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Funny Stuff: Security Contractor ‘Captain John Smith’ Has a Children’s Video Game

     Now in honor of Thanksgiving (U.S. holiday), I figured I would put up an interactive children’s video game about Captain John Smith that National Geographic put together awhile back. lol I did a story about him in regards to being a Useful Contractor and his significance to the survival of the colonies back then, and I thought it would be cool to bring him up again this year.

     Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention that other famous security contractor, hired to organize the defense of Plymouth Colony- Capt. Myles Standish. Maybe Myles will get a video game in his honor too? lol –Matt


Captain John Smith

Play the game here.

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Building Snowmobiles: The Useful Contractor

   I was flipping through some military history the other day, and found what I think is another excellent building snowmobiles topic.  What defines the ultimate security contractor out there?  Is it someone who is just really good with a pistol, or someone that drives really well, or what?  Or better yet, what kind of contractor really has value in the grand spectrum of this kind of work?  

   Well, from what I can gather in history, it pays to know how to do a lot of different things if you want to do this kind of work and be successful.

    For example, a guy that knows how to fix weapons, is a very valuable asset out on contracts.  Most companies do not provide armorers, and if they do have them, they seem to never make it out to your location when you need them the most.  So eventually, you either learn to fix your own weapons, or you take it to the guy on that contract who has armorer skills and the tools to do the job.  That guy tends to be very popular on contracts, and they increase in value with every repair they do.  And if the site manager has to make some cuts, and he has to choose between the ‘useful contractor’ or the guy that just gets along, then he will cut the non-useful contractor and go with the guy that can fix weapons.

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