I believe this is my first Bulgaria related post.  Although I don’t think this story is that radical, because numerous militaries throughout the world have come to the same conclusions.  The rule of the thumb for quality control still applies.  You cannot just contract the thing out, and not apply some checks and balances to the thing.  Hopefully Bulgaria will learn from other’s mistakes on the proper way to do such a thing.

   As for the security market in Bulgaria, who knows.  I do not know who would stand to benefit there, or who the top security companies are in Bulgaria.  Obviously the General mentioned would probably benefit if he had a piece of a company being used, or was getting any kick backs for setting something like this up. Who knows, and if any of the readership has something to add, feel free to post away. –Matt


Bulgarian general wants private security contractors to guard military bases

Nov 12 2009

by Nick Iliev

Bulgarian army generals have spoken against the “widespread influx of women into the armed forces and the infantry in particular”. Additionally, they have requested that military bases and installations in the country “be guarded by private security firms, so as not to waste the time of regular soldiers with mundane stag duties,” Mediapool reported on November 12 2009.

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