Hello and thanks again for stopping by.  If you have comments or questions feel free to ask away.

Also, to clarify, Feral Jundi is not a security company, and I am not recruiting for any companies. So please do not send me your resume or ask me for a job. If you want to apply for a job I posted, then follow the link on that job posting and apply that way.

As for subjects that I will gladly talk about and expand upon, here is a list.

-Forest Fire Fighting
-Disaster Relief and Security Operations
-Dispatch Work
-Security Work CONUS
-Security Work OCONUS
-Military Service
-PMSC Service
-Federal Service
-Blog Development
-Para-cargo Operations
-Training Reviews
-Gear Reviews
-Weapon Reviews
-Gear Manufacture (I am an FAA Certified Senior Rigger)
-Rough Terrain Parachute Operations
-Incident Command
-Book Reviews


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