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Industry Talk: DynCorp Contractor And Former Police Officer Brett Benton Killed In Afghanistan

Rest in peace to the fallen. Brett was part of a very important effort in Afghanistan to train the Afghan police forces. He has paid the ultimate sacrifice and the US and Afghanistan both owe him and all contractors whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice in this war a tremendous amount of gratitude. My heart goes out to the friends and family… –Matt

Brett Benton

Kenton PD mourns loss of former sergeant

Jun. 6, 2011

By Brenna R. Kelly

No one wanted Brett Benton to leave the Kenton County Police Department.The well-liked officer had been there for 10 years, started the department’s K-9 program and had been promoted to sergeant.“He was one of the best and brightest that we have, no question about it,” said Chief Ed Butler. “He was the kind of police officer you like to have work for you as the chief.”But Benton had a plan.He and his wife of nearly nine years wanted to move to from their Dry Ridge home to Madison County.

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Funny Stuff: Predator and Politics, Here Comes Billy Bear!


   It just doesn’t get any funnier than this.  What is it about the movie Predator and politics?  And get this, Sonny was a porn star at one point in his career and also served some time in federal prison, on top of being an eighties action star! LOL  If you check out his website, you will get quite shock, and also see the multitude of cheesy action films he was in.  Enjoy.  –Head Jundi 



Actor runs for U.S. Senate in Kentucky as Libertarian

June 26th, 2008 

In a story that is getting picked up by many newspapers and websites, the AP reports Sonny Landham, who “played Billy Bear in ‘48 Hours’ and was killed by an alien in ‘Predator,’” is running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky as a Libertarian. Landham, “known for his powerful physique, booming voice and his American Indian heritage,” says he is “serious about his longshot bid, because too many politicians are indifferent to voters’ problems.”

Landham “must collect at least 5,000 valid petition signatures by August 12,” and Kentucky LP Chairman Ken Moellman “believes Landham will make it.” However, the AP says Landham’s appearance in adult films could haunt his campaign. Additionally, Landham “served more than 2 1/2 years in federal prison after being convicted of making threatening and obscene phone calls to his ex-wife. The conviction was thrown out by a federal appeals court that found he committed no crime.”

If Landham scores an upset victory, he would be the third member of the cast of “Predator” elected to major public office, following Govs. Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Be sure to check out his website. It is beyond funny. Next, will be an onslaught of Billy Bear porn.

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