Job Requisition Number: 245230

Job Title: Security Coordinator II

Location: Baltimore,MD, Maryland 212021626 United States

Hrs/Wk: 40

Employment Type: Full-Time

Job Description:


SECURITY COORDINATOR I, 2, or 3 (EMV 2= 65,000-75,000-85,000), depending on experience. RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordinate overall Bank Security Program and Initiatives. Understand the Bank Protection Act and other Federal regulations and statutes. Implement security policies, procedures and standards to minimize risk associated with crime and life safety issues. Conduct Compliance and Risk Measurement Surveys. Support the Crisis Management Team. Be a member of the Incident Response Team. Provide leadership and guidance during incident management response. Investigate external and internal incidents. Provide security-related training. Participate and support the Executive Protection Program. Participate and support the Homeland Security Program. Establish and maintain liaison with CFIS members, law enforcement agencies on all levels, and peer groups. Understand CPTED, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design best practices. Provide physical security coordination of all facilities in designated area to include coordination of security designs, implementations, commissioning and maintenance of Card Access systems, alarm systems, CCTV-analog and Digital. Establish and maintain liaison with Corporate Real Estate Portfolio Managers, Critical Technology Site Managers, Property Management Companies, Project Managers, Security Vendors and Suppliers, Contractors. Support ATM Initiatives. Participate in Best Practices and Benchmarking Initiatives. Participate and support Operating Efficiency Initiatives. Participate in the development of methodologies and quantitative tools to evaluate operating risk due to transactions, process controls and other operations. Serve on various corporate wide task forces to address various risk management issues. Work with internal and external auditors and examiners as appropriate. Develop ongoing reporting of operational risk management performance, coordinate distribution of data Recommend corrective action and perform timely follow-up to ensure adherence to established standards and best practices. Monitor the risk for the assigned area to ensure adherence to risk management guidelines, laws, regulations and or internal controls.Be on-call 24 X 7. Read the rest of this entry »

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