There is so much about this story that is wrong and unjust. The men who did this to Jamie, and the way KBR staff treated this woman afterwords is despicable. Sexual assault/rape is the act of cowards, and I truly hope those that are responsible will pay. For that, I totally endorse Jamie and her legal fight to seek justice.

I am also highly disappointed in the management of that camp at that time. Locking Jamie into a conex box to ‘protect her’ was a cowardly act. (Big Boy Rules?–pfffft…) It sounds like what they were really trying to do, is lock her up so it would buy that management team at that camp some time to figure out how to deal with the case. Pathetic…..

There is something severely wrong with a management team that locks up the victim, as opposed to locking up the rapists.  How many other women did these men assault, and did the management lock up those victims as well? Talk about a total failure of leadership.

For that, I certainly hope Jamie and Tracy (the other woman in this video) who were sexually assaulted or harassed in the war zones, will get the justice they deserve. These women, also define what Jundism is all about. They have the courage to do what is right, and come forward publicly about what happened to them. Any company that refuses to hire these women because they came forward with their cases against KBR, should strongly reconsider. These are the kind of brave employees or contractors you would want in your organization! –Matt

Edit: 07/08/2011- After news came out about the details of this case, and after the ruling in the courts, I would like to personally apologize to KBR and the men that were accused of rape in this deal. I have also removed the ‘Jamie Leigh Jones foundation’ from the links section. Although I still stand by my statement up top that sexual assault is the act of cowards, I also believe that lying about sexual assault is equally despicable. I truly hope that this particular case will not stop women who were truly raped and sexually assaulted, from coming forward and pursuing justice. My heart will always lean towards the true victim. In this particular post, I was only reacting to the available information.