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Weapons: Oh, The Weapons Contractors Use…

This is a fun one. On Facebook I posted a TOTD or Thought Of The Day on what types of weapons contractors have used in the past on contracts. What I got was an incredible amount of feedback on this and it was really fun to see what popped up. Here is the TOTD I posted:

TOTD: Contractor Weapons. I think this would be a fun one. I would be interested in all the various weapon types that guys have seen issued as contractors, or had to use as part of their contract. Or stuff that you saw or heard other contractors use. Everyone hears about AK’s, M-4/ARs, and Glocks, but what are the other rifles and pistols seen issued. Or even the heavier weapons used for contracts. This should be a fun one and I will probably make a post out of it on the blog.

I have mentioned in the past that Facebook has been incredibly useful for interacting with the contractor community. The amount of feedback and interaction is amazing and very useful. I am also able to share more ideas in a more efficient manner there, which also helps to get more ideas in return.

So back to contractor weapons. Guys posted pictures and everything, and it was cool to see any trends in what we are using out there. Obviously AK -47’s and M-4/AR-15 variants are the top primary weapons. But the various types of other weapons issued and their histories are very interesting. Some are just recaptured weapons that were given to contractors by outgoing military units in the various AO’s, or some are weapons the companies were able to ship into that country. Others were bought in gun markets in the region, and it is fascinating to see what contractors we able to get a hold of.

What I will do below is list every gun mentioned and I recommend going to the post on FB to see the various stories behind these weapons. I did notice that the G-3 was mentioned quite a bit. I got to play around with one in Iraq, but didn’t use it for work. In the photo below, Patrick brought up a heavily modified G 3 that I thought was cool.

The other thing to point out is how many copies of weapons were mentioned. Stuff that was either reproduced by Iraqi factories or stuff that was made in the weapon making villages of Pakistan. Lots of junky weapons that fell apart or barely worked, but were cheap and helped to stand up a contract. It is a huge problem in the industry, and companies continue to outfit contracts with junky weapons and equipment, all because of money or because they do not have the connections to get the good stuff into that war zone. That is the one thing that I continue to see and hear from contractors out there, and I have experienced the same, and that companies are horrible at providing good weapons or equipment. It’s why guys become good at fixing weapons or why folks prefer to bring their own kit–because the companies are horrible at this stuff.

Back to the list. There is also the mention of heavy weapons used, or the use of explosives. Stuff that you would not associate with contracting, but was certainly used at one time or another by contractors in Iraq or Afghanistan. In the early days of Iraq, you saw everything. Now, not so much because regulations and contracts have become very specific as to what can be carried. I saw that change during the 2006 to 2008 time frame, and especially in Iraq. But there are contracts that are out of sight or out of control of the Big Military, and you continue to see the heavy stuff come up on contracts.  So here is the list, and feel free to add in the comments section stuff that you used on contracts. –Matt



This is a PDW Patrick McAleer made in 2007, out of an Iranian G3, in Iraq. Photo Credit Patrick McAleer.



Glock 19
Glock 17
HS 2000
Caracal F
M 9
SIG P226
Turkish Kanuni
Walther P 38
Iraqi Berretta
Browning Hi Power
Walther P 99
CZ 75
.455 Webley
Smith and Wesson Sigma
Norinco NP 22 (Sig 226 copy)
FN P35
CZ 70
Zastava EZ9
Ruger P95
.38 Colt Diamondback
Colt 1911
.455 Colt Eley

M 16 A2
AK 47
AR 15
M 4
Colt 722
G 3
G 36
Type 56
K 98
British SMLE
Sturmgewehr 44
Saiga M 3
Benelli Argo
Remington R 25
Remington 700
Browning BAR
Mosin Nagant
FPK Dragunov
AR 10
Ruger Scout Rifle in .308
AMD 65
HK MR 308
FN FAL para
VZ 58
AR 18
HK 416
East German MPi KM 72
SIG 550


NOR 982
Remington 870
Italian double barrel

Submachine Guns

Swedish K
MP 5
Beretta M 12
Beretta PM 12S

Machine Guns

MG 42
FN Minimi Para SAW
FN M-249 SAW
M-240/MAG 58
M 60
MG 3
VZ 59

Grenade Launchers

M 79
HK 69
M 203
M 320/AG 36

Mortars, Grenades and Mines

M 67
M 18 Claymore
Tear Gas/CS
Improvised Claymores For Defense
Mortars for flares

Rocket Launchers

AT 4

Heavy Machine Guns

M 2

Automatic Grenade Launchers

MK 19
AGS 17


Regular Archery Bows
Kitchen Knives
ASP baton

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DIY: 3D Printable AR-15 Magazine

Now just as a disclaimer, I am not at all saying that this thing is safe or a good magazine to use for actual field work or the range. But, what it is good for is modeling and giving life to an idea.

