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Al Qaeda: Usama Bin Laden Is Dead!!!!

This is incredible news, and I am writing this as it is coming over the news. Usama Bin Laden is dead and it sounds like his body has been recovered, and identification has been made. President Obama is soon to come on the television and make the announcement. This is such awesome news.

By the way, all of Al Qaeda and it’s supporters better watch out–because you are next!…… –Matt

Edit: An American team was tasked with killing or capturing UBL at a mansion in Abbottabad, Pakistan. There was a firefight, and OBL was killed in the firefight. The body was identified by DNA and all of this was confirmed by President Obama in his speech.

Edit: CNN Reports that it was Navy SEALs that came in by helicopter to assault the mansion that UBL was at. Supposedly one of UBL’s sons was killed in the attack as well.

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Jobs: PSD Team Member/Marksman, Middle East

Number 08-0017
Date Posted 28 April 2008
Title PSD Team Member – Marksman – Pending Contract Award
Number of Openings 32
City Multiple
Location Middle East and Central Asia
Description General Convoy Security and travel protection including, but not limited to protection of designated personnel from terrorist or criminal attacks during travel to and from project work-sites, static security while engaged in the performance of duties and project worksites; convoy route briefings, convoy command and control; actions upon contact; and vehicular preventative maintenance checks and services (PMCS) in accordance with US Army standards.
Requirements Certificate of PSD training from recognized source. Certified designated expert marksman and or sniper qualified. 
Apply On-line


And you can add your resume to a profile page, so you are on their file.

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