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Music: A Marine Christmas Song

A hat tip to the guys at SOFREP for finding this one. Merry Christmas to all of those contractors and military that are deployed, and to their friends and family keeping the home fires burning.

Merry Christmas to all of my readership, FB fans, authors, veterans, PMSC’s, associations, academics, journalists, think tankers and fellow bloggers out there whom have all contributed to the discussion about the ever evolving world of the private military and security industry. –Matt


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Weapons Stuff: Syrian Rebels Create And Deploy A Remote Controlled Sniper Rifle

It always amazes me how resourceful and ingenious folks can be during desperate times, and especially in a war. Obviously this kid created a weapon system that fit his mission and worked well with his skill level, which was probably playing video games.

Now the question I have is if this will catch on with other rebel groups? Will this kid start a ‘remotely operated sniper system’ movement in this war, and what direction will it go for advances? How about automatic targeting or tracking? How about the incorporation of a laser rangefinder into this system.  Something like Tracking Point’s weapon system? We will see….

Although at the end of the day, I still believe humans operating the sniper rifle directly will account for more kill shots in Syria. It is the most practical, cheapest and most portable way of deploying that system. –Matt


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Cool Stuff: Ultra-Ever Dry Superhydrophobic And Oleophobic Coating

This is some incredible stuff and just watch the video. Hat tip to Thompson on Facebook for finding this stuff. It is also making the rounds on FB and even some blogs are picking it up. The question is, what uses can you think up for this stuff?

Imagine coating your jacket and equipment with this stuff? Although I have no way to vouch for how durable this stuff is. I could also see coating sand bags or structures with this stuff to help keep out water. The big one would be for your boots, because that is one bit of kit that gets exposed to oil, fuel, and water. A tent coated with this stuff would be awesome. Check it out. –Matt

Buy it on Amazon here.



Ultra-Ever Dry Creates a Barrier of Air That Repels Water, Oil and Other Liquids.

Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will completely repel almost any liquid. Ultra-Ever Dry uses proprietary nanotechnology to coat an object and create a barrier of air on its surface. This barrier repels water, oil and other liquids unlike any coating seen before. The other breakthrough associated with Ultra-Ever Dry is the superior coating adherence and abrasion resistance allowing it to be used in all kinds of applications where durability is required. Working temperature ranges from -30°F to 300°F. Ideal for use on cinder blocks, bricks, concrete trucks, boots and footwear, stairs, railings, clothing/apparel, fall protection, engines, building supplies, outdoor seating, gloves, electric motors, HVAC and more.


Link to store here.

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Cool Stuff: Afghan Police Trap Reveals How ‘Insider Attacks’ Actually Work

Bravo to Beyar Kahn Weyaar and this Afghan police force for quickly jumping on this opportunity and taking the risk to foil this attack. This action also coincides with that famous Sun Tzu quote ‘all war is deception’. Hell, if our police mentors are not teaching this kind of undercover/sting operations stuff, they should be. My guess is that it is being introduced at some level, but who knows? All I know is Beyar was able to stop a major attack with his work, and that is awesome.

The other thing I like about this sting operation is the use of reward or incentive, and the televising of such a thing. To basically communicate to the world and to the Taliban that insider attacks go both ways, and the Afghan government was able to penetrate this suicide assaulter ring and take it down with an insider of their own. Perhaps this will encourage other police/army personnel, or even citizens, to get in the game of deceiving the Taliban?

Now the funniest part of this story below was the idea that the Taliban sold Beyar on the idea of turning, by offering him money and riches. But then when the assault was to happen, instead of bringing gold they brought a suicide vest and VBIED for Beyar, and expected him to blow himself up during the attack.  Ummmm?….Say Again? lol.

“He said he would give me 2.5 million Afghani ($50,000), two brand new cars and a house in Pakistan,” Weyaar said…About a month later, Mohammed returned to launch the attack. He was with two more people, a pick-up truck packed with explosives, and had 60 hand grenades, six machine guns and six suicide vests.
“I asked him about the sixth suicide bomber that he had told me would take part,” Weyaar said. “He said, ‘The sixth person is me, I will detonate the vehicle.'”

Pretty cool and I hope they are able to conduct more of these types of sting operations. –Matt


Beyar Khan Weyaar receiving his award.


Afghan Police Trap Reveals How ‘Insider Attacks’ Actually Work
Dec. 30, 2012
The Taliban believed Beyar Khan Weyaar was the perfect candidate to prepare an insider attack on Afghan police, but instead he set a daring trap that has given a rare insight into suicide bombing tactics.
Weyaar, a low-ranking police officer in the eastern province of Paktika, was approached in November by a man who offered him the chance to get rich if he met a local insurgent commander.
“I thought he was joking,” Weyaar told AFP after collecting a hero’s medal from Interior Minister Mujtaba Patang in Kabul on December 25.
“But the commander, who said he was called Mohammed, came to meet me at my police post in Sar Hawza district. He must have known I worked there.
“He brazenly asked me to take the Taliban side and help them launch an attack inside the police force. I asked him to give me time to think.”
Weyaar, aged in his early 40s, instead informed senior officers, who gave him clearance to continue meeting the insurgents to gain intelligence.
He then got a telephone call from a leader of the Taliban-linked Haqqani group offering him a luxury house in Pakistan if he helped bombers infiltrate the Paktika provincial headquarters where the governor and police chief work.