On the other hand, this technology and the materials used are only getting better/cheaper/stronger/lighter. So there might be a day where you are hanging out on a forum like Lightfighter, and exchanging notes with other ‘makers’ about how to make cool new weapon and equipment parts using a 3D printer. You already see that on forums like this when it comes to textiles and sewing.

I also mentioned in the past about using a 3D printer to make UAV’s, or how SOCOM was interested in using this technology. With the examples below, the thing I was thinking about is using these printers to make the obscure little plastic parts that are essential in all types of equipment being used out there. Lots of ideas for this stuff and we will see how it evolves. –Matt


AR-15 Rifle Magazine
by crank
This thing is a Work in Progress.
Expect the files and instructions for this thing to change.
Print at YOUR OWN RISK, Neither the creator of this object nor is responsible for anything that happens because you printed this object! ?This is a near fully printable 5.56mm X 45mm or .233 REM AR-15 magazine. It is current only a 5 round magazine. I left my printed spring design out on purpose for saftey reasons. However, with a little printing experimention and some range time it can be made easily.?What is included is the magazine body, anti-tilt follower, and floorplate. ?I have used this magazine, no jams or feed problems….. YET. It works, but be reminded it is only a printed ABS magazine. If you end up using a printed ABS mag spring be prepared for stress relaxation of the polymer over time, especailly if it is kept loaded over a long period of time.
Print at YOUR OWN RISK, Neither the creator of this object nor is responsible for anything that happens because you printed this object! ?Well, the zombies are at it again………and you forgot your magazines out in your vehicle. Doh!?1) You Have a need for an 5.56mm X 45mm AR-15 magazine.

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Weapons: Adcor Defense BEAR Elite– A Free Floating Barreled, One Piece Anti-tilt Bolt Carrier Piston AR

This is a very interesting rifle. To be able to shoot sub-MOA after 6,000 rounds worth of testing at HP White is impressive for a piston AR. Not to mention the excellent durability and lack of malfunctions during the HP White testing. This rifle will be competing in the Army’s Improved Carbine competition, and it looks like a contender.

The thing about this rifle that grabbed my attention is the free floating barrel. To not have anything touching that barrel, is a radical departure from the norm. That equates to some excellent accuracy capability, and I would really like to see this rifle chambered in 7.62 or other interesting calibers. With nothing touching the barrel, then folks could experiment with different barrels and really explore the field of AR accuracy. But for a standard battle rifle, this is awesome. (it would be cool to see different offerings of barrels, with different twists like 1/8)

The one piece anti-tilt bolt carrier assembly is smart as well. With a recessed lug going into the carrier, that will only increase the strength and durability of the connection between the piston rod and bolt carrier. There is a lot of force in this particular area of the rifle, and anything to make that system more robust is good. Attaching the piston rod to the carrier just makes sense and you won’t see carrier tilt like you would with other systems that do not attach the piston rod to the bolt carrier.

The other really cool thing with this rifle is the regulator. Having the ability to regulate the piston operation is crucial to keeping it running good, or to operating the weapon with a suppressor. Although honestly I was not able to determine the full scope of this regulator, and it would be cool to hear Adcor expand further on this part of the weapon.

The non-reciprocating charging handle can be placed on either side of the weapon, which is cool too. It is just a more natural position for a charging handle than where it currently is located. You can still charge the weapon with the original charging handle though. It gives the shooter options, and I like that.

The dust wiper shield is another feature I am interested in, but really cannot make a judgement. If it is made out of polymer, then it will wear down I would think? Or polymer pieces might break off and fall into the operating system. So to me, I just don’t know about that part of the weapon.

Overall, I think it is pretty cool that Adcor went from designing and building intricate parts for missiles and aircraft, to designing a better piston gun. It is almost like a black swan event where a designer from a totally different discipline comes in, and changes the field of weapons design by making a different and highly accurate version of a piston gun. The free floating barrel and one piece piston rod/bolt carrier set up will please many shooters out there that have been looking for a good piston AR. So we will see what the Army thinks and what the shooting community thinks about the Adcor Defense BEAR Elite. –Matt

B.E.A.R.™ Elite: A world class automatic rifle from Adcor Defense
• Magpul MOE™ rifle stock
• Magpul MOE™ ergonomic rifle grip with aggressive texturing
• FN Manufacturing 1:7 twist, hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel with M249 rifling profile for long life and exceptional accuracy
• Available with sights or optics ready
• Forward placed, reversible/ambidextrous charging handle
• Gas piston system with multi-position regulator
• Free-floating barrel
• Chambered for 5.56
• Ejection port dust wiper
• Two-piece keyed quad rail system
• Tool-less field strip design
• Aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum alloy receivers and rail systems

