Man, I don’t like to read about this stuff, but this is the reality of our industry. The money these drug cartels are offering is just too much of a draw to some of these unscrupulous companies operating out there.  Obviously Combat Team Security Solutions could care less if they are protecting a scum bag narco boss. For that, I put them right up there with the Los Zetas or the Somali pirates.

   Now I do not want to fall into the trap of labeling all Serbian’s as criminal with this post, because they are not.  There are plenty of Serbian contractors out there who are doing good things and it is companies like this that give them a bad name. Also, I have a lot of Serbian readers and fans of the blog, and I know this kind of thing probably makes them wince.

   Finally, if you want a good chuckle, check out the website below and the youtube videos this company produced.  I am still trying to figure out why anyone would pay for their services other than to get a good laugh. –Matt


Serb Mercenaries See Prospects in Latin America

Vesna Peric Zimonjic

May 26, 2010

For most Serbs, Latin America is a distant continent held in regard by the older generation as a part of the non-aligned movement.

But when three Serb bodyguards of alleged narcotics boss William Rosales Suarez were killed in Bolivia, near the eastern town of Santa Cruz earlier this month, it put Latin America into the spotlight.

Sasa Turcinovic, 40, Predrag Cankovic, 38, and Bojan Bakula, 29, arrived in Bolivia on May 13 only to be killed the next day along with three locals deployed to protect Suarez’s convoy of vehicles. Suarez was kidnapped and is still missing.

For days Serbian media was teeming with items on the three. It turned out that Bakula and Turcinovic were the owners of a security agency called Combat Team Security Solution, based in Ruma, 50 km west of Belgrade.

Turcinovic was once a member of the Red Berets, the notorious special Serbian police unit in the 90s which carried out atrocities during the wars with neighbouring Croatia and Bosnia.

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