This is my page for ICoC (International Code of Conduct) Signatory Companies and it will be updated as more companies sign on. Membership is at 708 companies from 70 countries, as of August 1, 2013. If you are interested in reading the code of conduct that these companies have signed on to, go to the website listed below.

If you have a grievance in regards to any of these companies, the steering committee for the ICoC is still developing a process for which to settle those types of matters. So feel free to write the ICoC and let them know your deal, but just know that they are still in the formative phase. When a process for grievances comes about, I will update this page so you have an idea on how it all works.

Website for the ICoC here.

Contact email for the ICoC :


ICoC Signatory Companies, August 2013 by Feral Jundi