The Seal of Feral Jundi

The meaning behind this seal is pretty basic, but unique. The Laurel symbolizes education and victory. The serpent swallowing the person is called the Biscione. It has different meanings to different users of the symbol, but for me, I like the Visconti family history of the symbol. It represents to them a serpent that attacked a village, and the Visconti family destroyed that serpent, and was famous for doing so. So for my purposes, the serpent represents evil or the enemy attacking the innocent, and this blog’s dedication to fighting that. And finally, the crown symbolizes leadership.

The Motto of Feral Jundi

To be, or to do…-Col. John Boyd

The Goal of Feral Jundi

To educate, to learn, and to stand up for the little guy. To be a force of reform within this industry.

To bring to the table the ideas and solutions that could help out the companies and associations in this industry, and to help out the individual contractor who has chosen this profession.

To bring respect and honor upon this industry by promoting the ideas and concepts that I think will get us there.

To apply Kaizen to the blog and to my writing, and to make this blog a useful reference for all.

To use feedback from my readers as part of my Kaizen plan.

To have fun.

On Leadership

Know your stuff, have the courage to do what is right, and take care of your people.

Lead from the front.

Lead by example.

Get feedback.

Trust, but verify. -Reagan

3M-mission, men, and me. -Blaber

On the Keys to Running a Successful Private Military Security Company

Kaizen (Japanese for ‘continuous improvement’) -Toyota

Customer service and satisfaction. -Toyota


People, ideas, and hardware — In that order! -Boyd

Shared reality. -Blaber

Learning organization. – Senge, Nagl

Selection is a never ending process. -Howe

OODA loop. -Boyd

People will support what they help to create. -Google

Intelligence, intelligence, and intelligence.(know yourself, know your enemy)

Success breeds success.

Get feedback.

Identify and use your ‘mavens, networkers, and salesmen’ effectively. -Gladwell

Trust, but verify. -Reagan

3M- mission, men, and me. -Blaber

Create a culture based on EBFAS. -Chet Richards

On Personal Conduct

Kaizen. -Toyota

Be a leader.

Be the guy that does it right, when no one is looking.

Have resolve.

Be useful.

Be prepared. -Boy Scouts

Train as you fight.

Get feedback from others.

Be a hero in waiting. -Zimbardo

Two is one, One is none. (for equipment)

Speed is fine, accuracy is final. -Vickers

Save your pennies.

On Problem Solving

Saturate, incubate, illuminate. -Blaber

Build your snowmobile. -Boyd

OODA -Boyd

Have fun.

Obtain feedback and recommendations from others. -Blaber

Borrow brilliance. -Murray

Know yourself, know your enemy. -Sun Tzu

On Grand Strategy-Boyd

Evolve and exploit insight/initiative/adaptability/harmony together with a unifying vision, via a grand ideal or an overarching theme or a noble philosophy, as basis to:
*Shape or influence events so that we not only amplify our spirit and strength but also influence the uncommitted or potential adversaries so that they are drawn toward our philosophy and are empathetic toward our success,
yet be able to
*Operate inside adversary’s observation-orientation-decision-action loops or get inside his mind-time-space as basis to:
*Penetrate adversary’s moral-mental-physical being in order to isolate him from his allies, pull him apart, and collapse his will to resist.

And in Col. John Boyd fashion, these philosophies and ideas are not sacred cows, and this list will more than likely evolve and change over time.