A New Perspective on the Automatic Rifle: The B.E.A.R.™ combines design innovation and precision manufacturing built upon the tried and true M4/M16 rifle platform.
The Adcor Defense B.E.A.R.™ springs from the M4/M16 rifle platform but offers a completely new twist. Available in many configurations, it offers the operator many significant improvements:

A Revolutionary Gas Piston System (Patent # 065111.00128)
• Free-floating barrel and increased accuracy: A gas-driven piston incorporated into the upper half of the forward rail system never touches the barrel.
• No carrier tilt: The operating rod is connected to the bolt carrier by hex head bolts reinforced with industrial grade Loctite® 262™ high strength threadlocker. They are then drilled and pinned to prevent loosening under adverse conditions.  The operating rod then rides through a machined boss in the receiver rail system interface keeping the bolt carrier in a linear plane as it operates.
• No fouling of chamber and action: Hot gases and carbon particulates are prevented from entering the receiver. Because heat reaching the upper receiver is diminished, lubricant lasts longer and maintenance is simplified.
• Easily detached lower rail system: No special tools needed for quick cleaning and easy maintenance.
• Wear on critical parts is minimized: The operator can easily adjust the piston’s cyclical rate for a controlled rate of fire.
• No need for piston rings: Extremely close machine tolerances of the piston eliminate the need.

Exclusive Port Dust Wiper with Cover
• Prevents entry of dust, sand or debris: The spring-loaded dust shield mounted on the bolt carrier allows the bolt carrier’s return to ready position; the port dust wiper moves into the ejection port opening flush with the inside geometry of the upper receiver.
• Withstands temperature extremes because of the highly durable, self-lubricating polymer shield.

Ambidextrous Forward Placed Charging Handle: Simplicity is Beautiful.
• Simple design allows the operator to keep his or her strong hand on the firearm and use the other hand to clear the rifle.
• Ambidextrous handle detaches easily without special tools and returns to locked position once used. It folds forward, recessed, and easily swings back out in a single motion.
• Non-reciprocating handle only engages when the operator charges or clears.

Rail System ( 7075-T6 )
• Innovative, key locked, highly rigid rail system mounts seamlessly to the upper receiver: Design ensures proper alignment of the rail with a redesigned boss, spline and groove system.
• Upper and lower rail guards separate with the push of a button: No special tools necessary.
• Fully compatible with optical, image intensification or thermal sights; laser targeting systems; bipods; tactical lights and Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES).
Link to website here.


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Weapons Stuff: Brownells AR-15 Multitasker Tool

   This is a cool tool.  I just got it in the mail the other day(no wait and very prompt), and now I get to talk about it.  My overall impression of the tool is high, and it does exactly what I want it to do.  The big one for me was to get a multi-tool that had a buffer tube castle nut spanner.  This tool has that, and so much more.  The only down side would be a lack of a lanyard attachment on the tool and the limited pouch color selection.(black is the only color)

   But back to the spanner wrench.  On a few of my contracts, I have been issued weapons where the castle nut on the buffer tubes were loose and not peened.  The reason being is that guys would take their issued weapons, undo the castle nut and buffer tube assembly, and put one of those single point attachment plates on the weapon so they could run a single point sling.  Because the castle nut and buffer tube was not placed back on properly, you get issues with the thing loosening and rotating.  Not good, and it pays to have a spanner wrench to tighten the thing.  Of course you could use a hammer and nail to tighten the thing, but having the right tool for the job is far better for doing field repairs and maintenance.

   I also recommend getting a DVD of AR-15 repair or lining up some online videos that you have collected, in order to work on your weapon when you have to. Do not depend upon the company to repair your weapon and keep it functional(although that would be nice), because most companies just don’t care. Sad, but true, and most of the weapons I have been issued out there were pretty sad. Being prepared for that reality is a necessity.

   The other thing I like about this tool is the socket tool (with the front site adjustment on it).  It is a 1/4 socket bit driver, so it will accept the double-ended bits that it comes with (Torx double ended), as well as any others that you have.  I really like this feature, because this allows you to carry the socket pieces that are applicable to your equipment (computers, knives, weapons, etc.) and you can expand or take away from that collection what you want. Especially for the multitude of star, hex, and allen type bolts that all the various weapon and equipment manufacturers use out there.

