This is cool.  Although I think their intent is to only offer bounties to locals who shoot pigs. You will have to call the phone number below to ask if they offer the program to folks outside of the state.

     Also, check out the show Pig Bomb on Discovery Channel.  The series is entirely dedicated to the feral hog explosion throughout the US.  I hope to see more bounty hunting programs pop up. Especially if these hogs are causing $800 million in damages every year.  –Matt


Hog Bounty Program Up and Running in U.P.

The Delta County Conservation District is administering a privately-funded program aimed at eradicating, or at least reducing, the number of wild hogs in the Central Upper Peninsula. The two-year pilot program got started in mid-April with funding from the U.P. Whitetails organization and the District.

In early January, the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy had publicly called for hog bounties across the state to avoid serious, long-term damage to Michigan’s agricultural and natural resources. Nationwide, wild hogs conservatively cause $800 million worth of damage annually to crops, golf courses, lawns and forests by their feeding and rooting habits. They are also vicious predators of livestock, deer fawns and ground-nesting birds.

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