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Jobs: Swedish Close Protection Operators, Pakistan

   This sounds like a unique opportunity for any Swedish readers that are looking for work. (the job ad is pretty specific as to who can apply)  As to the company and it’s reputation, I don’t know anything about them and therefore can’t endorse them. Maybe some readers can provide a little data on these guys?

   I am not the POC or recruiter for this job and please follow the links below if you want to apply.  Good luck. –Matt


Vesper Group is recruiting senior Close Protection Operators for work in Pakistan


The scope of work entails low profile close protection task in primarily Islamabad with frequent field-trips outside the city limits. The Close Protection Team will include both Swedish Nationals as well as Local National operators, which indicates that a flexible understanding and approach to low profile Close Protection is paramount. The ability to work independently while maintaining the highest integrity and discretion is very important. The successful candidates must be Swedish citizens and pass a full security background check through the Swedish authorities. We offer a competitive package with good salary and leave incentives. Starting date is set for 01 AUG 10.

Unsolicited CV’s may be sent to:


Vesper is a Risk Management competence enterprise that offers a value-driven service with the relationship, discretion and trust between people as its greatest asset and motivator. Being a Swedish based company we understand development work and human rights issues. We get the job done efficiently, but we also consider the ethical implications of how our services are being implemented.

Vesper assists in reducing uncertainties often connected with establishing an operation on a new market. We analyze strategic trends and patterns as they unfold and assess the security situation on the ground. We put things into context and make well informed assessments as to how decisions and events on the strategic level translate unto the local level for any given actor: a government agency, an enterprise or an organization. We establish regulatory and political environment liaison, we carry out investigations and the vetting of local infrastructure, partners and suppliers.

Head Office

Vesper Group

Gamla Brogatan 11 111 20 Stockholm

+46 (0)763 108 040

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Crime: Helicopter Used in Swedish Cash Depot Raid

   Thanks to Doug for sending me this.  I think what is interesting about this, is the complexity of the operation.  These are not amateurs, and reading through the little details on this thing, you can’t help but to be impressed.  The question I have, and Doug alluded to this as well, is if this is a state sponsored crime or what?  Is this the act of a state sponsored cell, a terrorist cell, or just some really organized criminal gang?.  What do they plan on doing with the cash, if this is part of  a larger plot?

   One more comment on this.  These criminals were operating within the police and bank’s OODA loop, and defeated them.  With the helicopter, they were able to accelerate the movements and maximize observational capability.  The bag with ‘bomb’ written on it, is what threw the police off operationally, and bought the criminals some time.  That is what is interesting to me about this whole thing. –Matt


Helicopter used in Swedish cash depot raid

By Per Nyberg


(CNN) — A helicopter and explosives were used in an early morning raid on a cash depot in Stockholm, Sweden, police said Wednesday.

A helicopter landed on the roof of the G4S cash depot in Vastberga, in the southern part of Stockholm, shortly after 5 a.m. (11 p.m. ET), Swedish police said.

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