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Military News: Georgia And The War In Afghanistan, By Mikheil Saakashvili

   This is actually pretty interesting.  This is a thousand troops that the Marines can use to do all sorts of violent things with, and with no limitations.  But the most interesting aspect is Georgia wants in NATO, and this is kind of a double sided insurance policy.

   On one side, a move like this will help to up the level of combat effectiveness of the Georgian military.  Marines are already training Georgians in their country, and they were doing that even before Georgia’s quick war with Russia.  I think a move like this is smart, because now the Georgians will have combat veterans that could make life for an invading force a little more painful if not damn near impossible.

   The other side of this is Mikheil is also trying to earn his country’s admission into NATO, so that Russia would think twice before invading again.  The question I have, is if Russia would actually care if Georgia was a NATO member or not?  Because I think Russia will do whatever they want, despite what club Georgia is a member of.

   Now if I was Mikheil, I would develop an asymmetric warfare capability big time.  Keep working on this other diplomatic stuff, but if these guys want to make life miserable for an invading force again, they need to start thinking more like Hezbollah and less like some kind of a conventional army. Get some combat time, learn from the enemy in Afghanistan, and apply those lessons to defending Georgia.  The Marines will definitely help them to get there, and help them with the asymmetric stuff as well. –Matt


Georgia and the War in Afghanistan

December 19, 2009

Why the young democracy is sending nearly 1,000 troops to the war effort.


Following President Obama’s speech on our common mission in Afghanistan, NATO members and other countries pledged about 7,000 additional troops. My country committed just under 1,000, which makes Georgia the highest per-capita troop contributor to the war effort.

Some might be surprised that a small country not yet in NATO—and partly occupied by more than 10,000 hostile Russian troops—would make this commitment to an Allied mission abroad. Let me explain why it makes perfect sense.

As President Obama pointed out, the threat of violent extremism endangers all nations that subscribe to the principles of liberal democracy. Those principles made America the target on 9/11. Spain was hit on March 11, 2004, and Britain on July 7, 2005. Any of our countries could be next.

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News: Russia Recognizes South Ossetia and Abkhazia

     Oh my, this gets more interesting every day. Of course Georgia and the West does not recognize this latest move.  It sounds like Cheney is inbound to Georgia, along with a few warships.  And I guess the Russians are implying that they will ‘militarily’ deal with the missiles in Poland?  Wow, this thing is really ramping up, and we will see who backs down first.  –Head Jundi 



 Russia recognises Georgian rebels


Russian president speaks to BBC


President Dmitry Medvedev has declared that Russia formally recognises the independence of the breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.


Mr Medvedev told the BBC Russia had tried to preserve Georgian unity for 17 years, but that the situation had changed after this month’s violence.


He said Moscow now felt obliged to recognise South Ossetia and Abkhazia as other countries had done with Kosovo.


Georgia said Russia was seeking to “change Europe’s borders by force”.


In a televised address on Monday evening, President Mikhail Saakashvili said the declaration was completely illegal and vowed to begin a “peaceful struggle” to restore Georgia’s territorial integrity.

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Industry Talk: Israeli Security Firm ‘Global CST’ on the World Stage

    Well, I have been busy with trying to find the unique stories and angles out there that no one is covering, and I think I may have found one.  Who has heard of the Israeli companies Global CST or Defensive Shield?  I have never heard of them, but I tell you what, they are certainly making a splash now!


     For the Georgia deal, as you can see below, the work these security firms did there was significant.  The Syrians are using that work as propaganda to rub it in the face of Israel as ‘another loss’.  This to me is amazing, because it is a sign of how significant the roll of security companies can have on the world stage.  And for the record, I tend to agree with the Israeli side, that Georgia was no match for Russia, no matter who trained them.  It’s a numbers game.  


     And this idea of security companies getting involved with highly volatile and political situations, reminds me of the US private security company Steele Foundation and their contract to protect Aristide in Haiti several years ago.  This was a prime example of a security company getting thrown into the middle of a sticky situation, while just trying to do their job.   


