Ok ladies and gentlemen, I figured this would be a good resource for anyone interested. What I have done is to take every company that is a member of SAMI, and list them with their career sections.

The reason why I wanted to do this, is to direct applicants towards companies that actually care enough to sign on to a code of conduct and standard.  The list below is a very interesting mix of international companies, and you will recognize a couple from my last survey. The cool thing with this list, is these are actual maritime security companies or security companies, that have been approved by SAMI. This is also a big hint to clients of these companies, that you should direct your complaints to SAMI, to ensure quality is enforced.

The other cool thing about these companies, is that if you do gain employment with them, then you can direct your complaints to SAMI and demand that your company act in accordance to the codes and standards, or they get punished. SAMI is trying to promote itself as a group that can hold it’s members to a standard, and I thoroughly support this concept. I just hope they have the courage to do so.

Either way, I plan on making this a page up top so it is easy to get to. I can also modify, edit, and add more members up there. If you are the CEO or employee of one of the mentioned companies, and there is something incorrect or you would like to add something, just contact me or make a note in the comments section. You can do that here on this post, or on the page itself.

For those companies that are not SAMI members, let me know and I will put you down in the categories section ‘Private Naval Companies’ below, if you are not there already. Although I do reserve the right to ‘not include’ certain companies in either sections. I will probably be removing SAMI companies, and others as time goes by, just because if the word get’s out that you do not take care of your people, or that you have provided poor and reckless service to clients, then your company will not get promoted on this blog. –Matt

The SAMI List

Aspida (Greece)
Aspida is constantly looking for high caliber security professionals for deployment as part of our onboard security teams.
The ideal applicants should have a career in the special forces, be fluent in English and have a sincere love for ships and the sea.
If you are interested in a career at a company where skills, achievements and loyalty are highly valued and professional advancement is defined by meritocracy please send us your CV in English along with army discharge papers and training certificates to hr@aspida.org
Atlas Inc. (UK)
We require the minimum following qualifications before an applicant is considered by ATLAS. Military service discharge papers checked (for correct Military discharge).
ISPS Ships Security Officer Qualification.
STCW95 (Seafarers Training, Certification and Watchkeepers code 4 Part module, Fire Fighting, Elementry First Aid, Sea Survival Safety, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility.
ENG1 Medical qualified.
CV, reference check and interview.

Ambrey Risk (UK)
Ambrey only recruits the best.
Joining our team is the start of a rewarding and fulfilling relationship that will see you working on diverse and challenging projects across a broad range of industry sectors.  In a people focussed industry we invest strongly in career development and training.
If you excel in your current role but are looking for an organisation that can match your ambition, contact us now.  Send a CV and covering letter to enquiries@ambreyrisk.com and we will contact you back within two working days for an initial discussion. All communication is strictly confidential.
Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions Limited (UK)
Black Pearl Maritime Security Management (UK)
It is our aim to provide a comprehensive professional bespoke Protection Service to all our clients. If you believe you would be a valued member of our growing team then simply complete the small form below and we will contact you in return.
If you do not have any of the below documents please only email your CV to:
jostewart@blackpearl-msm.com we will respond as quickly as possible.
Ships Security Officer cert
Seaman discharge book
Seamans card
Military Service
Personal Liability Insurance
Yellow Fever Certificate
Blue Mountain Group (UK)
Applications and Careers
We are always on the lookout for appropriate individuals to join our teams. We are looking for candidates who have the personal skills to meet our client’s specific requirements.
We are not looking for mavericks but individuals who understand the diversity, culture and ethics of our clients and who are capable of building a relationship with every client they come into contact with. No matter what your background in our world customer service coupled to assignment success is paramount!
If you have the technical, communication and inter personnel skills to make a difference please fill in the form below. Use the additional information box’s to tell us what skills you possess that might make the difference.

