This is interesting. From the sounds of it, TigerSwan is looking to snag an RMC contract. If you go to the APPF website (yes, that group), it requires companies to have risk management consultants or RMCs to work as liaisons between the company and the APPF.

I am not the recruiter for this job and if you want to apply, please follow the links provided below. By the way, this job will only fly if TigerSwan gets the contract. But it helps to get your resume in now if in fact they do win it. If anyone from TigerSwan would like to comment on this position, please do so in the comments. –Matt


City: Herat
Country: Afghanistan
Date Opened: 07/29/13
Employment Type: Contract
Days Hours:
DAILYRATE RANGE: $338 – $550
Provide individualized and collective consultation to clients regarding:
• Personal Security, Individual Security Measures
• Situational Awareness
• Threat and Risk Mitigation
• Mission Planning
• Mobile Security Management
• Mobile Support Site construction and placement
• Sub Contract Guard Services Management
• In Transit Security – Convoy Planning and Control
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Ability to adhere to the requirements of Afghan Law and Regulation
Ability to receive arming authorization under current Department of Defense and CENTCOM regulations
Ability to adhere to The Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act which makes it a felony for those convicted of crimes of domestic violence to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition.

Documentation of individual training covering weapons familiarization/qualification, the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), Rules for the Use of Force (RUF), distinction between Rules of Engagement (ROE) applicable to military forces and the RUF that control the use of weapons by DOD civilian personnel and DOD contractor employees
Must be able to qualify and carry rifle/carbine and pistol
Ability to pass a pre-deployment physical and drug screening requirements
Experience working with Personal Security Detail, Convoy Security and/or Static Security with a minimum of two years’ experience in a team lead or supervisory capacity.
Knowledgeable in radio communications, Satellite Tracking system operation, and command post operations, mounted and dismounted patrolling, mission planning, employment and deployment of small arms, cross cultural communications.
Highly Desired: EMT, Combat Life Saver, EOD familiarization, Special Operations experience (18 series, MARSOC, NAVSPECWAR, 2/75th, Para Rescue, LRRP), previous operational experience in Afghanistan or Iraq, successful completion of CRC within the last 12 month
Apply for job here.