I talked with some dude from this group awhile back. They found my info somewhere and were asking about smokejumping operations and developing their own air operation. It looks like they will finally be doing the South America air drop thing, to fix a runway near a remote village and do some remote medicine. Great concept, and I hope it takes off as it get’s more attention.

     SOAR will be doing a partnership with RAM, and it should be cool to see how this pans out. Hopefully no one breaks a leg doing this shit. ha ha

     Air Drop Assist is the training side of the operation. For a small fee, they will train you for paracargo and parachuting operations. This group is working with both RAM and SOAR, and these are the guys I think I talked with. -Head Jundi


This is a great little video about what they do.





SOAR to deploy airborne medical team in South America
On March 25th of 2008, SOAR will send its airborne trained medical personnel on an important mission in Guyana. SOAR, in partnership with RAM Airborne, will deploy medical and non-medical skydivers into remote areas of the Guyana. Read the rest of this entry »

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