This popped up on my radar and I wanted to get this out there. I hate it when companies get falsely accused or criticized about incidents. In this case, I don’t know if the media was the one that solely produced this dumb story or if the media was being fed information by a competitor of GreySide‘s?

Either way, here is GreySide’s response to this article. I think it is also interesting that this story came out right after it came out that GreySide had set up shop in the UK? Hmmmm…. –Matt


GreySide Group Disputes Information Surrounding Personnel Traveling Through Mozambique
Sep. 19, 2011
The GreySide Group refutes information contained in recent reports surrounding five of its personnel traveling through Mozambique. The GreySide Group employees were briefly questioned at the Nampula airport; however, there were no weapons present, and after the Mozambique authorities investigated and found no wrongdoing, the personnel were quickly released and granted visas.
“As a security firm operating globally we take every step to ensure all proper licenses are obtained prior to conducting international missions on behalf of our clients. Our highly trained team of professionals were in full compliance with our rigorous procedures, and with applicable international and domestic laws,” said Alex Popovic, CEO, GreySide Group.
The GreySide Group team was carrying ammunition legally and in accordance with Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, International Traffic in Arms Regulations and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
“We have conducted dozens of transits without a single incident, and currently have numerous teams in the Gulf of Aden protecting commercial ships transiting high risk waters,” said Popovic.
One of the first companies to provide armed guards for US flagged vessels starting in 2009, the GreySide Group is regularly contracted to train foreign allies of the United States throughout the Middle East to combat terrorism. The GreySide Group trained US Special Forces groups prior to deployment to SE Asia, and also trained US Coast Guard personnel for its Anti-Piracy task force deployed to the Gulf of Aden to specifically combat piracy within Task Force Atalanta.
About The GreySide Group
Founded in 2003, the GreySide Group is an international risk management firm specializing in training, maritime security, intelligence operations and information security. With a specialty in providing armed security in high-risk environments, GreySide Group is the exclusive provider of maritime security services for several of the largest, and most prominent shipping companies in Europe and is endorsed by select Lloyd’s underwriters. GreySide Group’s executive and management teams consist of experienced former US military special operations personnel, intelligence community personnel and experienced security professionals.
Press release here.


GreySide Group Adds Anti-Piracy Expert & Opens UK Office to Support Growth
Sept. 13, 2011
UK Office and Anti-Piracy Expert Support GreySide’s Global Clients
GreySide Group, an industry leader in Maritime Security, Anti-Piracy, and International Risk Management & Security is proud to announce the opening of a European office in the United Kingdom, and the addition of Michael Ferguson to the executive team.

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