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North Korea: The End of a Truce, and the US Boarding NK Ships–What The Hell is Going On?

“It would not be a surprise if North Korea reacted to this very tough sanctions regime in a fashion that would be further provocation and further destabilizing,” she said.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said today that it would restart its uranium enrichment program and “weaponize” all the plutonium in its possession, according to the official Korean Central News Agency, the Associated Press reported. 

   You know, the news coming out of Iran is impressive, but there is another story here that needs equal attention.  North Korea has been very active of late, and I highly recommend reading these three stories below to get up to date about what is going on.  In essence, North Korea backs out of the armistice signed during the Korean War, they proclaim that they are now enriching Uranium for weapons use (and the UN Security Council votes for sanctions), and we plan on tracking and boarding North Korean ships (which is happening right now-Kang Nam 1 is being tracked)  Boy, those are some very significant developments, and NK is threatening to launch a missile towards Hawaii?  Keep your eye on this one. –Matt


NKorea warns of attack, says truce no longer valid

By Simon Martin – May 26, 2009

SEOUL (AFP) — North Korea said Wednesday it was abandoning the truce that ended the Korean war and warned it could launch a military attack on the South, two days after testing an atomic bomb for the second time.

The announcement came amid reports that the secretive North, which outraged the international community with its bomb test Monday, was restarting work to produce more weapons-grade plutonium.

Defying global condemnation, the regime of Kim Jong-Il said it could no longer guarantee the safety of US and South Korean ships off its west coast and that the Korean peninsula was veering back towards war.

The White House said it viewed Pyongyang’s threats as “saber-rattling and bluster” that would only deepen its isolation, with spokesman Robert Gibbs saying that “threats won’t get North Korea the attention it craves.”

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News: The Secret War on the Dollar by Oliver North

     Thanks to Doug for sending me this.  I was reading about these ‘super notes’ (close to perfect counterfeit dollars) awhile back, and in light of the current economic events, this is somewhat concerning.  The dollar is going to be taking lots of hits here, and these counterfeiting operations or war on our dollar will only add to the damage.  And what really sucks is this has been going on for awhile.

      I also brought up below a little history factoid about counterfeiting attacks in the past. Specifically Operation Bernhard, conducted by the Nazis against the allies during World War Two. –Head Jundi


Counterfeit Note

A counterfeit £5 note forged by the Jewish Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp prisoners during World War 2. This was for Operation Bernhard, a Nazi counterfeiting operation designed to destabilize the British economy. 


Sunday, September 28, 2008

NORTH: Secret war on the dollar

Oliver North


Last Wednesday night, President Bush addressed the nation in an effort to convince Congress to pass a bill to “reduce the risk to major financial institutions” and “safeguard American families and businesses.”

Thursday he met with Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama and other congressional leaders to build a consensus plan for bailing out our financial system. The potentates on the Potomac are now pondering the price-tag for saving Wall Street. Unfortunately, corrupt officials in other capitals are also hard at work undermining what’s left of the U.S. dollar – by printing and distributing their own versions of American currency.

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