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Legal News: Jailing Of Croatian General Ignites Anger At EU

These forces had received instruction by a U.S.-based firm, Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI), headed by retired General Carl Vuono, which provided (along with French Foreign Legion organized training camp in Šepurine near Zadar) mainly the commissioned-officers training, but had no significant intelligence activities or professional influence on senior Croatian military strategy and tactics. Its engagement was approved by the U.S. government.
Former President Bill Clinton wrote in his memoirs that he believed the Serbs could only be brought to the negotiating table if they sustained major losses on the ground. The negotiations produced the Dayton Peace Agreement which ended the war in the Balkans.
Former US peace negotiator Richard Holbrooke said “he realised how much the Croatian offensive in the Krajina profoundly changed the nature of the Balkan game and thus this diplomatic offensive.” Retired four-star General Wesley Clark, Director, Strategic Plans and Policy (J5) for the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and later Supreme Allied Commander Europe simply called it a turning point. -From Wikipedia

Thanks to Cannoneer #4 for sending me this.  As everyone remembers, MPRI was instrumental to Operation Storm and licensed by the US government to do what they were doing in Croatia at this time. As the quotes above state, this victory in Croatia was a ‘turning point’ of the Balkans Conflict.

Awhile back, I also posted a deal where MPRI was being sued by Serbians that were impacted by this operation.  No word yet on how that is going. –Matt

Jailing of Croat general ignites anger at EU
April 16, 2011
Anger at a U.N. court’s jailing of a Croatian war hero erupted into fury at the European Union and this country’s pro-Western government on Saturday when thousands of enraged veterans of the Balkan conflict tore EU flags and denounced the conservative administration.
The court in The Hague, Netherlands, on Friday sentenced Gen. Ante Gotovina to 24 years in prison for atrocities committed by his troops during “Operation Storm” — a 1995 military offensive designed to drive the Serb rebels out a swath of Croatia they had occupied. Read the rest of this entry »

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Legal News: MPRI The Target Of Class Action Lawsuit For Operation Storm

    Interesting case, just because it kind of highlights some history about Operation Storm and the work MPRI was involved with. I wouldn’t mind hitting on this in a future ‘history’ or ‘strategy’ post, because I am sure there are some very intriguing areas to explore when it comes to this operation.  It certainly sounds impressive.

    As to the case, I will not comment too much because I don’t know a lot about either side’s position.-Matt

Edit: 08/20/2010 – David Isenberg has far more to say about this, and the consensus he found is that this is a weak case. David also reported on MPRI back in the day, and interviewed the participants of Operation Storm.  So I tend to think he has this one nailed.


U.S. Mercenaries Accused of Abetting Genocide


August 18, 2010

     (CN) – A private U.S. defense contractor “trained and equipped the Croatian military for Operation Storm and designed the Operation Storm battle plan,” which killed or displaced more than 200,000 Serbs in 1995, in the largest European land offensive since World War II, the Genocide Victims of Krajina say in Chicago Federal Court. They demand billions of dollars in damages from MPRI, founded by U.S. military officers who were “downsized” at the end of the Cold War, and L-3 Communications, which bought MPRI for $40 million in 2000.”This is a class action brought by ethnic Serbs who resided in the Krajina region of Croatia up to August 1995 and who then became victims of the Croatian military assault known as Operation Storm – an aggressive, systematic military attack and bombardment on a demilitarized civilian population that had been placed under the protection of the United Nations,” the 40-page complaint begins.”Operation Storm was designed to kill or forcibly expel the ethnic Serbian residents of the Krajina region from Croatian territory, just because they were a minority religio-ethnic group. Defendant MPRI, a private military contractor subsequently acquired by Defendant L-3 Communications Inc., trained and equipped the Croatian military for Operation Storm and designed the Operation Storm battle plan. Operation Storm became the largest land offensive in Europe since World War II and resulted in the murder and inhumane treatment of thousands of ethnic Serbs, the forced displacement of approximately 200,000 ethnic Serbs from their ancestral homes in Croatian territory, and the pillaging and destruction of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Serbian-owned property. The victims of Operation Storm and their heirs and next of kin herein claim that Defendants were complicit in genocide.” Read the rest of this entry »

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