I have no idea what positions they are hiring for, and for all I know they are just funneling bodies into Wackenhut and AGNA.  Which is cool, but I wish they would provide just a little bit more detail.  Actually, for such a large company, this is a pretty pathetic job posting and you would think that they would at least have the resources to fill in some of the blanks here?

   Anyway, I am not the POC or recruiter for this job, and follow the link below or use the provided email address to send out your resume. Good luck. -Matt



G4S now hiring in Afghanistan!

Due to the nature of the tasks we undertake and the environments in which we operate, specialist skills are required.

If you feel you have the qualities required to work for us, please email your CV to riskmanagement.hr@uk.g4s.com .

Be sure to include evidence of:

Specific skills quantifiable through qualifications

Recent experience in a volatile or relevant environment (active service / commercial experience in low infrastructure environments)

Formal military / police training

Experience of firearms / off-road driving / first aid / communications

Languages (where applicable)

Apply here.