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Industry Talk: US Nuclear Site Ends Contract With G4S/WSI Oak Ridge

Wow, another hit to G4S and WSI. Look folks, I hate writing about these things because I truly want companies to be successful and be shining examples of what is good in this industry. But not everyone can be the Swiss Guards of the industry, and there will always be companies that ‘just don’t get it’.

But I also think it is important to not reward incompetence and poor management. That we need to be reminded what the consequence of poor leadership is from time to time, hence why I post this stuff. So either G4S and WSI learns from this and makes corrections to the way they do business, or they will continue to lose contracts and money. And we should all learn from this, and ensure we are doing everything we can to continuously improve our contract and providing the necessary service that our clients need and demand.  Especially if your client is asking you to protect nuclear materials…..yikes.

Every one of these incidents over the years usually involved one of two things. Either poorly constructed/poorly funded contracts, or poor leadership/management tasked with running these contracts. Sometimes poor leaders are the result of a lack of funding for salaries–you pay peanuts, you get monkies. Or sometimes even with a substantial salary, a poor leader is chosen because of a poor vetting process, which is even worse. That a company has no idea what a good leader is, or they just don’t care.

It is also amazing to me that companies make millions of dollars on contracts like this, but they put minimal effort if any into finding good leaders or training up good leaders or putting together policies that grow good leaders within the company. It is an investment that is essential, and glaringly obvious, and yet PMSC’s continue to screw this up.

I mean McDonalds and it’s Hamburger University does a better job of training and growing leaders within their organization than most of today’s PMSC’s. lol And now G4S, the largest security company in the world, is learning this lesson in a very direct and financially painful way. –Matt


US nuclear site ends security contract following nun’s break-in
Sat, Sep 29 2012
By Timothy Gardner
The U.S. government’s “Fort Knox” of weapons-grade uranium storage has ended a contract with a unit of an international security firm two months after an 82-year-old nun and other nuclear activists broke into the site.
The managing contractor at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, site, B&W Y-12, a unit of Babcock & Wilcox Co, said late on Friday it will terminate the contract with WSI Oak Ridge on Oct. 1. WSI is owned by security firm G4S, which was at the center of a dispute over security at this year’s London Olympic Games.
The move came after the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), an Energy Department agency, sent a letter on Friday to B&W Y-12 President Charles Spencer saying it had “grave concerns” about his company and WSI providing security at Y-12, the nation’s only site for storing and processing weapons-grade uranium.
The letter recommended that B&W terminate the subcontract with WSI and work with it to take over security operations after the July 28 break-in.

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Industry Talk: G4S-Wackenhut Replaces Leadership At Y-12 Nuclear Plant After Protesters Broke In

The hits keep coming on G4S…. Wackenhut is a G4S owned company and are currently guarding this nuclear plant in Tennessee. Over the years, this particular contract has had some issues. For example, guards falling asleep on the job–which is particularly troubling when talking about securing a nuclear facility.

But this incident is not cool at all. This is what guards get paid for, their bread and butter, and that is to prevent folks from compromising the security of the facility they are guarding. How embarrassing, and especially since these protesters included an 82 year old nun in their force? lol  Just imagine if these protesters were terrorists, and this embarrassing act would have instead turned into a major national security incident.

I have also heard from former guards on this contract that DoE and the government is partly responsible as well. That funding for security upgrades has been turned down because of budget issues. That and the government more than likely went with the lowest bidder for this contract.  Although I am not privy to how it was determined that WSI got the contract, or what the contracting mechanism was. My guess would be LPTA or lowest bidder which is standard for the government and how they do business.

The other point here is that the government must do more to get a better value for the money spent. To actually act like a consumer who wants the best service they can get, and acts accordingly when they do not get the service that the contract stipulates. To fire companies who do poorly and replace them with companies that actually care about doing a good job. It is the strength of private industry, and yet government does a horrible job of taking advantage of this.