     With that deal, the State Dept. was using Steele Foundation security teams to protect Aristide, and then later run him out of Haiti towards the end of his crumbling Presidency.  The funny thing about this, is that I guess Aristide had no idea that he was stepping down, according to him.  And that the State Dept. blocked his request for more security guys to reinforce his current detail.  Very interesting time period for the Steele Foundation guys and kudos to them for working through a complex deal like that.


     But back to these Israeli Security Firms. They were also involved with the training of Colombia’s forces and rumored to have influenced the planning for Operation Jacque(hostage rescue).  This was a huge deal and very complex.  It looks like Global CST was involved with that one too–and was once again thrust onto the world stage in a highly public rescue.  Even Ingrid Betencourte, one of the rescued hostages, commented that it was run like a ‘Israeli commando operation’.


    So I guess this is an indicator that we will probably see more of these companies in the future?  I know I am paying attention now.  Here is a link to their website. Interesting stuff.  –Head Jundi    





Major General (res.) Israel Ziv, owner of Global CST. 


2 Israeli firms say they left Georgia before fighting

By Amos Harel


Two Israeli security companies, Defensive Shield and Global CST, announced yesterday that they had completed their projects in Georgia before fighting between that country and Russia broke out on Friday. The two are among several Israeli companies advising Georgia on security matters, training its army and occasionally supplying it with weapons.


Defensive Shield, owned by Brig. Gen. (res.) Gal Hirsch, said all its employees, including its subcontractors, are no longer in Georgia. It said it completed the work it had been contracted to do, and that all its contracts with Georgia had been approved by Israel’s Defense Ministry. Security systems services company Global CST, managed by Maj. Gen. (res.) Israel Ziv, said it finished its work in Georgia at the end of July.


Russia expanded its bombing blitz against neighboring Georgia yesterday, targeting the country’s capital for the first time, while Georgian troops pulled out of the breakaway province of South Ossetia, as Russia demanded, the Associated Press reported.


Georgia launched a major offensive to regain control over South Ossetia overnight Friday, and some 1,500 people have reportedly been killed there since then, with the death toll rising. South Ossetia split from Georgia in the early 1990s and has since built up ties with Moscow.

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News: Russia Takes Prisoners and More VSS Sniper Rifle Sightings

     Hey, check this out(thanks to Scott and Doug for the heads up).  The Russians are not leaving, they are taking prisoners, and they are making a mockery of the ceasefire.  But what was interesting with this article, was another cameo of the VSS Sniper Rifle in the photo that accompanied this article.  This weapon is the perfect tool for operating during this so-called ‘ceasefire’.  


     And this latest move was to get some prisoner currency.  Supposedly the Georgians captured some Russians during this war, and both countries have agreed to an exchange.  It has been reported that the trade was 15 Georgians for 5 Russians.


     Also, the US vehicles were at the port and were in the process of being shipped out when the war started. –Head Jundi 



Russian Soldier armed with VSS Sniper Rifle, with prisoners. 


Russian soldiers take prisoners in Georgia port 




RUISI, Georgia (AP) — Russian soldiers took 20 Georgian troops prisoner at a key port in western Georgia on Tuesday and commandeered American Humvees awaiting shipment back to the United States after taking part in earlier U.S.-Georgian military exercises.

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News: Exclusive-Thoughts on the War in Georgia by a Resident

   Hey guys and gals, I have a real treat for FJ readers in regards to the latest developments going on in Georgia.  We have a guest author who lives in Georgia, but is currently working in Iraq, who has written a gem of an article.  Chris is his name, and he has graciously allowed me to post his ideas and thoughts on the current events in Georgia.    

     Chris is currently working in Iraq, as I have stated, and has had to deal with two wars–one for work and one impacting his home.  His family was in Georgia during the beginning of the war and luckily they were able to get out of Georgia as events unfolded.  Very scary stuff and by the grace of god, they made it out safely.  It is extremely unfortunate that they had to leave their home like that.  

