Recently, I just posted about a website called Shooter Jobs, which I will not provide a link for. (use google search if you want). They were heavily advertising in Soldier of Fortune and have a Facebook page. But after an email from a trusted reader, I decided to pull my post about them just to be safe.  So with that said, if anyone here has information about the website mentioned that might help to verify if these guys are legitimate or not, that would be great.

The problem here is that they are heavily advertising in all the right places, but I have no way to confirm if they are legitimate or not.  They are asking for personal information for payment, which is not odd, but for them to promote themselves as security contractors with no one in the community backing that statement up, then that is when the warning flags come up. If guys know who they are and can verify that they are legitimate then that would be great.

I also thought they would have contacted me by now to talk about their service or to verify that in fact they are security contractors trying to provide a service to the industry. I would hate to direct people towards this website and find out that these guys were not who they say they are.  If any readers have something to add, feel free to contribute. Thanks to my readership out there for giving me the heads up.-Matt

Edit: 04/09/2011 – I have received an email from the website owner, and verified that he is a security contractor or has worked in the industry at some point. I know of the companies he worked for, and we even know some of the same folks. If anyone has anything to add, feel free to send me an email.