This guy is a serious threat and the LAPD is doing all the can to stop him. To include posting the largest bounty in the history of bounties in Los Angeles.

What makes this individual so dangerous is that he is a former police officer and military veteran with a specialty in military intelligence. He actually targeted and killed the family of one of his intended targets–meaning he has crossed the threshold of extreme violence, and he is not done. Here is a quote from his manifesto which gives you an idea about his mindset.

The Violence of action will be HIGH. I am the reason TAC alert was established. I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty. ISR is my strength and your weakness. You will now live the life of the prey. Your RD’s and homes away from work will be my AO and battle space. I will utilize every tool within INT collections that I learned from NMITC in Dam Neck. You have misjudged a sleeping giant. There is no conventional threat assessment for me. JAM, New Ba’ath party, 1920 rev BGE, ACM, AAF, AQAP, AQIM and AQIZ have nothing on me. Do not deploy airships or gunships. SA-7 Manpads will be waiting. As you know I also own Barrett .50’s so your APC are defunct and futile…

You better have all your officers radio/phone muster (code 1) on or off duty every hour, on the hour.
Do not attempt to shadow or conduct any type of ISR on me. I have the inventory listing of all UC vehicles at Piper Tech and the home addresses of any INT analyst at JRIC and detachment locations. My POA is always POI and always true. This will be a war of attrition and a Pyrrhic and Camdean Victory for myself. You may have the resources and manpower but you are reactive and predictable in your op plans and TTP’s. I have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable, unconventional, and unforgiving. Do not waste your time with briefs and tabletops.

Whatever pre-planned responses you have established for a scenario like me, shelve it. Whatever contingency plan you have, shelve it. Whatever tertiary plan you’ve created, shelve it. I am a walking exigent circumstance with no OFF or reset button. JRIC, DOJ, LASD, FBI and other local LE can’t assist and should not involve themselves in a matter that does not concern them. For all other agencies, do not involve yourself in this capture or recovery of me. Look at the big picture of the situation. They (LAPD) created the situation. I will harm no outside agency unless it is a deadly force/IDOL situation. With today’s budgeting and fiscal mess, you guys can not afford lose several officers to IOD or KIA/EOW. Plus, other officers should not have to take on the additional duties and responsibilities of dead officers. Think about their families, outside agencies, Chiefs/Directors.

All of his actions points toward some serious planning. My guess is that all of his initial actions were done to send a message and draw the police into a massive dragnet. A dragnet that will eventually putter out as resources become thin and leads diminish. So it makes sense why they would put up a massive bounty to take advantage of the news and spectacle of it now, and then let the hunters do their thing out there as the police effort wanes. Which is why I wanted to post this and get it out there to the FJ readership.

I need all of your help for this manhunt. He might call upon folks he might of trained with in the past for help, and he will be perusing the forums and Facebook pages for information. In order to catch him, everyone needs to be aware of what this guy is all about and how he operates so that ‘we’ can get inside of his OODA. As it stands, he has the advantage, but once you get enough true hunters on his tail, all focused on the prize, then the odds will increase for one of these hunters to actually take advantage of him screwing up. It is called relentless pursuit, and the more guys on this thing, the better. Get Christopher Dorner before he kills again. –Matt

In order to call in the tip, you can contact the LAPD or contact Crime Stoppers.

If you have information call 213-486-6860.
Anyone wanting to call anonymously can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).

Edit: 02/25/2013- Dorner was caught and was killed in a firefight in Big Bear, California. No word yet on if the bounty will be paid out.


$1M Reward Offered For Information Leading To Arrest Of Dorner
February 10, 2013
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Sunday announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of triple murder suspect, Christopher Dorner.
“Our dedication to catching this killer remains steadfast. Our confidence that we will bring him to justice is unshaken. This search is not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when and I want Christopher Dorner to know that,” Villaraigosa said.
The collective reward, the largest in local history, was made public during a 1 p.m. news conference at the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters.

“Yesterday, leaders from throughout the region including leaders from businesses, unions, government, law enforcement and community groups came together to pull resources and protect our core value of public safety,” the mayor said. “Collectively this group led by my office posted a reward of $1 million for information that will lead to Mr. Dorner’s capture.”
A separate reward of $100,000 is being offered by Los Angeles County supervisors Mike Antonovich and Mark Ridley-Thomas.
Antonovich and Ridley-Thomas are expected to introduce a motion during a meeting on Tuesday for the reward for 33-year-old Dorner who continues to elude capture.
Elsewhere in the San Bernardino Mountains, the search for Dorner entered its fourth day with about 25 law enforcement officials converging in Big Bear.
Louisa Hodge, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, says authorities continued to comb the snow-capped terrain with the assistance of two heat-seeking helicopters.
Officials on Saturday announced the creation of the Joint Information Center (JIC) – a joint task force involving the LAPD and Riverside and Irvine Police departments.
“Our officers will be working around-the-clock. They’ll be using the most advanced technology available. This is an extraordinary, unprecedented effort,” said Chief David Maggard of the Irvine Police Department.
Also on Saturday, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck announced in an exclusive interview with CBS2?s Pat Harvey that the department plans to reopen the disciplinary case that resulted in Dorner’s termination.
Dorner is wanted in connection with the murders of Monica Quan, Keith Lawerence and a Riverside police officer.
Story here.


Dorner Joint Task Force
February 3, 2013,
Christopher Dorner is suspected of killing 27-year-old Keith Lawrence and 28-year-old Monica Quan in the city of Irvine.
In the following days, Dorner continued his violence in Riverside County where he shot a Los Angeles Police Officer in the city of Corona. That officer was shot in the head causing a grazing wound. Moments later the suspect opened fire and killed one Riverside Police Officer and wounded his partner while they were seated in their vehicle in the city of Riverside.
A Task force has been established including the following agencies Irvine Police Department, Riverside Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshall Service, Los Angeles Police Department and other allied agencies.
The Dorner Task Force has combined investigative resources that will lead to the capture of Christopher Dorner. Authorities are urging the public to provide information that will assist in locating Dorner as soon as possible.
The investigation is still ongoing and we continue to receive tips and are investigating every lead possible. The involved allied agencies have adjusted their work details and are continuing the protective details.
We are asking for anyone with information to call 213-486-6860.
Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).