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Legal News: Fake Green Beret Sues Military Heroes To Silence Their Criticism

After hearing about this particular case from some friends, it made my stomach turn. This ‘fake special forces poser’ was rightly called out as a fake by these heroes, and this individual has the audacity to turn around and try to sue them for calling him out? Truly despicable…

My thoughts is that he does not have a chance with this case and that the ‘legions’ of special forces folks, veterans and supporters will all be squashing his pathetic efforts. His reputation is shot regardless of any legal actions taken. We will see how it goes and definitely check out the links in the press release below if you would like to read the back story on this. –Matt

To donate to the cause, here is an quick note on the process:

“If you would like to help offset the legal costs of certain individuals fighting these legal actions, it would be much appreciated.
Keep in mind you are not contributing to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This is NOT a charitable donation and NOT tax deductable.
This is a private paypal account of one the individuals who was served on this lawsuit.
This individual will in turn distribute the monies to various legal entities and others as required to cover the legal costs of certain individuals that have arisen due to these actions.
Once all legal matters have been resolved and legal costs are covered, if there are any monies left over, the individual will contribute the remaining funds to a military related charity.
Paypal account name”

The Facebook Page for the cause here.


(Check out SOFREP’s post on the matter and all of the comments.)


John Giduck.


Subject: Fake Green Beret Sues Military Heroes to Silence Their Criticism
12 July 2012
On June 11th 2012 a Colorado man, John Giduck, filed a SLAPP lawsuit in an effort to censor, intimidate and silence veterans by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism of him. (SLAPP: “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.”).  Ironically, Mr. Giduck is suing some of the same veterans who exposed congressional candidate Ken Aden (Arkansas, 3d District) for his false claims as a Special Forces Soldier.
The veterans, several of whom are decorated special operations personnel, questioned Mr. Giduck’s claims to be a “Green Beret” and a “former Army Ranger.” Mr. Giduck has made such false claims repeatedly in promotional materials for law enforcement and military seminars.  This link has a timeline of Mr. Giduck’s various activities and examples of his false biographical information uncovered on the web.
In these seminars, Mr Giduck advocates tactics, techniques and procedures that the veterans find to be fundamentally unsound and dangerous.   Among them are:
–Installing knock-out gas delivery systems in public schools;
–Deploying armed teams of former Special Operations personnel in public schools as opposed to local law enforcement;
–Employing fire hoses to neutralize heavily-armed terrorists holding student hostages.

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Call To Action: Colorado Senate Bill 11-186 Will Free Criminals And Spell The End Of Private Bail-Vote No!

In the past I have written about the effectiveness of offense industries, and specifically bounty hunting.  The strength of the private bail industry comes from the profit motive of the act and from them having incentive to get their bail money back if their client runs, and that is a good thing. These men and women work hard in this industry and earn every penny they make doing a dangerous service that benefits us all.

What Colorado is trying to do here is to ruin private enterprise, and expand the size of government through another means of capturing revenue. Meanwhile, if the bail industry is destroyed by this greedy government program, who will run after the criminals that run? The police? Hell, they can’t even keep up with the current warrants in that state.

At the bottom of these articles I posted the contact information for all the state Senators in Colorado. Take your pick, or write them all, but either way, tell them to vote no on Senate Bill 11-186.  –Matt

Dog The Bounty Hunter Fighting Bill That Would Free Criminals
Apr 26, 2011
Duane “Dog” Chapman isn’t just busy yanking criminals off the street — he’s fighting the politicians trying to put them back on the street!
Dog is leading the fight in Colorado against a state Senate bill he and the bill’s critics say will put bail bondsmen out of business — and flood society with criminals.
“This time I’m not barking. I’m here to take a real bite out of crime,” Dog told RadarOnline from Colorado. “I’m here to stop tax funded bonds ?and return bail bonds to the private sector where it belongs.”
Authorities in Colorado on Tuesday will convene to vote on the divisive Senate Bill 11-186,  sponsored by Democratic Sen. John Morse and Republican Rep. Mark Waller, both of Colorado Springs.
The bill would put into play a deposit bond, which would grant pre-trial services to offer bonds to incarcerated defendants.
Here’s how it works:
If the accused cannot can’t get bonded out by a private bail company, the court will make one available to them.  Once the judge sets bond, the defendant would be able to pay up to 15 percent of the amount.
Under this system, 50 percent of the revenue would go to the court fees for the service. If the defendant is found not guilty, the other 50 percent would be returned to them. If they are found guilty, whatever funds are left would be given back to them.
One former lawman who operates his bail bonds company out of Colorado Springs, told KRDO -TV that if the bill is passed into a law, hundreds of people in his industry will be out of work.
Not only that, but who is going to chase down the criminals who don’t show up to court. Dog the Bounty Hunter told “This state has hundreds of thousands of warrants! no Bounty Hunters ?  Ha, not,” he scoffed in a warning. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bounties: Colorado’s Most Wanted–Bounty Hunters

   I wanted to put this up on FJ because this Rewards 4 Fugitives website is a gold mine. I know it is an older story, but it is still relevant and I had no idea it was out there. This site is extremely simple to navigate and this is exactly the kind of thing that could benefit from the Bounty Hunter Mobile Application.

