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Maritime Security: Spain Allows Heavy Weapons On Tuna Fishing Vessels

You know, out of all of the countries that I have followed, Spain has been one of those countries willing to work with private security and shipping companies the most to achieve a good level of security. Unless someone can point out a better arrangement?

Especially when Spain is paying grants to Tuna boats that cover 25% of the cost to hire security, or providing military training to that security, and most of all, allowing those PSC’s to use heavy weapons. That last one is a big plus for me, just because it reflects the reality of what is out there.

I also like the idea of placing conditions on these grants. Although why not just grant the Letter of Marque? But this is an interesting way of mitigating the principal-agent problem.  Here is the quote:

“No aid shall be granted in cases of breach of Community law, Common Fisheries Policy or legislation to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activity. In these cases the aid will be refunded depending on the severity of the infringement,” the Ministry added.

Armed guards on boats are having some fantastic success against piracy. We have a 100 percent success rate. But that is no reason to get comfortable or to not evolve and stay one step ahead. Today’s pirates are consolidating, they are innovating, they are attacking using wolfpack tactics, they are using NVG’s to attack at night, and they are using weapons of war.  With that kind of enemy, we must give today’s armed guards every advantage we can.  So with that said, I give Spain high marks for this new weapons policy. –Matt


Heavy weapons allowed in tuna fishing vessels in the Indian Ocean
September 28, 2011
In order to combat pirates’ action in the Indian Ocean, the Ministry of Defense of Spain authorized the use of large caliber weapons — 12.70 mm — in tuna vessels fishing in these waters.
So far, the boats have been able to carry weapons of 7.62 millimetres, but the current ones are much more powerful and they are usually anchored using some kind of support.
The measure was announced by Defence Minister, Carme Chacón, after meeting with representatives of tuna vessels and of shipowners of the Spanish fleet in the Indian Ocean.
Thus, Spain is the only country with permission to carry heavy weapons on board to fight Somali pirates, Diario Montañes reported.
The initiative will be implemented as soon as the Government of Seychelles comes to approve the protocol submitted by the Spanish government with details of the agreement.
According to Chacón, it is “almost imminent” to carry such weapons in the Spanish vessels.
When asked about the possibility of managing an operation similar to Atalanta in the Gulf of Guinea, following the increase of crime in these waters, Chacón dismissed it.

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Jobs: Armed Escort, Indian Ocean

   Sounds like an interesting gig if you can get on.  Notice the SIA license requirement, as well as the multi-language deal. I am seeing the SIA being more of requirement for security contracting internationally, and that license would certainly make you more marketable.  Maybe someone from the company can add some more commentary about this job?

   I also like hearing more usage of armed escorts, and this is the way to go in my opinion.  I am not sure how heavily armed these guys will be, but yet again, this is a vast improvement over the other types of gigs where LRADs, water cannons, and bad language are your only defense. –Matt


TSL Consulting

TSL Consulting ltd. recruting now experienced operators and TL in maritime security for a 2 month contract.

Details :

– Armed task

– Transit Djibouti to Mombasa

– Transit 6/7 days

– Flight and accomodation payed

Requirement :

– Experience in armed escort in Indian Ocean

– SIA licence

– SSO course

– Multilanguage

Please apply at

Website for TSL Consulting here.


Company News for TSL Consulting.

2009-11-13 23:10:12 – MARITIME SECURITY LONG TERM CONTRACTTSL have now a long term contract to provide armed protection in GoA and Somalia coast.

2009-10-17 10:33:22 – TSL TRAINING CAMPTSL Consulting open a training division ,the training camp will be based in Czech Republic ,all details soon on the new web site .

2009-09-07 08:03:06 – MARITIME CONTRACTTSL have sign a new contract with a Middle east towing company for one year for the protection of tag boat and barge in transit in GoA . Read the rest of this entry »

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