     For the backdrop on this article, Chris was responding to a question about his views on the situation there in Georgia in a forum called The Black Flag Cafe.  Like most forums that cover current affairs and world events, the BFC has been very active with discussion about the war in Georgia.  


     I have found the BFC to be an excellent source of ideas and discourse, when trying to analyze and understand current events that are happening quickly.  The BFC is also owned and moderated by the author Robert Young Pelton.

     Thanks to Chris for such a well thought out article and I wish the best for him and his family during this most unfortunate of events. –Head Jundi


From a discussion on the Black Flag Cafe in regards to the current war in Georgia…

By Chris

Here is a shot at enlightening all of you about some of the past events that have led us to where we are today.

Zviad Gamsakhurdia is largely blamed for the conflict in S. Osettia. This is in part because he opposed the S. Osettian movement (around 1989 I think) to become part of N. Osettia, and in part because many of his supporters used the slogan “Georgia for the Georgians”. I could be wrong, but I do not believe that this was ever his slogan.

During Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s presidency fighting again broke out in S. Ossetia (1991-1992). People on both sides (Georgians and Ossetians) of the conflict were displaced. Russians move in and stop the fighting, and install themselves as peace keepers.

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Weapons: The VSS Vintorez Russian Sniper Rifle

      Doug pointed this out to me, and I thought it was interesting.  We found at least three seperate photos from Reuters of Russians carrying this weapon system into Georgia.  It has a range of 400 meters as well.

     How they deploy these things over there, I don’t know.  And I have no clue if these are Spetsnaz or OSNAZ or whatever.  I just thought it was interesting to get a glimpse at what these guys are bringing to the fight.

     I guess the only clue would be how they were used in Chechnya.  So I will hunt around for some articles and see what I can come up with. -Head Jundi

Edit:  I found an outstanding article about Russian Snipers and what the learned in Chechnya and Afghanistan.  The 9x39mm round is the popular round now, and the thing can penetrate like 8mm of armor.

     But it sounds like if these guys were actual snipers, their faces would have been covered.  If anything, these guys are more like designated marksmen of their unit.  I was watching this youtube video and this weapon is very quiet.  But here is the article about Russian Snipers.

     Also, I think a weapon like this could cause a lot of havoc over there.  A silenced weapon (very quiet and not just suppressed) could allow Russia to continue operations during the ceasefire.  And political and military leaders could be the targets.  It is hard to tell though, because it looks like journalists are having a hard time getting in there.  They are also getting shot at by Russians.  And killing and intimidating journalists with a VSS could also be a tactic in Putin’s grand plan there.


From Wikipedia

VSS Vintorez

Type  Sniper rifle

Place of origin  Flag of Russia Russia

Service history      Used by Spetsnaz, OSNAZ

Production history

Designer  Pyotr Serdyukov

Manufacturer  Tula Arms Plant

Specifications  Weight  2.6 kg

Length  894 mm

Barrel length  200 mm

Cartridge  9x39mm

Action  Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire  700 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity  290 m/s

Effective range  400 m

Feed system  10 or 20-round detachable box magazine

Sights  Telescopic sight and Iron sights

The VSS (Russian: Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya), “Special Sniper Rifle”, also named Vintorez (Thread Cutter), is a suppressed sniper rifle manufactured by Tula Arms Plant. It is in use by various military and otherwise militant organizations, especially those of former Soviet states.

The VSS Vintorez was designed by TsNIITochMash as a suppressed, flashless sniper rifle. It uses a heavy subsonic 9x39mm cartridge in combination with its integral sound suppressor. The heavy bullet is very effective at penetrating body armor even with its subsonic speed. Its effective range is 400 meters.[1] The VSS is normally used in semi-automatic, but it is capable of automatic fire.

Since the VSS is meant for use in discreet operations, it can be broken down into three parts to be carried in a special 450 x 370 x 140 mm (17.7 x 14.5 x 5.5 inch) briefcase. The briefcase also has space for a PSO-1 scope, a NSPU-3 night vision device, and two magazines.

Russian Troops with the VSS Sniper Rifle in Georgia Below

  Russians with VSS   VSS

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