British Maritime Solutions Ltd (UK)
British Maritime Solutions are always interested to hear from professional maritime security and close protection specialists.
Close Protection Course Additional Courses and Qualifications UKSF
Pheonix / G4S
Ronin S.A.
Ship Security Officer (SSO)
Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
Maritime Security Officer (MSO)
Company Security Officer (CSO)
STCW 95 Course
ENG1 Medical Cert
RYA VHF Short range radio cert
RYA Radar qualification.
RYA Powerboat Level 2
SIA License
Certified PADI Dive Instructor
Certified PADI Dive Master
Certified Ski Instructor
Medical Training SF Patrol Medic
First Person on Scene (FPOS)
Medic in Remote Areas (MIRA)
VIP Emergency Response (VIPER)
Hostile Environment Medic (HEM)
First Aid at Work (FAW)
Control Risks (UK)
Onshore and Offshore Consultants
The Crisis and Security Consulting department are currently recruiting for Onshore Security Consultants, Offshore Security Consultants and a Maritime Security Team Leader to fill positions across Africa.
Please see click on the relevant role you are interested in for a full list of responsibilities.
If your qualifications, experience and aspirations match our requirements please email your CV (using the CV template) to:
We are also recruiting for similar roles in the Americas. If you are authorised to work in the US or Latin America region, please contact us for details of these positions.
Consultant Francophone – Afrique
Suite à une demande croissante de nos services en Afrique francophone, Control Risks recherche un certain nombre de consultants en sécurité pour accompagner ses  clients à travers le continent. Nous recherchons des consultants en sécurité avec une expérience en milieux hostiles pour des contrats de courtes et longues durées. Les candidats doivent avoir un bon niveau de français et d’anglais à l’écrit comme à l’oral. Nos clients opèrent onshore et offshore et nous souhaitons rencontrer des candidats ayant des profils variés.
Si vous voulez être ajouté à la base de donnée des consultants en sécurité de Control Risks, contactez nous a l’adresse suivante. cscafricarecruitment@control-risks.com
Diaplous Maritime Services (Cyprus)
Contact Us
Diaplous Maritime Services
Michael Koutsofta 3
P.C. 3031 Lemessos
email: contact@diaplous-ms.com
Drum Cussac (UK)
Maritime Vessel Protection Teams
Drum Cussac are currently recruiting a considerable number of personnel for our Maritime Vessel Protection Teams to meet continued growth and demand. We are interested in applications from experienced Maritime Security Operators and also from motivated Service Leavers.
We are offering:
•    12 month fixed contracts
•    Generous, guaranteed salaries
•    Flexible rotations
•    Career development
•    Additional benefits, including insurance and performance related benefits
If you would like to apply, please complete the online application form here: www.drum-cussac.com/application
Dryad Maritime (UK)
Join our Team
Dryad Maritime is the leading maritime intelligence agency for the commercial, superyacht and leisure industries. We analyse and forecast the maritime, on and offshore risks to vessels and crew around the world. We deliver uncompromising service, 24-hours a day to our customers who depend on our services to maintain their commercial operations.
Our success and continual growth is directly related to the skills and effort that each member of the Dryad Maritime team brings to the organisation and to our customers and we are always looking for individuals with an intelligence, maritime warfare or academic background who can compliment our existing team of experts.
We are currently experiencing rapid growth and regularly post new opportunities on our website.
Alternatively, please send your CV and a covering letter to enquiries@dryadmaritime.com and we will contact you when a new position arises.
Eos Risk Management (UK)
Maritime Security Operatives
Eos is currently recruiting Maritime Security Operatives for ongoing and forthcoming contracts. If you meet the following requirements and would like to work for a professional, established Company that rewards loyalty with good rates of pay, regular work and promotional prospects for team members with aptitude, then please read on.
Almost all of our contracts are armed therefore it is important to note that those applicants that have not received training through the British Army need not apply.
Candidates must posses as a minimum:
UK armed services background
SIA Close Protection Lisence
Qualified as Ship Security Officer
Demonstrable experience in anti-piracy operations (in the private security industry)
Preferred requirements:
Current Seamans Discharge Book or Card
ENG1 Seafarers Medical
NOTE RE. Bulletin Boards – Eos kindly requests that individuals considering posting our career opportunities on any Bulletin Boards (e.g. CP World, GSI etc.) please refrain from doing so as we will have had to withdraw opportunities from the site and close applications due to huge volumes of inappropriate applications. Strict adherence to this request is kindly appreciated.
If you believe you have the qualities required to work for Eos Risk Management Limited please email your CV to recruitment@eosrisk.com in a format which includes the following information:
•    A brief personal profile
