DynCorp International is seeking experienced Security Guards to participate in the Department of State- sponsored initiative in Qatar. This is a uniquely rewarding opportunity, offering both strong compensation and an attractive benefits package. Here are some particulars of the mission:

Title: Security Guard

Your role: To provide armed security for the US Army Central Command(ARCENT). Guarding pre-position war material for ARCENT, USCENTCOM,SOCCENT, and ISG. Duties include gate entry, roving patrols, perimeter andtowers. US Guards will be armed with a M16 riffle and a 9mm pistol.

Location: Middle East-country of Qatar, city: Doha.(www.qatar-info.com)

Term: Must be able to begin by 20 April 2008. Contract concludes 31March 2009. (w/option to renew)

Work Week: 9 hours a day, 6 days a week

Here is an assignment overview:

· Annual Basic Salary: US $31,686.42 – payable every twoweeks @ $1,218.70.

· Subsistence Allowance: US $25.00 per day – payable everytwo weeks

· Post Differential Pay: 10% of Annual Basic Salary (US$3168.64) per year- payable every two weeks @ $121.87 as earned (OCONUS)

· Vacation Allowance (Air Ticket fare): US $1500.00

· End of Service Gratuity: US $3900.00

· Housing: DI will provide you with a fully furnishedbachelor accommodation on a shared basis free of charge

· Transportation: DI will provide your transportation to andfrom the work site on a shared basis free of charge

· Vacation: 21 days per year (Upon contract Completion)

· Sick Leave: 14 days per year (Medical Certificate is amust)

· Mobilization Ticket: DI will furnish you with a one wayticket from your Home of Record to Doha Qatar

· Demobilization Ticket: DI will furnish you with a one-wayticket from Doha Qatar to your Home of Record (Upon contractCompletion)

Here is a breakout:

Base Salary$31,686.42

Vacation allowance(Air Ticket far)$1500.00

Completion Bonus$3,900.00



Plus $25.00 per day Subsistence Allowance

*Total for 12 full months *

This is a lucrative opportunity to utilize your unique skills set,while continuing to serve. If you are genuinely interested, please contactme immediately– as this is a time sensitive opportunity.


Heather Fisher

Technical RecruiterWorldwide Recruiting and Staffing Services LLCA DynCorp International Companyheather.fisher @ dyn-intl.com972-871-6704 Irving office214 524-6072 faxwww.dyn-intl.com