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Cool Stuff: Art Of War Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck, By Robert Cantrell

A big hat tip to Fred over at his website called Law Enforcement and Security Consulting for introducing this really neat set up. If you are a fan of Sun Tzu and like playing cards, and appreciate having dual use stuff in your deployment kit, this would be a good set up to have. A deck of playing cards doesn’t require batteries either.

Personally, I have used my Sun Tzu mobile apps I downloaded on my smart phone for reference. I have a quote generator app and the whole book as an app. But a deck of cards is equally cool, just because it is another way of looking at the material and organizing it.

The really intriguing part of this set up is the author has created a system on how to use these cards. They are organized in such a way so that you can easily get to the type of advice or material you need. Or you can combine them into unique strategies that suite your needs–or ‘building a snowmobile’ out of Sun Tzu’s strategies and ideas.

If you go to his website, there is a guidebook and more detail given on how best to use these cards. Or just use the cards for that game of poker or solitaire to pass the time on your deployment. Check it out and this would make for a great little gift during the holidays or for a birthday. –Matt



The Art of War: Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck is made in the USA from the finest quality casino grade card stock. The content is written around four key elements of competitive strategy that include elimination, isolation, preparation of the field of contest, and preparation of the self. These elements are divided into four equal parts by suits as follows:

Preparation of Self – All hearts involve shaping yourself. You set your disposition to that best suited to reach your goal and present your adversary with appearances that that cause him to act against his best interests.

Preparation of the Field of Contest – All clubs involve shaping the field of contest. You create the conditions, such as confusion on the part of your adversary, that better allow you to win.

Isolation – All diamonds involve isolating something. This something may be an adversary, an option, an objective, time, etc. You separate something from something else.

Elimination – All spades involve eliminating something. That something may be an adversary, an option, an objective, time, etc. You remove something from the contest.

They follow the natural progression from preparing the self and the field of contest, isolating on a target, and closing on the objective shown by everything from wolves chasing down a caribou, lawyers isolating on a witness inconsistency, deal makers identifying and addressing an objection, to a child getting the answer he wants from one parent or the other. At the very core, it is all the same.

Each strategy card provides a memorable title, a strategy definition, and a basis of truth from which the strategy works. You reach your goal by enacting one or more strategies together at the same time or in a useful sequence. The strongest strategy combinations tends to have at least one representative member from each card suite.

Website for cards here.

Buy the deck of cards here.


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Cool Stuff: Asgarda–Women In The Ukraine Create A Modern Day Tribe Of Amazons

Crazy stuff here. But it also shows how bad things are in that region when it comes to gender oppression. For these women to run to the mountains and form such a highly defensive warrior tribe indicates to me that obviously there are some issues there. Now the question I have is when will these modern day Amazons make the jump from swords and scythes, to firearms and modern combat arms training? Interesting stuff. –Matt


In the Ukraine, a country where females are victims of sexual trafficking and gender oppression, a new tribe of empowered women is emerging. Calling themselves the “Asgarda”, the women seek complete autonomy from men. Residing in the Carpathian Mountains, the tribe is comprised of 150 women of varying ages, primarily students, led by 30 year-old Katerina Tarnouska. Reviving the tribal traditions of the Scythian Amazons of ancient Greek mythology, the Asgarda train in martial arts, taught by former Soviet karate master, Volodymyr Stepanovytch, and learn life skills and sciences in order to become ideal women. Little physical documentation existed on the tribe, until recently, when renowned French photographer, Guillaume Herbaut, met the Asgarda back in 2004 in the midst of the Orange Revolution.
Story here.
Fight club
Imagine the Girl Guides with racier uniforms accessorised with pickaxes, chains and scythes and what have you got? Answer: a women’s youth movement sweeping Ukraine
By Sally Howard
12 Sep 2010
It’s 5.30am and dawn is breaking in the Carpathian Mountains. Morning mist garlands the mountaintops as the sun rises over a view that’s as old as the hills: headscarved babushkas push carts of hay by hand, white-tailed eagles circle drowsily above and the air is scented by the ancient spruces of Europe’s last stretch of virgin forest. Only the rumble of cargo trains driving west to Hungary disturbs this bucolic scene. That and the peals of three bikini-clad girls as they jump into the frigid Dniester, the fast-flowing river that courses south across the length of eastern Ukraine to the Black Sea.

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