This is a really cool documentary, and it covers far more than the history of Col David Stirling’s adventures. Stirling was the founder of the SAS, which is a remarkable accomplishment and story on it’s own, but the history that intrigued me the most was what he did in retirement. Specifically his private military ventures and the private war he waged in Yemen. This was a privately funded war, waged by professional soldiers and forces in Yemen, with the approval of Britain.

This is also another example of a modern private military force, winning a war. They did it, and this would be a great source for a case study on the potential of private military forces. Stirling was quite the risk taker, and certainly an innovator back in his day. It is also pretty relevant to today’s issues with private military companies, and of the politics of the middle east and the defense industry. Check it out and go to the youtube link to watch the whole series if you are interested. They also discuss his work in Oman and the business he did with Saudi Arabia. Very interesting stuff. –Matt