   The pouch is pretty cool too, despite the color.  It has a molle attachment system with snap (single channel), and it has a front pouch and a zippered pouch on the cover piece.  It would be nice though if it was a Fastex closure system, as opposed to just velcro.  I would be paranoid about losing this tool out in the field, unless I had a secure pouch and/or lanyard system.  Perhaps the second generation Multitasker Tool will have these features, along with offering OD and Coyote Brown to the colors. Maybe throw in a lanyard system from 215 Gear, and that would be a cool system that you could carry on your kit.

   One other thing.  The width of this tool when it is closed, will fit in standard pistol magazine pouches (not the 1911 style, the glock 9mm/.40 style), and I tested it in the Tactical Tailor knife pouch they have and it fits. For the pistol magazine pouches, it is a little tight.  So for you pouch manufacturers out there, there might be a market to make the ultimate pouch for this tool. This pouch should securely carry the bits and knife, and have various colors.  I just don’t know if Brownells will go this extra mile with the pouch, and a proactive manufacturer might be able to step in here.

   I would also like to see a multitool for AK 47 and maybe a mutitool that could cover both the AR and AK.  Now that would be the ultimate multitool for a contractor.

    This tool is new, but I think it should be a ‘must have’ for contractors. You must have the ability to do basic repairs out in the field, and this tool will be a nice addition to your deployment kit. Also, I do not work for Brownells and they did not give this thing to me for free–I bought it, and this is a completely independent review. –Matt

Edit: Also check out the Multitasker Tool website, the developers of this tool.

Edit: 01/28/2010 -Check out this forum and their review of the Multitasker here.  Excellent photos of the thing in action.


Multitasker tool

BROWNELLS AR-15 Multitasker Tool

Pocket-Packable Multi-Tool With Everything You Need For Field Repair & Adjustment Of Your AR-15

Rugged, compact, fold-open tool contains an amazing array of tools to service your AR-15 and many popular add-on accessories, all in a package that’s barely 4″ long when folded and fits in pocket, backpack, range bag, or the included nylon belt pouch. You get a castle nut wrench for collapsible carbine stocks, adjustment tool for four-prong A2-style front sights, 3/8″ box wrench for accessory mounts from LaRue Tactical and others, angled carbon scraper with radiused tip, file with chisel-tip carbon scraper, 440C stainless Tanto-style blade with liner lock safety, extended-length needle-nose pliers, wire cutter, and a bit driver with five, interchangeable double-ended bits. Comes with 2 slot-head, 1 Phillips, and 5 hex-head bit tips, plus T10 and T15 Torx® head bits. Bits have a ball-detent locking system to ensure they stay securely in the driver. The Multitasker is made of hardened, tool-grade stainless steel, with a scratch-resistant, matte black hardcoat finish for exceptional strength, and grip panels of durable G10 fiberglass composite with checkered surface pattern for a firm grasp.

SPECS: Stainless steel, matte black finish, with G10 fiberglass grips, matte black. 4-1?8″ (10.5cm) OAL folded; 6-7?8″ (17.5cm) OAL extended. Includes 5 double-ended driver tips with rubber storage sleeve and black 1000 denier nylon belt pouch.

AR-15 Multitasker Tool  $64.99

Buy the tool here or at the Jundi Gear Store.

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Weapons Stuff: Samson AR-15 Field Survivor-A2 Pistol Grip Tool Kit

     I actually think this is kind of a cool little deal.  It’s like a Leatherman for the AR-15.  Some of the tools on this, I could see being very helpful.  Plus it fills the hollow pistol grip of the standard AR-15 and M-4 weapon systems out there.  

     The most impressive aspect of this tool, is the magazine feed lip gauge.  To be able to constantly check your issued magazines, and even repair them, is a very handy capability.  And out in the field on contracts, sometimes magazines are hard to come by, and to be able to check that stuff is key to being ready out there.  The broken shell extractor and the front sight adjustment tool are very hand to have as well. Good stuff.  –Matt


Samson AR-15 Field Survivor – A2 pistol grip tool kit

The Samson Field Survivor is a multi-tool system that has a patent-pending mechanism which secures inside the pistol grip.

The Samson Field survivor contains:

    * Broken shell extractor

    * Wire brush for bore cleaning

    * Ampule for oil for one field lube,

    * Cable to pull the brush through the bore

    * Carbon scrapping tool

    * Flat blade screwdriver

    * Feed lip adjustment tool

    * Gas key cleaning tool

    * Cotter pin hook

    * Strike Plate

    * Front sight adjustment tool.  

    * Magazine feed lip gauge 

The Field Survivor fits all AR pistol grips and Hogue AR15 Rev 2 grips. 

Price: $119.00

Website Here


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Funny Stuff: The Chainsaw Bayonet!!

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