I figured this would start happening in the US. As the economy continues to suck, and measures are taken by the states to save money, then you will start to see the secondary effects of such policies at the local level. Good or bad, that is reality.

Now the big debate from what I gather is if a PSC can provide effective and adequate security for a town this size. Mind you, there will still be a deputy that folks can call for the big emergencies. So we will see how it goes, and hopefully this town will be adequately protected and served as they make the transition. I would also be curious how many other cities and towns have had to cut police forces and switch to private security throughout the nation? –Matt


Foley hires private security for police protection
Oct. 18, 2011

Written by Kari Petrie
Foley residents will call a private security company when they need nonemergency help, starting in January.
On Tuesday, Foley City Council members unanimously approved hiring a private security company to provide 24-hour service to the city. The city will enter a six-month contract with General Security Services Corp. for $98,500.
Mayor Gary Gruba said Foley is the first city he’s heard of that has used a private security company. But he said he has heard other cities are looking at the option to save costs.
Since 2003, the city has paid Benton County to have three deputies patrol the city for 17.1 hours a day. The council voted earlier this month to reject a new contract from the county to provide police services for 2012.
The county had proposed a contract for 2012 that would cost $23,426 a month for three deputies. This year the city is paying $24,694 a month.

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