•    Chronological career history – with most recent employment first
•    Education, qualifications and languages
•    Copy of SIA license (if relevant)
•    Passport photograph (preferred)
Galene Global Maritime Security (UK)
Galene Global Maritime Security teams have the following experience and qualifications:
A minimum of 5 years experience each in the Royal Marines or Special Forces with exemplary military records;
ISPS Ships Security Officer (SSO);
STCW 95 Compliant;
Military trauma medic qualified;
RYA Powerboat level 2, VHF & Radar
As we offer Close Protection services we ensure one team member has the following qualifications –
Ronin SA Close Protection Trained
City & Guilds close protection level 3
SIA Licence
Exceptional Medical Qualifications including
First Person on Scene (FPOS) Intermediate
Ship’s Captains Medic
Telemetric Medical Assistant
Recruitment : recruitment@galeneglobalmaritime.com
G4S (UK)
Our Crisis Management team is a leading provider of maritime security solutions for multi-national corporations operating around the world. Our consultants have assisted in developing strategic and tactical security plans to mitigate the risks associated with conducting shipping and port operations around the world, including known trouble spots such as the Malacca Straits, the Niger delta and the coast off Somalia. Our operationally experienced consultants are International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS) qualified and STCW 95 and are typically former CSO/SSOs.
Gulf of Aden Group Transits Ltd (Seychelles)
1.    To act as a Team Leader/ Ships Tactical Officer/ Team member (experience relevant) and be the professional link between GoAGT, the onboard team and the vessel Master.  Bringing the GOAGT maritime solution to ensure shipping can transit safely.  You will be required to deploy at short notice anywhere in the world.
You are expected to be able to work within a maritime security team for long periods of time unsupervised in arduous conditions as the professional face of GOAGT.
•    Proven leadership skills
•    Good communication skills
•    Have a Military/ Police/ Government security background
•    Be a competent computer user
•    Competent with various weapon systems
•    Maritime security and Anti-piracy experience
•    Able to lead his team to work to the highest professional standards
•    Able to work long hours in arduous conditions
•    Be physically fit
•    Able to swim 25m clothed
•    Able to work and communicate with foreign nationals
Must have:
•    A current passport
•    A current driving licence
•    No criminal convictions
•    Able to provide evidence of experience
•    STCW 95’ qualifications
•    Seaman’s discharge book
•    Seaman’s card
If you do not have all of the above advice on achieving these can be given from GoAGT.
•    Monthly salary
Subject to experience and ability promotion from Team Member to Team Leader is normally achieved within 4-8 weeks.
Candidates may be required to attend an interview in Poole, Dorset.  Successful candidates will be required to attend the GOAGT maritime weapons course and will be trained in the GOAGT approach to maritime security with all appropriate operating procedures.
All applications to hr@goagt.org
Hadcon Limited (UK)
Email:    enquiries@hadcon.com
Specialist recruitment service for Maritime Professionals
We are aware of an increasing number of organisations that require the services of experienced personnel like you, often at very short notice. Read more
The resourcing for these requirements has traditionally been heavily reliant upon word of mouth.
This method of recruiting limits people like you who may be available for work but aren’t on the recruiting organisations radar at that time.
Our mission is to provide a reliable, professional service to you and to those organisations looking for employees or contractors.
The Benefits to you
•    Free to register and join
•    Free E-Mail updates of vacancies we recieve from organisations.
•    When your contract is coming to a close, let us know and we will circulate your availability to potential companies.
•    Updates of relevant news within the Maritime sector.
What we need from you
•    Acceptance to join Selective Edge Consulting’s secure Maritime database
•    An updated resume including contact numbers and email address.
•    Completion of our Skills Matrix to help us accurately identify the right opportunities for you.
•    Your current assignment details including date started / anticipated finish and current day rate.
•    Update us regarding any contract or assignment changes.
We hope you can see the potential this service has to become an invaluable resource to the industry and how it will make the recruitment of Maritime personnel, like you, more efficient and professional.
How do I join?
To join this great new free service simply email us at Maritime@SelectiveEdge.com or call on 0845 257 44444
ISC Group Gulf (Qatar)
email: info@iscgulf.com
MarineSec Maritime Security (UK)
If you are either a former Royal Marine with operational experience or former UK Police Officer, then please send us your CV for consideration.
E-mail: security@marinesec.com
Marine Security International S.A. (Greece)
MSI is always open to highly-motivated individuals. We are keen in recruiting ex Navy/Coastguard Seals and Special Forces Officers.

Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd.- MAST (UK)
Security consultants
We are looking for outstanding security consultants with strong maritime experience and leadership skills and a good academic level of education. If you are interested in supporting our global operations in either yacht or commercial shipping security please send your CV and covering letter to recruitment@mast-online.co.uk.
Moran Security Group (Russia?)
E-mail: office@moran-group.org
Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants-MUSC (UK)
MUSC is always looking for talented and motivated individuals in order to build our exceptional team. Opportunities range from both full time and contractor vacancies. If you think you are up to the task, e-mail your CV to hr@mandusc.com
Obelisk, International LLC (USA)*
Employment with Obelisk International, LLC
Obelisk International is always looking for competent, highly trained, and operationally experienced professionals. We recruit a diverse array of professionals from military, law enforcement, and the private sector with backgrounds in Special Operations, Protective Services, I.T., and specialty fields. Our personnel are our most important assets.
If you share our values, are highly motivated, goal oriented, and have the desire to work in a challenging yet rewarding field, then Obelisk International, LLC. is interested in you. Obelisk International pays competitive wages and provides training for special assignments.
In accordance with appropriate state laws, applicants for operations positions (Close Protection, Armed Security Force, etc.) must possess either a State of California “Guard Card” through the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services or a State of Washington “Armed Security Guard License” through the Washington Sate Department of Licensing. Selected applicants not in possession of a license must be eligible for such and will be required to acquire them at their own expense prior to assignment.
All interested applicants please select the appropriate department from the below tabs then submit resumes plus training logs for the position(s) of interest.
NOTE: Obelisk International does not sell or provide applicant information to third parties or marketers, nor do we solicit potential clients or contracts with applicant’s resumes. Applicant resumes, CV’s and applications are kept on file and confidential.
For employment in the preceding areas, please email your CV:
Oil Gas Maritime International (Switzerland)
Personal Assistant
Surine Louw: Personal Assistant
E-mail: surine@ogminternational.com
Office: 021 914 4531
Orchid Maritime limited (UK)
Employment Opportunities
Orchid Maritime’s success has been built on the recruiting suitably skilled and qualified personnel.
To be considered for Employment you must have the following qualifications as a minimum requirement.
•    ISPS Ship Sectary Officer MCA approved certificate
•    STCW 95
•    ENG 1 medical
•    Seaman’s Discharge Book
Following a telephone or face to face interview all potential employees must then comply with the following:
•    UK – CRB Criminal record check.
•    Military service discharge papers checked (for proper discharge).
•    Training package by Orchid Maritime
a.    Rules off Force
b.    Understanding of UNCLOS 1982
c.    Understanding of IMO guidelines for counter piracy operations
d.    Complicity and briefing of legalities of flag-states for vessels carrying arms
e.    Complicity and briefing on legalities for entering and exiting nations territorial waters
f.    Standard Operating Procedures for Orchid Maritime
To submit your CV please e-mail us at jobs@orchid-office.com
Protection Vessels International Ltd. (UK)
Salama Fikira Maritime (Nairoba)
Email: enquiries@salamafikira.com
SAPU- Lochenian Security Services (Greece)
Experienced Security Officers are never enough
If you have a Special Forces Background, Greek Nationality and you are fluent in  English send your C.V. including Special Forces Official Graduation Copy, I.D. Copy and your English Language Certificate.
Send your complete C.V by email:
careers@lss-sapu.com and make sure to include SOCV at your subject field
or by Post:
Kallirois 23, 11741, Athens, Greece with the ‘SOCV’ tag written clearly on the envelope.
Contact form is for information quotations only and no CV will be accepted in Greek.
Securewest International (UK)
Apply On-line
Securewest International welcomes applications  either in response to advertised vacancies or to register your Resume with us.

Shore & Offshore Security Group (Netherlands)
We are currently looking for former Marines/Commando’s. You are 28 years or older, in good health and honorable discharge. No criminal records and you want top be part of a profesional maritime security team.
Spearfish Maritime Security Ltd (UK)
For any queries regarding Spearfish Maritime Security, call +44 3330 555501 or send an email:
Spirit Security Services (UK)
Special Projects and Services Limited (UK)
Application Form
Please view our privacy policy before completing the form below.
If you would also like to send us a c.v. you may do so in a following page.
e: enquiries@specialprojectsandservices.com
Titan Risk Control (UK?)
Trident Group (USA)
Email: TGINC@GoTridentGroup.Com
Triton International Ltd (UK)