I hope to see more companies start advertising, and I will put the security related disaster relief stuff up when I find it. One word of caution, just from experience with this.  You will see many companies ‘say’ they are going in, when in fact they are just getting ready for the potential of going in.  Especially the smaller companies. It happens with the bigger companies too, and the best I can say is that you just need to roll with it. Keep putting in with companies, until you have a contract and airplane ticket in hand. I would also put more faith into companies that are reputable and have done this kind of thing before.

    Disaster response is frantic and everyone has a million things going on at once.  Sometimes companies that are just trying to provide services get bombarded by all sorts of customers, all trying to figure out exactly what they want. And because disaster is instant chaos and instant demand for everything, it tends to turn into a very interesting logistics animal.

   By the way, I am not the POC or recruiter for this.  Please do not post your resume in the comments section, because I will just delete it.  If you want to apply, just click on the blue links below, or cut and paste the email posted.  Good luck. –Matt


Static Security Positions and Mobile Security Positions

Raidon Tactics Inc. Security Group is in an active Security Contract in Haiti and seeking Special Operations Personnel for open positions  for Static Security Positions and Mobile Security Positions. You must be prepared to live in an austere environment  in Port Au Prince until Relief aid is more efficiently dispersed to the local population. Send resume or CV to hr@raidontactics.com , put your name and Haiti in the subject line.

Details of positions

1.     Convoy security from Dominican Republic to Port au Prince(pap) airport

2.       Static Security for clients in the PAP airport area

3.       Static Security Positions in and around  PAP

4.       Mobile Security Positions in and around PAP

Rotations are approximately 20 days long. With no restriction on how long you can stay.

Frankie L. McRae

Website for Raidon here.