Ok ladies and gentleman, this is a call to action of the most urgent kind.  There is very little data about any of the PMSC or MARSEC salaries and benefit packages out there.  We need to collect this information on one convenient and easy to access site, so everyone knows what everyone else is getting paid right now.  The reason being, is that the companies and government will keep lowering salaries and expecting the little guys like us, to just accept it for the way it is. Pee shaw I say!

If everyone is armed with the knowledge of what everyone else is getting paid, then you have ammunition to negotiate salaries and benefit packages.  As it stands now, there is no ‘push back’ to regulate these dropping salaries.

The question to ask is how much is your life worth in a war zone? How much is the life or property you are protecting worth in a war zone? If you are ok with mall cop salaries in war zones, then don’t do anything about it and just take it like a chump. Hell, work for free, because that will really make the companies happy!

But if you want to do something about it, then post your pay and benefits anonymously on Glassdoor.com, and get this knowledge passed around so everyone knows what is what.

There is a review section, and probably you should stay away from that.  But if you feel it is appropriate, then review away. Just keep in mind, your non-disclosure agreements and OPSEC/PERSEC.

With company salaries and benefits, they post it on websites and job ads all the time.  But what is not put up on these ads, is  what you are really making and getting out there.  So let’s give the companies and other contractors some ground truth and shared reality on this sucker.

The other reason I like Glassdoor, is that it is free to use, and way more organized than putting this information up on some forum.  Over the years, there has been tons of information shared in casual conversation on the forums, but most of it is kind of lost or extremely difficult to find in the search features. And don’t even try going to wikipedia to learn anything about the companies, because that is vacant too.  That’s too bad, because that kind of information could have helped a lot of folks who are just getting into this industry, or transferring from one company to another.

So pass this around, and get that information out there.  It is anonymous, and posting salary info or benefit package info is not a violation of OPSEC or PERSEC.  You are simply posting what the companies are currently offering as far as pay and benefits, and at that particular time.  It is quick and easy to post that info, and let’s get it out there and keep it up to date!

Also, I am not affiliated at all with Glassdoor.com, and they are not paying me anything for this review and post.  Glassdoor.com is a technology/website that makes sense, and if everyone gets on board with this, it will totally become a source of excellent information for the industry. That is my view on the whole deal.

By the way, I did notice a few DynCorp jobs and salaries posted.  Let’s fill out the rest of the info on companies and make Glassdoor.com the place to rally at. Also, try various spellings of your company in the search, and someone might have put up a review. Check it out. –Matt

Edit: 04/07/2014- Well, it has been awhile since I set up this page and it has produced some good fruit. What I am seeing now is that folks have definitely contributed to the databases on some of the top companies, and reviews are popping up. Like with anything though, you need a good filter to pick through the disgruntled chatter versus the hard facts. I say use this as one element of your decision making process about what companies you want to work for, and continue to span out and learn via other sources. But at least we now have this resource, and that is awesome. Check it out.

DynCorp International

Triple Canopy


Pinkerton Government Services


Aegis Defense Services


Garda World



Olive Group





Booz Allen Hamilton


Sterling Global Operations (former EODT)

Lockheed Martin

Patriot Group International


Wackenhut (G4S)


Control Risks Group

Chenega Security & Protection Services

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