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Cool Stuff: The Battle Cry Of Lara Logan!!!

A big thanks to Chris for finding the source of this motivating speech, and a big thanks to Matt for saving a copy and putting it up on Vimeo and Youtube before BGA made it private (for some reason…). Either way, it’s up now and I definitely wanted to watch it and also share it. Lot’s of folks on Facebook were wanting to check it out, and I am hoping it goes viral…

What makes this speech special is Lara is not holding back on her views about the war effort, and the strength of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Her experience and involvement as a reporter in this war is significant and this speech is the cherry on top of her 60 Minutes special called ‘The Longest War’–which I highly recommend watching if you have a chance.

For those of you out there that are not able to watch this video because of whatever firewall or limitations you have on your internet usage, that sucks. Unfortunately this is pretty common in the war zones, but hopefully this speech and battle cry goes viral and the video gets to a national level of viewing on one of the networks. The video will be archived here on the blog, so when you get home you can watch it then.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that Lara gets points in my book for being married to a security contractor. She married a WPS contractor named Joe Burkett back in 2008. Cool deal and check this thing out. (below I posted a Vimeo and Youtube version, for mobile users) –Matt



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Industry Talk: Security Contractor Tom Boyle Killed In Afghanistan

Rest in peace to the fallen and my thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family. It sounds like Tom Boyle definitely did his time as a soldier, policeman, and security contractor.

No word on what company he worked for, but I would guess it would be one of the ones involved with police training or advising in Kandahar, Afghanistan. –Matt



Barrington Hills man killed in Afghanistan
By Eric Peterson
A Barrington Hills veteran of both the Chicago Police Department and Vietnam War is being remembered for his lifelong courage and heroism after being killed Tuesday in a firefight in Afghanistan.
Tom Boyle, 62, had left the comforts of a Barrington Hills retirement far behind to serve as a contracted law enforcement professional in Afghanistan, where he was providing security and training Afghanis to do the same.
He previously had served in the same capacity during two tours each in Kosovo and Iraq, Boyle’s friend and former employer Steve Kirby said.
Kirby attributed Boyle’s calling to this type of work to his strong moral convictions.
“Tom didn’t need to do this,” Kirby said. “He was very financially secure.”
While a Chicago police officer, Boyle was personally responsible for capturing brothers Tyrone and Larry Strickland, who were later convicted of murdering Wheeling Police Officer Kenneth Dawson in November 1985. Boyle also recovered the weapon used in Dawson’s fatal shooting.
“Thomas Boyle will always have a special place in the Wheeling Police Department,” Wheeling Police Chief William Benson said Thursday. “He is truly, truly a hero. It’s a tragic story.”
Boyle was born in 1949, grew up in Chicago and joined the Marine Corps just out of high school, Kirby said. He served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969 and earned the Cross of Gallantry.
Boyle then joined the Chicago Police Department in 1970 and served for 30 years before retiring.
Upon his retirement, he went to work for Kirby’s private detective agency in Elmhurst. The safety of those he served with, particularly new or younger people, was especially important to him, Kirby said.
“Tom was a great mentor for us,” he added.

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Jobs: Executive Protection Specialist 3, Illinois

This looks like a nice little EP gig for those guys living in the Chicago area. Although definitely read through the requirements below before submitting.

I am not the POC or recruiter for this job, and please follow the links below if you want to apply. Good luck. –Matt



View Job Requisition –  Executive Protection Specialist 3
Requisition Number: 12-1011878
Job Status: Activated
Posting Type: Posted Internally and Externally.
Posting Status: Available
Location: Chicago, IL
Virtual Office/Telecommute: Virtual Work Not Available
Shift: First
Business Unit: Shared Services
Division: Security & Fire Protection
Program: Enterprise – Regional Security
Occupation Title: Sec and Fire Protection Svc
Skills Management Title: Executive Protection Services
Job Classification: LAJWP3
Job Type: Non-Management
Experience Level: Career/Experienced
Exemption Status: Exempt

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Illinois: Crime In Chicago Increases, Lawmakers Call For The National Guard

   Chicago is in a state of emergency. It has been reported that 113 people have been killed in Chicago this year. The same number of U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan during the same time period. –Huffington Post, Rev. Jesse Jackson


   Man, Chicago has always been bad, but when it gets to the point where folks are asking for some cavalry to come in and put a check on this stuff, I take notice.  This is also a political move to bring more attention to the problem, and it seems to be the latest tactic with lawmakers and governors in a few other states in the US.  But the numbers speak for themselves in this case, as the quote up top has clearly identified. –Matt


Chicago Lawmakers: Call In the National Guard

April 26, 2010

Two lawmakers who believe violence has become so rampant in Chicago that the Illinois National Guard must be called in to help made a public plea to Gov. Pat Quinn to deploy troops.

CHICAGO — Two lawmakers who believe violence has become so rampant in Chicago that the Illinois National Guard must be called in to help made a public plea to Gov. Pat Quinn on Sunday to deploy troops.

A recent surge in violent crime, including a night last week that saw seven people killed and 18 wounded — mostly by gunfire — prompted the request from Chicago Democratic Reps. John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford. They were joined by Willie Williams, whose son was shot and killed in 2006.

Chicago has had 113 homicide victims so far this year, Fritchey said.

“As we speak, National Guard members are working side-by-side with our troops to fight a war halfway around the world,” he said during a news conference in downtown Chicago. “The unfortunate reality is that we have another war that is just as deadly that is taking place right in our backyard.”

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Jobs: Diamond Transport Security, Illinois and California

Harry Winston 

CORPORATE SECURITY- Harry Winston. A major jewelry corporation
Static security, Diamond Transport, & Close Protection
May involve stateside & international travel

-Costa Mesa, California
-Chicago, Illinois

$22.00 hr with annual raises
40 hrs a week Plus overtime
Full health and matched 401 k

Must have all security guard cards for that state
Must have CCW

Contact Gloria Murphy
Cell 917-515-5816

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