takes viewers through catastrophic scenarios and arms them with the knowledge needed to survive the unthinkable. Courtley tackles worst-case scenarios and equips viewers with the practical information needed to save their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. Whether the threat is natural or man-made or on a national or personal level, Courtley speaks directly to the viewers and guides them through a comprehensive, step-by-step process to not only survive the big picture disaster, but endure the many dangerous obstacles that may occur within each catastrophic event. While leading viewers out of danger, Courtley not only provides helpful tips and hands-on instruction, but swiftly points out common misconceptions and fatal mistakes. Unlike any other series, Surviving Disaster may actually save lives by providing actions that anyone can perform.

Cade Courtley, host of Spike TV’s original series “Surviving Disaster,” is the ideal person to host the first television series that may actually save your life in the face of imminent danger. After all, as a former Navy SEAL, Courtley faced imminent danger for a living.

Raised in Boulder, CO, Courtley graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration and was commissioned into the United States Navy as an Ensign.

A standout from the beginning of his military career as a Naval Officer, Courtley was the Class Leader in his BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL) training.  After 19 months, two Hell Weeks, three broken legs and a fractured skull, LT Courtley graduated and became a Navy SEAL.  He was then chosen to attend the elite SEAL Sniper school, privilege only given to a select few. While on active duty he went on to lead highly classified, high-risk operations around the world as an Assistant Platoon Commander, SEAL Team Two; and later Platoon Commander SEAL Team One. As the Senior SEAL Instructor (Naval Special Warfare Center) he realized his operational (shooter) life was nearing an end and began to make the transition to a second career in civilian life.  Opportunity came knocking when he received a phone call to participate in Mark Burnett’s “Combat Missions.” His new career landed him in Hollywood where he made several more television and film appearances, worked as a technical advisor and wrote a produced screenplay. Having not quite “gotten it out of his system” Courtley decided to return to his former high-risk profession with several recent tours to Iraq working as an “Independent Contractor.”  His strong background in military Special Operations has made him the obvious choice to host “Surviving Disaster.”  Courtley, currently living in Los Angeles, will now be in front of the camera saving lives in a whole new way.  Once a SEAL, always a SEAL.

Watch full episodes of the show here.