   On the website, they list hundreds of wanted fugitives posted by bail bond companies throughout the nation, and they list exactly what the fugitives are worth if you are able to find them.  The website was originally started in Colorado by a bondsman there but as you can see, it is US wide and just click on your state to see who is wanted.

   The other cool thing about this website is how easy it is for a bail bond agent to list a fugitive they are looking for.  Now imagine if that bail bond agent could easily update information on the fugitive by the minute, and post any last known location information via a geo-location feature on a mobile application?  Cool stuff and I hope some readers out there are able to make a little coin and catch some fugitives with this resource. –Matt


Ashely Broderick (picked up for prostitution) is worth $300 dollars, if you can find her in CA or NV.

Colorado’s Most Wanted- Bounty Hunters

by Deborah Takahara

29 December, 2007

A Denver bondsman and bounty hunter has a new way to track down fugitives. Ben Mares started a website called “”. He said, “the website itself is just a posting avenue for bondsmen to put their people up there. The public can see who’s wanted and can contact that bondsman.” Rewards range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, paid by the bondsmen. They say if they turn fugitives into the court, they save money. And bondsmen say this website is already working. John Trujillo had a fugitive featured and within 24 hours, he had several tips. He said, “you could knock me over with a feather. i was surprised. I didn’t think I would get so many tips within a 24 hour period.”

Story here.

From the Bounty Hunter Discussion blog here.

And from About Bail blog here.


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Cool Stuff: William F Cody Medal Of Honor Headstone, Colorado

   I found this at the Home of Heroes website, which lists all the states who have graves of Medal of Honor recipients. Low and behold, the famous civilian scout William Cody rests in Golden, Colorado. Pretty cool, and something to check out for you contractors and history buffs that live in Colorado or just passing through. –Matt


William Cody

Born:  February 16, 1846 at Scott County, IA

Entered Service in the US Army from Fort McPherson, NE

Earned The Medal of Honor During the Indian Campaigns For heroism April 26, 1872 at Loupe Fork of Platte River, NE

Died:  January 10, 1917 at the age of 70

     In the spring of 1872 a small party of Indians made a dash on McPherson station, about five miles from the fort, killing two or three men and running off quite a large number of horses. Civilian Scout William Cody guided a cavalry detachment in seeking out the responsible party, and upon finding their camp near the Loupe Fork of the Platte River, scouted the emplacement with six soldiers. After finding a small enemy patrol, concerned that they might escape, Cody led the six soldiers in an immediate attack though he was outnumbered two-to-one. The soldiers killed six of the thirteen Indians, the sound of the battle drawing a relief force of cavalry that then put the remainder to flight. For this action which resulted in the destruction of a dangerous party of hostile raiders, William Cody and three soldiers who fought with him in the battle were awarded Medals of Honor for “Gallantry in action.” The three cavalrymen cited were: Sergeant John Foley, Private William Strayer, and First Sergeant Leroy Vokes.

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Jobs: Executive Protection Specialist, Colorado


Executive Protection Specialist

Company: Xcel Energy 

Position Profile and Requirements/Preferences

Position title: Executive Protection Specialist

Location: Denver, CO

Term of employment: Regular

Type of employment: Full Time

Start date of this position: As soon as possible

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Jobs: Security Specialist 2, Colorado


Security Specialist II



Bachelor’s degree/equivalent. Two (2) years law enforcement/airlines security or related professional experience. Operating knowledge of CCTV and theft detection devices. Must be bondable and qualify for a commission as a law enforcement/private officer in the city/county/state where based. Ability to complete required training programs. Good human relations and investigative skills. 


Implements security awareness programs for employees.

Implements loss prevention programs. 

Provides matrix support to various level of management.

Conducts investigations into thefts, pilferages, acts of vandalism, misconduct and other activities detrimental to the company, its employees and its customers.

Maintains liaison with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Provides for the protection of Sr. Management as specified in the executive program as required. 

Performs security surveys and facility and aircraft ramp inspections as required.

Company Overview

Want to be a part of world’s largest express-transportation company? With the right ‘can-do’ attitude and skills, you can. Working for a leader and innovator means you’ll be part of a team delivering fast, time-definite, reliable service to satisfy a worldwide demand. Now that’s exciting.

FedEx Express is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (M/F/D/V), committed to diversifying its workforce.


JobCode:                       832474_JD_Denver

JobTitle:                        Security Specialist II

Location:                 CO-DENVER

Job Family:                 FedEx Express

Travel:                         Up to 75%

Full/Part Time:         Full Time

Job Category:         Security

Preferred Language: English

Years Experience: 2 years

Licenses:                 NONE


Apply Here 

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