A couple of things about this year.  For one, there has been a massive readership increase.  From 15,414 visitors in 2008 to 100,658 visits in 2009 is a big increase, and I am humbled by the positive response of the readership.

   On that note, let’s go over the information for this year, sponsored by Google Analytics. I love this type of stuff, because it lets me know what you folks really want more of.  It also lets me know if the blog sucks or is doing well.  By all accounts, the blog is doing well and the trend lines are all going nicely in a upward direction.

   The top title with the most views is the ‘Potential’ motivational poster.  We love to laugh on FJ, and nothing is funnier than poking fun at islamic extremists.

   Then there is the weapons stuff.  Boy, I get the point and I will be sure to keep up the interesting weapons posts.  The 6.8 SPC versus the 6.5 Grendel post is a carry over from last year, and so is the Russian Sniper Rifle post.  I should also note that the last month here, the Neopup and the Anzio Ironworks rifle was very popular.  What can I say, other than you guys love the weapons stuff.  I do to.

   Now here is the one area that I really dig, and that is jobs.  Afghanistan and any jobs posted for it, was a hot topic.  I have had hundreds of guys and gals asking me about job stuff this year, and everyone continues to think I am a recruiter or someone that works for the company I am posting for.  Let me say this again, just so it is clear.  I will let you know in the post, if I am a recruiter or not.  Other than that, follow the directions of the job post and good luck.  It is cool though, that this site has helped out a ton of folks to get contracts, and I plan to keep doing that in the future.

   The down side with job stuff, is sometimes I post stuff that is no longer flying or worse yet, the company is just fishing for resumes.  For that, I depend upon my readership or the forums to get the real deal on what is going on with this stuff.  But for the most part, I  just want to get the information out there so you folks can react to it.  Timing is everything with this stuff, and it is first come first serve.

    The gear review is always a fun one, and for the record, I do own a pair of MSA Sordins and I am happy.  I will continue to do more reviews in the future.

   Now onto the Al Qaeda torture manual thing.  I post that stuff, not for people to commit torture on others, but for information purposes. That, and to let people know that AQ has done far worse things to people than we could ever imagine.  Gitmo is a holiday resort compared to what Al Qaeda has done in the name of Allah. Enough said there. (by the way, I am Lutheran, if any Jihadists care to know. lol)

   The one thing that does not show up on this list of titles, that I think should get a mention at least, is the coverage on the topic of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, the explorations into more effective forms of warfare on land and sea in this war, and the whole Jax Desmond episode.  The Kabul Fiasco and the Fitzsimmons incident gets a mention as well. There is also the continuing saga of CTU in Iraq and the poor guys not involved with bs at AGNA who had to work in that environment in Kabul.  We have also lost a few contractors in this war, to accidents and combat, and my heart goes out to all the families and friends of the lost.

   The really under reported star of the year though, is the amount of contractors there are in this war, and how important we all are to the war effort. You and I know the real deal, and I only see more work for us all in the future. And the future will be another post.

   As always, thanks to everyone who has contributed and participated on the blog, and because of your input, Feral Jundi is what it is.  The numbers and data below are proof. Here’s to another year!-Matt


January 1, 2009 to December 29, 2009

100,658 people visited this site, with 185,0144 page views. From January 1, 2008 to December 29, 2008 , there were 15,414 visitors.  There were 37,559 page views.


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