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Montana: Private Security Considered After TSA Failures At Bozeman Airport, And Other City Airports

    “Again, it’s because you can fire a bad contractor, but you can’t fire the government. I think TSA stands for Thousands Standing Around.” -John Stossel 


   First off, bravo to Dick Roehm for at least taking a realistic approach to security at his airport.  If they cannot depend upon the TSA to provide good security, along with good customer service and satisfaction, then I say go private and demand those things via a well written contract.  Europe, along with Israel, has been doing this awhile, and to me, the TSA along with government is a terrible security apparatus to use.

   As for Jim McGarvey, stop drinking the kool aid that the contractor haters have been serving you, and listen to reason.  Better yet, just read the quote up top, and tell me how with the current system in place, that you can actually fire the TSA for doing a poor job? Besides, the argument that the town will lose jobs when they go private is stupid.  Who do you think private companies will hire for work locally?

   The other thing that bothers me about Jim’s assessment is the idea that making a profit is evil or something?  Profit is what drives a company and it’s employees to be competitive and do a good job in order to maintain the contract.  If they suck at what they are doing, or try to rip off the airport, the airport authority just ends the contract and goes with someone that can do a better job.  And hey, if the AA writes up a good contract and actually monitors the quality of the contract, then they can actually get a good value for the dollar.  The company providing the service also knows what it has to do in order to maintain the contract when you have that kind of a system.  Like Stossel said, you can fire a bad contractor, but you can’t fire the government. –Matt


Security breach raises questions about government airport screening

January 13, 2010

By DANIEL PERSON Chronicle Staff Writer

A passenger getting through security at Gallatin Field with a gun, coupled with ongoing complaints about how passengers are treated at checkpoints, is trying the patience of the head of the local airport authority.

Now, Dick Roehm is raising the prospect turning to a private company to handle security at the airport.

On the morning of Sunday, Dec. 13, Transportation Security Administration screeners at Gallatin Field inadvertently allowed a man with a firearm in his carry-on bag through security, according to a TSA statement released Wednesday.

While in the boarding area, the unidentified man realized he had the gun and turned himself into TSA officials. In response, TSA rescreened every passenger at the airport, including passengers on a Horizon Air flight that had left the gate but not yet taken off, delaying three flights for more than an hour, said Roehm, who was briefed on the incident.

The gun was turned over to local law enforcement and the passenger was allowed to continue on the flight, TSA spokesman Dwayne Baird said in a written statement.

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Law Enforcement: Montana AG Launches Probe of Town’s Jail Deal with American Police Force

   Boy, did anyone at this town think to do a background check on this clown shoe wearing marshmallow eater company, because this is scary. (By the way, check out the Hilton’s rap sheet below if you are curious).  Pfffft. –Matt


Montana AG launches probe of town’s jail deal


October 2, 2009

BILLINGS, Mont. — Montana’s attorney general has launched an investigation into a California company’s plan to take over the city of Hardin’s $27 million jail, following revelations that the company’s lead figure is a convicted felon with a history of fraud.

Michael Hilton, who formed Santa Ana, Calif.-based American Police Force in March, came to Hardin last month promising to fill the city’s never-used jail and build an adjacent military and law enforcement training center.

Hilton has a decades-long track record of fraudulent activities and spent several years in a California prison on grand theft charges. The native of Montenegro uses at least 17 aliases.

Attorney General Steve Bullock said Thursday he is asking Hardin officials for all documents related to their dealings with Hilton and American Police Force.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Michael Hilton showed up in Hardin, Mont., last week, presenting himself as an economic savior, the man who would take over the town’s $27 million jail — empty since it was built as a development project in 2007 — and provide 200 new jobs in the process.

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Legal News: Feds Plan to Charge Former Montanan for Iraq Death

Feds plan to charge former Montanan for Iraq death

Jan 6, 2009

By GENE JOHNSON of the Associated Press

SEATTLE – Federal prosecutors intend to charge a former security contractor for Blackwater USA in the killing of an Iraqi guard in 2006, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Attorney Stewart Riley said he received a letter from prosecutors outlining their intent to charge his client, Seattle resident Andrew Moonen. Riley declined to discuss the letter any further or say if it revealed what charge the U.S. attorney’s office is contemplating, but said he has neither received nor made any plea offer for Moonen.

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