I am not going to give much attention to the latest attack in Lahore, Pakistan. It is tragic, but what was more tragic is that the defense and security of crucial institutions over there, is given so little attention. And how much money have we given this country over the course of the war? Billions, and this little police academy does not have any weapons or security set up? pffft. How many wake up calls will it take there Pakistan?  

    Lahore is the target, and the enemy will do all they can to destabilize it. So far, they are doing pretty damned good.  Maybe along with this money and US oversight, the Pakistanis can insure that police stations and training facilities are actually protected and armed?  Just a thought, seeing how the police are crucial to maintaining stability and they are the first responders to attacks like this.

     The other aspect of this that I would be very curious about, is the possible contracts that might come out of this latest funding? Obama has said, no US troops in Pakistan. But he did not mention anything about contractors.  I know there are US advisors there, but in no real substantial numbers.  Perhaps, and I am just furthering the Vietnam analogy, maybe Pakistan will become our new Laos?  

    During the Vietnam war, we also fought a war in Laos, and contractors were a huge component of that war.(Air America comes to mind)  If that were the case, things could become kind of interesting over the years, and I will keep my eyes open.  I just keep thinking, how the heck are we supposed to depend on the Pakistanis to destroy Al Qaeda?  Are we going to keep throwing drones and money at the problem, to destroy the enemy, because that certainly has not worked.   –Matt


 Air America Bell 205’s in Long Tieng, Laos. 


Obama to Propose $2.8 Billion in Military Aid to Pakistan

That money would be in addition to the civilian aid — $1.5 billion a year for five years — that the president called for Friday. 

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