Updated as of 09/12/2016.

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I figured this would be a good resource for anyone interested in maritime security work. What I have done is to take every company that is a member of the SAMI directory, and list them here on this page.

The best way to use this list for employment is to go to the SAMI directory and click on the various websites of the companies listed. There is even a search filter if you are looking for a specific type of maritime security company. For example, if you did a search for companies that have all five certifications listed, it will give you just 7 companies.

I would also suggest collecting RSS feeds from these company websites if they are available so you can keep up to date with the latest job offerings or news with those companies. For an explanation on how to set up an RSS feed, go to this post.

For those companies that are not SAMI members, let me know and I will put them down in the categories section ‘Private Naval Companies’ below, if you are not there already. Also, I have no affiliation with SAMI and I am purely providing this information as a service to my readership here. –Matt

Edit: SAMI dissolved back in April and the website is not longer operational. I will keep the old directory up just so folks have a resource for finding Marsec Companies.

The SAMI Directory is designed to bring together the information most useful to ship owners, ship managers, charterers, flag States and marine insurers when looking at Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) to assess their suitability from a number of perspectives to fulfil a specific security task or role.
The SAMI Directory highlights the qualitative differentiators between each PMSC so that the certificates and authorisations held by them can be identified easily.
The SAMI Directory is designed to significantly speed up the process of initially selecting PMSCs but does not constitute or replace the due diligence process that should be conducted before contracting a PMSC.
Users will additionally be able to search for SAMI Members who provide a range of other services such as escort vessel & support services, training, and equipment, technology & hardware providers.
The SAMI Directory is the authoritative source of verified information on the world’s Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC). SAMI has a membership of more than 120 Private Maritime Security Companies from over 35 countries around the globe representing above 80% of the industry. The SAMI Directory highlights the qualitative differentiators between each PMSC making it easier for ship owners and operators to identify which companies best suit their requirements. All documentary submissions made by PMSCs are corroborated by the SAMI Secretariat as authentic before publishing on the SAMI Directory. If this is your first visit to the SAMI Directory you will find a full explanation, click here.

30 South Maritime Ltd LLC
Aegis International Inc
Allmode Limited
Alphard Maritime Pte Ltd
Ambrey Risk
Argonautis Maritime Services
AS Solution Maritime A/S
Aspida Maritime Security Corp
Asset Maritime Security Services Ltd
Associated Foreign Exchange Limited
ATPI Griffinstone
Austral Maritime Services
Avant Garde Maritime Services Pvt Ltd
Bellwood Prestbury
Black Pearl Maritime Security Management Ltd
Blue Border Holdings Ltd
Bowline Defence Limited
Britannia Maritime Security Ltd.
Celero Ltd.
Defendory Ltd
Diaplous Maritime Services Ltd Ltd
Eagle Trans Maritime Pte Ltd
Ellis Clowes
Endeavour Maritime Ltd
EOS Risk Management
ESC Global Security
Forte Maritime Security
Four Shield Solutions Ltd.
Global Maritime Support Ltd
Hanwei International Security Services Co. Ltd
Hart Integrated Solutions JLT
HR Maritime Consultants Ltd
Hua Xin Zhong An (Beijing) Security Services Co, Ltd. PRC
Hudson Pacific Energy Ltd
INTELEDGE (Haechi Global)
Interceptor Security Ltd
International Security Network
International Security Risk Management (ISRM)
Jay Cube Security Services P. Ltd.
Kanoo Shipping
Klipper Enterprises
Marine One (Private) Ltd
Marine Security International
Maritime Risk International
Maritime Safety & Security Ltd
Maritime Security Company – Albatross ltd
Maritime Security Operatives – M.S.O Security
Meridian Global Consulting
Miris International Ltd
MNG Maritime (Fltg Armouries)
Moran Security Group Ltd
MPBS Group
MS – Maritime Security at Open Seas
MUSC – Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants
OÜ Tuulaja
Ocean Marines Security Consultants (OMSC)
Ocean Protection Services Ltd
Offshore Marine Security
Oil and Gas Maritime Int Suisse SAGL
Paladin Defense Group, Inc.
Patriot Risk Management
Pavilion Technology Limited
PGS Maritime Security
Port 2 Port Maritime Security Ltd
Premium Focus Nautilus Ltd
Procinctu Group, Inc.
Protection Group International Ltd
PSCS International Ltd.
Pusaka Biru SDN BHD
Ratusan Paksi Security Sdn Bhd.
Regal Maritime Solutions
Resource Centre Ltd
Salama Fikira International Ltd
Salamanca Risk Management Ltd
Sea Guardian SG Ltd
Sea Marshals Risk Management Ltd
Sea Nemesis Security (SNS) Ltd.
Seaguard Security LLC
Seagull International Security Ltd
Secure a Ship Ltd
Securewest International
Securisohlen Maritime Private Security Co Ltd
Securistate Pte Ltd
Security and Safety Services LLC
Seven Seas Maritime Security Services
Shield International Security Co Ltd
Ship Security International Ltd (SSI Ltd)
Shore & Offshore Security
Silver Shield (Beijing) Security Service Company
Sinoguards Marine Security Ltd
SM Security (M) SDN BHD
Steel Shield Security Ltd.
Stent (International) Ltd.
Superior Marine Security Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Swat Security Systems
Tier One Maritime JLT
Titanium Security Intl PTE Ltd.
Triaena Maritime Security Ltd.
Trident Group Inc
United Guards Services Ltd.
United Marine Security
Universal Maritime Solutions (BVI) Ltd.
Watchwood Resources Ltd.
Zeal Global Maritime Solutions
Zeus Maritime Services Ltd.