Glyn Rosser, Managing Director of Conquiro comments, “The real-time advantage of having an aerial surveillance asset is obvious. Giving forewarning of anything from IED placements to ambushes, UAVs really are life-savers.”

This is cool. A friend of mine works for this company and he wanted to give me a heads up about what they are all about. So below is some information from their press release and from their website. Basically this is a PMSC with a focus on the use of UAV’s, and specifically the Aeryon Scout.

Last year during the Libyan uprising, I wrote about the Aeryon Scout being used by the rebels for ISR. Here is a link to that post and it gives you an idea as to it’s capabilities. I am sure Conquiro will go on to use other UAV’s as the technology improves, but the Aeryon definitely has operational history behind it.

The other thing I like about this company is that it kind of reminds me of a modern day version of John Hawkwood’s White Company, or a private military company that had a huge component of longbowmen. (drone archers) If you are interested in working for the company, go check out their career page or send them an email. –Matt

Twitter for Conquiro here.

Who We Are
Conquiro is a UK registered company that is made up of ex-British Army servicemen. All three Directors have served within Military Intelligence and UAV/ISTAR roles.
Formed in early 2012, Conquiro is the only company of its kind in the UK with operational experience and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in UAV operations and consultancy.
What We Do
Conquiro provides Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Systems, often referred to as UAV’s or UAS. Conquiro not only provides the equipment, but also SME operator pilots.
In addition, all of our pilots are trained security operators and have the training to analyze imagery obtained during deployment.
Not only do we provide system specific provision, but a full range of turn-key consultancy solutions for clients requiring UAV capabilities.
Our consultancy ranges from identification of suitable platforms, through to procurement, paperwork and bespoke training for in house UAV capabilities.
Our Equipment
Currently our workhorse UAV is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) platform. However, we work closely with UK based manufacturing representatives in order to provide clients with bespoke solutions, and can procure the best platform in order to match client needs.

We are able to procure, implement, deploy and consult on both fixed wing and VTOL UAV platforms from micro (palm sized) up to tactical (24 hour flight duration) sizes.
Our UAV VTOL equipment is internationally deployable without the need for lengthy shipping time. It is man portable and can be carried as hand luggage on commercial flights.
Our platforms are extremely versatile meaning they can be used in any environment, from extreme cold climates to the desert, from maritime to high altitude mountainous areas.
Subject Matter Experts
Our Operator Pilots are all SME’s and have unprecedented levels of training and operational experience. They are all trained security professionals either holding Hostile Close Protection, Security Management, Maritime Security qualifications or combinations of these allowing for seamless integration on deployments.
Our operators undertake a company mandatory ground and air flight school training package that exceeds the current standards required. In addition to this, they receive imagery analysis training. Our operators undergo vigorous competency programs to ensure the highest standards are met.
Main Sectors
1.    Defense/Security
2.    Private Military Companies (PSD Moves/FOB /UXO identification/Intel/Recon/full 3D mapping capabilities)
3.    Law Enforcement and Border Control.
4.    Public sector civilian and Corporate Infrastructure (Ports/Oil and Gas installations and infrastructure/Dams)
5.    Maritime Security (Anti-Piracy Operations)
Main Applications
1.    Flying over installations and pipelines checking for criminal / terrorist activity.
2.    Stopping loss to the capital infrastructure and loss of oil from thefts – a huge problem for the multinationals on the delta.
3.    Motion detectors for movement being able to distinguish between animal and human activity.
4.    High definition daytime photographic systems coupled with infrared thermal imaging for night operations.
5.    Live video feed to the quick response forces on the ground to respond to breaches and incursions.
6.    Mitigating and in a lot of cases negating the loss that compromises operations through profit loss by product being stolen, infrastructure damaged and operations diminished due to being compromised.
7.    Other applications include “3D” mapping of terrain and soil analysis.

Conquiro kits out contractors with the surveillance of the future
The advantages of using unmanned aerial systems have long been realized by the military, proving themselves critical in the success of operations. Able to provide reconnaissance prior, security during and damage assessment after, they have become essential and in terms of surveillance, an immense force multiplier. But the costs of the equipment, manning and training have often taken them out of the reach of many private military companies.
Conquiro, a UK based UAV operations company have been striving to solve this, offering a service to companies, supplying all the UAV equipment along with fully trained operator teams.
Glyn Rosser, Managing Director of Conquiro comments, “The real-time advantage of having an aerial surveillance asset is obvious. Giving forewarning of anything from IED placements to ambushes, UAVs really are life-savers.”
Conquiro’s workhorse UAV, the Aeryon Scout is man-portable and highly versatile. The VTOL capability allows it to be deployed in seconds and in very small spaces. The scout is weather sealed against precipitation, is able to fly in winds gusting up to 80km/h and can operate in temperatures from -30°C to +50°C. The UAV is available with a number of custom payloads, most commonly the Photo3S colour still and video imaging camera and the thermal imaging FLIR camera. It currently has a range of 3km and a flight time of 25 minutes with a payload attached.
Mr Rosser adds, “We really do our research before we invest in an asset to make sure we are getting the absolute best the industry has to offer.  The scout is an exceptional platform which has proven itself time and again.”
Conquiro owns and operates the platforms, supplying all equipment and operators wherever in the world they are needed. The company owns responsibility of the UAVs throughout, ensuring the equipment is working perfectly and provides support from its Operational HQ thus relieving the burden of supporting the asset and its team from the private military company.
The company’s training school based near Stonehenge in Wiltshire ensures potential pilots are put through a rigorous training programme which far exceeds the governing body’s requirements. In addition Conquiro insists its operators must be ex-military, UAV experts and hold qualifications in hostile close protection or maritime security…
Company website here.