Perhaps we can also learn a few things from Bruce Power security, and the contracts that they have put together there? Who knows, and I am sure WSI is doing all they can for damage control and getting this contract squared away. –Matt


New security leaders at Tenn nuclear weapons plant; protesters broke into high-security area
August 8, 2012
The security contractor at a Tennessee plant that stores the nation’s supply of weapons-grade uranium has replaced its general manager almost two weeks after three protesters, including an 82-year-old nun, got into a high-security area.
Security firm WSI Oak Ridge confirmed to the Knoxville News Sentinel Wednesday that Steven C. Hafner is taking over the position from Lee Brooks.
Protesters on July 28 were found hanging banners in the dark, singing and offering to break bread with the security guards at Y-12 Oak Ridge National Security Complex in Knoxville. An affidavit said that before security guards apprehended them, they spray-painted the building with protest slogans and threw blood on it. They were arrested and officials say all nuclear materials are safe.
Afterward, security contractor WSI said it was looking at its procedures and it removed Brooks and Y-12 Protective Force director Gary Brandon from their posts. WSI named John Garrity to replace Brandon. Brooks and Brandon are awaiting reassignments by G4S Government Solutions, the parent company of WSI.
The newspaper reported that the halt to nuclear operations at the plant was still in effect. The plant originally said the stand-down was expected to be lifted by this week and that security personnel would undergo training and refresher instruction.

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Jobs: DOE Q Cleared Security Officers, Tennessee

This is cool. The Pinkertons are one of the oldest security and investigation companies in the US. Although it certainly has not maintained it’s leading position as a PSC over the years. I mean these guys used to protect the President of the US at one point, and even acted as our original Secret Service and Intelligence agency. Not bad for a PSC?

Of course the Pinkerton Agency was also involved in a lot of controversial stuff back in the day. There is even a law on the books referring to the Pinkertons and the strike work they were involved with. Blackwater eat your heart out. lol.

And yet they survive to this day, albeit under the ownership of the Swedish mega-security company called Securitas.

Boy, if I could purchase this company from the Swedes and bring it back under US ownership, that would be awesome. If DynCorp or any of the US security company CEO’s or investors out there are reading this, please consider looking at this company. This PSC is a part of our country’s heritage and it should be US owned.

Besides, how cool would that be to see the Pinkertons rolling down the roads in Iraq or Afghanistan? It would definitely be a homage to the days when they guarded stage coaches or protected railroads in the wild west days.

Either way, if you live in Tennessee and are looking for a gig this might be your cup of tea. Especially for contractors overseas, because they are usually the ones that are most likely to have this type of clearance. Or even prior-service and government retirees. (Clearance Jobs is a great starting point if you are looking to take advantage of your clearance rating.)

I am not the point of contact or recruiter for this job, and please follow the links below in order to apply. Also, on the website at Pinkerton Jobs they make no mention of the DOE Q job. Once you talk to a recruiter, be sure to mention the specifics and indicate what exactly you are looking for.  Also be sure to check out their other jobs they offer in other states, if you are not looking for something in Tennessee. Good luck. –Matt

DOE Q Cleared Security Officers
Date Posted: May-16, 2011
(ID: 198184)
Observes and reports activities and incidents at an assigned client site, providing for the security and safety of client property and personnel. Precludes unauthorized access to facilities, and the conversion, theft or intentional destruction of physical assets. Responds to unusual or emergency situations using appropriate escalation of force level up to and including armed response as dictated by the situation and protocol. Makes periodic tours to check for irregularities and to inspect protection devices and fire control equipment. Preserves order and acts to enforce regulations and directives for the site pertaining to personnel, visitors, and premises.
Requirements include:
-Must hold an Acitve DOE Q Clearance or Top Secret Clearance.
-Must have at least one year Security or Security related experience.
-Ability to pass drug and background screenings.
-H.S. diploma or GED required.
-Must be 21 or older and a U.S. Citizen.

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