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Law Enforcement: Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Police Officer In Marked Car For Speeding

Wow, and good on this trooper for pulling over this Miami cop. And you know, she could have easily looked the other way and followed some kind of a ‘blue code’. But she did not, and she had the courage to do the right thing. I would give her a Jundism award for this one!

Hopefully she doesn’t get any reprisals for what she did, and yet again, that whole ‘blue code’ thing could pop up and her life as a trooper could get real lonely. Still, I certainly hope her department takes the right side of this deal, and makes a point that this is exactly what they want in a trooper, and slam any dork that thinks otherwise.

The Miami cop was also off duty and violating the speed limit because he was late for a job. Talk about an abuse of authority? –Matt


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Florida: Security Guard Mike Jones Saves The Day

     This is an incredible video to watch, and it is a miracle that none of the innocents involved were hurt or killed.  Mike Jones saved the day by taking out this animal with his pistol. There is another hero in this whole deal, and that was the woman with the purse that actually stepped up and tried to take out this nut case with her purse. Unfortunately though, the panel of men just sat there while this woman was courageously trying to stop this guy. Good on her and good on Mike Jones.

    The other point about this is the amount of time this took to go down.  Active shooters can do much damage in a very short period of time.  It is the people and any security near by that will have the best chance of executing an escape or even stopping the shooter in those mad seconds.  As you can see in the video below, the SWAT guys came in after the smoke and dust settled. Meaning, people have to think in terms of preservation of life and doing something about it, and not depending on law enforcement or some random hero to save the day. –Matt

Fla. shooting hero admired for his generosity

December 16, 2010By BRENT KALLESTAD

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The security guard credited with saving the lives of several Panama City school board members got back to his holiday role Thursday, working as Santa Claus on behalf of the poor children in his area.

Mike Jones, who is well-known locally as “Salvage Santa” for his work providing refurbished Christmas gifts for needy children, shot a gunman Tuesday after the man began firing at members of the Bay County School Board.

Jones had just arrived at the building before Clay Duke interrupted the meeting. After being hit several times, Duke shot himself in the head. School board members were not injured.

“I wasn’t there five minutes and I was in a gunfight,” Jones, 57, said at a news conference. “They said the gun battle lasted 13 seconds but it seemed like it was forever.”

Jones, a former school board member who serves as the school district’s security chief, said he was supposed to be on vacation but was in the building to be available to answer some questions during the meeting.

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Industry Talk: Company Spotlight–Space Gateway Support and KSC SWAT

     How would you like to be the guy protecting the Space Shuttle and NASA’s employees and facilities? Talk about a big responsibility? lol

     I tell yah, contractors just don’t get any respect these days, yet we are used to protect this country’s space program.  Not to mention all the nuclear facilities that contractors are tasked with protecting….

     Or for that matter, how about all of the protection specialists out there that protect Fortune 500 CEO’s, politicians, dignitaries, and celebrities here in the US or in war zones and third world countries?  It really is impressive when you think about how much security stuff is contracted out.  Security contractors and the companies they work for are doing incredible things out there, and Space Gateway Support along with KSC SWAT is one of them.  Check it out. –Matt


Space Gateway Support


Protective Services encompasses Security, Fire, Emergency Response, and Command and Control. We protect Spaceport assets while our firefighters, emergency services and communication personnel stand trained and ready to respond.

We provide all police functions; SWAT coverage for elevated security and protection of astronaut crews and space hardware; K-9 narcotics and bomb detection; resource protection; and investigations and industrial security. We operate the only NASA federal law enforcement academy in the United States.

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Afghanistan: Tampa Contractor Killed in Afghanistan

    Sad deal, and my heart goes out to the friends and family of Santos Cardona.  In this incident, both the handler and dog were killed. I also posted a little story about what this company was actually doing over there, and it sounds like it was  really dangerous work.  Especially if these bomb sniffing dogs and handlers were targeted by the Taliban, and caught by a secondary IED. I do not know if Cardona was working on the contract listed in the second article, but it is significant to point out the nature of his work. –Matt 


Tampa Contractor Killed In Afghanistan


March 4, 2009

“I cried, when I got off the phone; I don’t think I’ve ever sobbed like I did at that moment.”

It has been less than a week since 36-year-old Heather Ashby received the news that her partner of 11 years was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Ashby said Santos Cardona was on a patrol early Saturday morning. There had been many roadside bombs in the past few days, and “they wanted him to go out with his dog. The explosion split the Humvee he was in, and it landed on top of him. He was killed instantly.”

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Jobs: Nuclear Security Officer, Florida

G4 Wackenhut

Nuclear Security Officer – Armed

The Wackenhut Corporation

Job Snapshot


6501 South Ocean Drive

Jensen Beach, FL 34957 ( map it!Map it )

Base Pay:

$42,500 – $54,700 /Year

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Jobs: Executive Protection, California and Florida

Current Job Offerings

FAM is currently accepting resumes for the following positions;

    Nation Wide:

    Crisis / Strike Security Officer

    These officers work in various situations including property, asset and personal protection during and after natural disasters and at sites experiencing labor disputes / strikes.

    These positions are contingent jobs and due to the nature of the job, e.g. strikes and natural disasters, the duration of assignments is not guaranteed.



    Executive Protection Specialist

    Must have valid C and D license, and reside in the State of FL. Minimum 5 years experience, must have attended accredited Executive Protection school.

    Los Angeles, CA:

    Executive Protection Specialist

    Must hold a current guard card, and CCW permit. Minimum 5 years experience, must have attended accredited Executive Protection School. Please send resumes to or fax to

    954-316 6698

Please do not call the office, send resume to or fax resume to 954-316 6698


Company Website

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