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Jobs: Security Officer/Manager, Qatar

No, this is not ITT or Dyncorp.  I found this through Gulf Talent online, and it is more management than anything.  –Head Jundi 



Aspire Zone


 Security Officer

Aspire Zone


Ref: GP993-18


The Role

Supervision and mentoring of a uniformed security guard force, and to provide a link between the that ?guard force and the venue management


-Provide a direct “link” between individual venue management teams and the delivery of the AZ security ?service, providing advice and assistance to venue staff in respect of routine operational security issues.?


-Monitor and effectively manage the daily operations of the contract security team to ensure high standards of ?service are being delivered, in accordance with published Assignment Instructions


-Ensure all reports & returns from the previous shift are passed through line management, taking any appropriate ?action which may be required.?


-Regularly review the published security Assignment Instructions within individual venues, highlighting any ?deficiencies or potential for improvement directly to the Head of Security.?





(list the minimum qualification required)



(list the minimum years and type of experience required)

10 + in security guard force operations or military service at officer or senior NCO rank



-Security or military background with at least ??10 years experience ?

-Ability to liaise with various agencies and ?local police in relation to security

-Good command of written and spoken ?English

About the Company


About the Company



Aspire Zone, the majestic symbol of Qatar’s pride and glory is spread over 250 – hectares. It is designed to attract and accommodate local and international users through providing access to facilities, consumer products, attractions and services to accommodate a variety of user groups. It is truly a destination for all user groups.


Apply At Gulf Talent



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Technology: Thumb Drives in the Middle East and Espionage

     This is an interesting story. My buddy that was working a contract in Qatar, was able to interdict a spy, that was stealing information on the base that he was working on. This device was on a key ring, and looked like a large pencil. The individual had a thumb drive inside this thing and there were numerous photos and documents on it, that they took from various computers on the base.

     I am posting this, because there are a lot of guys reading this that are in charge of gates and entry control, and this is just a heads up as to the kind of stuff that the booger eaters are trying to sneak in. They can actually hide thumb drives in all sorts of stuff now, because of their size, and there are manufacturers that creating all sorts of unique products that might not be too recognizable. This particular set up almost looks like something that is already sold in the middle east, or it could be home made. Either way, keep a heads up for this kind of thing, and the enemy is certainly creative enough to produce these kinds of things.

     And on a side note, my buddy was recognized by his company for a job well done, for catching this guy. No cash award, but they did give him a nice little plack. As for the spy, who knows what they did with him. And if any company managers are reading this, it would be pretty nice of you were to set up a cash award/recognition system for employees that have interdicted spies. It is the right thing to do, and it should be promoted within the organization as an incentive to stop such a thing. –Head Jundi


Thumb Drive 3

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News: Guard at US Base ‘Stranded’ in Qatar after Being Sacked

     This really sucks for Mr. Dupont and others, and I hope they come out on top in this.  Hopefully, the negative attention placed on Dyncorp with this, will force them to re-write contracts and to be more honest with future employees.  There have been so many incidents like this in the past with Dyncorp and on that contract.  It is really sad.  To me, if a man or woman agrees to put their life on the line for that company and on that contract, then the company at least should have the integrity to be truthful and straight up with those future employees.  -Head Jundi   


Guard at US base ‘stranded’ in Qatar after being sacked

Wednesday, 30 April, 2008, 02:28 AM Doha Time
By K T Chacko
AN AMERICAN security guard recruited by DynCorp International to serve at the As Sayliyah base has been “stranded” in Qatar for over a year after he was sacked by his employers in April 2007.
Christopher Dupont has since challenged his termination in a Doha court but he has been left with no job and therefore no money to sustain himself. “My daughter in the US had to drop out of college and start working to support me,” he told Gulf Times.
DynCorp International is a US-based private military contractor and aircraft maintenance company, which, according to sources, receives more than 96% of its $2bn in annual revenues from the federal government.
Narrating his plight to Gulf Times, Dupont said he had high hopes when he signed the employment contract with DynCorp International in the US and wanted to serve in Qatar for at least five years.
“But things started to fall apart as I arrived here in October 2006. I was forced to sign an employment contract in which the emoluments were less than what had been promised and agreed in the US. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jobs: Security Guard, Qatar

DynCorp International is seeking experienced Security Guards to participate in the Department of State- sponsored initiative in Qatar. This is a uniquely rewarding opportunity, offering both strong compensation and an attractive benefits package. Here are some particulars of the mission:

Title: Security Guard

Your role: To provide armed security for the US Army Central Command(ARCENT). Guarding pre-position war material for ARCENT, USCENTCOM,SOCCENT, and ISG. Duties include gate entry, roving patrols, perimeter andtowers. US Guards will be armed with a M16 riffle and a 9mm pistol.

Location: Middle East-country of Qatar, city: Doha.(

Term: Must be able to begin by 20 April 2008. Contract concludes 31March 2009. (w/option to renew)

Work Week: 9 hours a day, 6 days a week

Here is an assignment overview:

· Annual Basic Salary: US $31,686.42 – payable every twoweeks @ $1,218.70.

· Subsistence Allowance: US $25.00 per day – payable everytwo weeks

· Post Differential Pay: 10% of Annual Basic Salary (US$3168.64) per year- payable every two weeks @ $121.87 as earned (OCONUS)

· Vacation Allowance (Air Ticket fare): US $1500.00

· End of Service Gratuity: US $3900.00

· Housing: DI will provide you with a fully furnishedbachelor accommodation on a shared basis free of charge

· Transportation: DI will provide your transportation to andfrom the work site on a shared basis free of charge

· Vacation: 21 days per year (Upon contract Completion)

· Sick Leave: 14 days per year (Medical Certificate is amust)

· Mobilization Ticket: DI will furnish you with a one wayticket from your Home of Record to Doha Qatar

· Demobilization Ticket: DI will furnish you with a one-wayticket from Doha Qatar to your Home of Record (Upon contractCompletion)

Here is a breakout:

Base Salary$31,686.42

Vacation allowance(Air Ticket far)$1500.00

Completion Bonus$3,900.00



Plus $25.00 per day Subsistence Allowance

*Total for 12 full months *

This is a lucrative opportunity to utilize your unique skills set,while continuing to serve. If you are genuinely interested, please contactme immediately– as this is a time sensitive opportunity.


Heather Fisher

Technical RecruiterWorldwide Recruiting and Staffing Services LLCA DynCorp International Companyheather.fisher @ dyn-intl.com972-871-6704 Irving office214 524-6072

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