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War Art: Will The Real Likeness Of ‘Draw Mohammed’ Artist Molly Norris Please Stand Up?

“It’s essential that we stand by her side, as a community, Muslims along with everyone else,” Bukhari said. “We should stand up to people who make these kinds of threats, not look the other way.”

Yet there’s been a “low-grade indifference” to Norris’ plight, Jackson says. Public officials haven’t contacted her, not even privately.

“Here’s a case of a wanted terrorist demanding the head of a Northwesterner,” Jackson wrote on the Web site Crosscut. “Why, then, has Molly Norris been met by the mother of all silence?” 


     I wanted to post this to show my support for what Molly was originally going for with this cartoon, and that is to show solidarity with the folks at Comedy Central when they poked fun at Muhammad. Of course jihadists threatened them, and they also threatened Molly, and both Comedy Central and Molly for whatever their reasons were, stopped.  What kind of message does that send? And the Seattle Weekly should be changed to the Seattle Weak Knees. You guys should have backed up Molly and stood your ground against these idiots.

     Why do artists and media groups continue to ‘bow down and kiss the ring’ of these Islamic extremist dorks? For all you folks know, it was some 12 year old kid on a computer trying to get your goat.  I say press on and exercise your right to free speech.

    Even if it was legitimate terrorists, these guys are weak sauce. I have been making fun of these idiots for awhile now and it is an essential part of my wonderful day! lol (the Potential poster is my all time top post on the blog-go figure?) I actually want them to say something, just so I can get a good laugh and channel more traffic to the blog.

   There is another reason for why you should not back down.  Terrorism works, when you actually show fear. hint hint? So Molly, keep your name, get out of hiding, and draw Momo! Free speech only remains your right if you have the courage to fight for it. Inshallah. –Matt

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The cartoon that started it all.

Terror threat to Seattle cartoonist should draw response

Danny Westneat

September 18, 2010

The case of the Seattle cartoonist who used to be named Molly Norris makes me wonder: Shouldn’t we be sturdier than this?

The case of the Seattle cartoonist who used to be named Molly Norris makes me wonder: Shouldn’t we be sturdier than this?

Last week Norris made worldwide news, when it was announced she was “going ghost” because she had been put on an Islamic terror hit list.

“There is no more Molly,” wrote the Seattle Weekly newspaper, where her cartoons once ran. “On the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI, she is … moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity.”

This news was bewildering. The FBI had insisted a U.S. citizen renounce her identity, all because some radical in Yemen doesn’t like her art?

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Management Positions: Protective Services Supervisor, Seattle

SMR group 

Protective Services Supervisor 

Global Fortune 500

Posted 1/27/2009 

Location Seattle, WA

Salary Open 

Position Sec-Exec Prot 

Department Security 


Summary – This full time position is responsible for providing, coordinating and supervising protective services for our corporate client’s senior executives and others as warranted. Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned. · Safeguarding Duties: Safeguards principals from all forms of security and safety hazards. · Advance work: Conducts surveys of future sites that principal will visit and various events. Combined domestic and international travel is 50%. · Driver: Acts as primary driver for principal. · Close-in protection: Provides security coverage for principals, guests, and family members in a way that is professional, courteous, and in compliance with policy and procedures.

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