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Year In Review: 2014 Google Analytics Report For Feral Jundi

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My overall stats for the blog is 1,549,518 visits and 2,363,638 page views between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2014. (My first post was on the 22nd of January, 2008)

Now for some demographics for the overall life of the blog. Most of my visitors are younger. The top group is the 25-34 year old range with the second group being 18-24 and third being the 35-44 year old range. So my readership group is mostly Millennials and that would fit in line with today’s veteran age group. It also makes sense that this group would find their way to this blog because for research on job stuff, this site would come up and the younger crew seems to be more apt to check out blogs for information.

Now here is a shocker. The break down in gender is 45.85 % of my readers are women and 54.15% are men. I had no idea that so many women were interested in this niche. Especially since there are so few women in this industry working as armed security contractors overseas. In other fields you see women contractors, but even there it is few and far between. My thoughts on this statistic is that contractors have wives and girlfriends who are hungry for knowledge about what their loved ones do for a living. Or if someone dies and I post it, you will have that interest as well. Then of course there are the female analysts, reporters, academics and gamers that visit the site for research purposes.

The top ten countries that have visited the site, and in order are the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, South Africa, India, Italy, and the Netherlands. And really, those nationalities are the ones I have the most interaction with on Facebook. No surprises there.

As for technology, this is interesting as well. Most visitors came to my site via desktop (1,350,816). But the amount of folks coming here via smart phone (148,722) or tablet (46,746) has dramatically increased. It was a good move to focus on making the site mobile and tablet friendly. Although I still need to improve in that area.

The top mobile devices are the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad. The Samsung Galaxy products get a mention, but don’t even come close to the Apple products. On a side note, most of my work on the blog was done using a Mac. I have been very pleased with their performance.

Now for content. My all time best post for the life of the blog has been the classic ‘how to get into security contracting without a police or military background’. 41,259 people have checked that one out and that says a lot about the focus of my readership. They are young and looking for employment in a unique job field. The second best post of all time is my entry about Ross Perot’s rescue of EDS employees.

The all time best post for the most amount of page views in one day happened in 2014 on February 16 (5,547 page views!). It was my post on Contractor Weapons and it blew up the internet. lol I think what happened there is that Facebook has been a great tool for sharing information and unique things, and when I shared that post, a lot of my readership on FB really liked it and passed it around. Weapons are always popular, and contractor weapons are a unique area that hasn’t been covered much.

The second best post for one day was my General Balck On Eating With Your Troops entry last year in January 2 (4,240 page views). Balck was a favorite of Col. John Boyd and it is fun to dig into the things Balck did that made him successful. The strategists/theorists out there love digging into these types of deals, and especially if it is somewhat related to Boyd.

The post highlights of 2014 are interesting. ISIS made a big splash this year and Ebola was a big scare. We saw more consolidation in the industry with mergers and acquisitions.

The Slavonic Corps was an interesting post about a bungled Russian PMSC contract in Syria. It was a poorly planned and executed contract, and it is surprising to me that more of those guys did not get killed as they tried to escape their battlefield.

The APPF was disbanded last year…..finally. What a joke. On the up side, I posted about guard contracts popping over there. They are low paying, but it is work for those that want it.

I talked about an interesting deal with the Flying Tigers memorial in China. I believe it would be the largest memorial to a PMSC in the history of contracting. I imagine we will see some former members of the company at the ceremony when they open it up.

The biggest company news last year was Academi (formerly Blackwater, Xe) and Triple Canopy merging under Constellis Holdings. There are other companies in this family, and the total size of this group of companies is 6,000 plus folks! This merger is interesting because TC took over Blackwater’s WPS stuff when they left Iraq back in the day. Now Academi has a connection in Iraq again.

Finally, the other news last year that grabbed my attention was the A 10 versus the F 35 debate. That the Air Force wants to get rid of the A 10 and use the F 35 as a replacement. The problem there is that the F 35 doesn’t even compare to the capabilities of the A 10 for Close Air Support. Plus the F 35 is way too expensive.

This last year I was very busy with my personal contracts, and so my post count was pretty low. I am also spending more time on Facebook because it is faster and easier to share stories/ideas and interact with my readership. The blog has become more of a tool of sharing unique items when time permits.

Probably the most important stuff that I have shared on Facebook was EBFAS. Chet Richards is the one that turned me on to this acronym (which stands for Einheit, Behendigkeit, Fingerspitzengefuhl, Auftragstaktik, Schwerpunkt) and these are crucial elements Boyd and company identified for the ultimate company or military culture. My studies on Mission Command have all pointed in the direction of what EBFAS stands for, and on Facebook I created an album that covers it. I highly suggest checking it out and I am constantly hash-tagging it in other posts.

Leadership is still a big focus of the blog and I am constantly looking for what works and doesn’t work for PMSC organization and command. What is required is a hybrid of military and private company lessons, and I am using it all to ‘build a snowmobile’. Undoubtedly though, there are some basic concepts of leadership that are tried and true, and I try to get those up on the Jundism page when I stumble on these truths.

My thoughts on the industry is that we are definitely heading in the right direction. Maritime Security has been hugely successful in combating piracy.  There is some consolidation going on in the industry with the draw down of the wars, but today’s threats are still there and growing. I predict contractors will still be in demand in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with Daesh/ISIS, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda growing and looking more like armies as opposed to terrorists, I believe contractors will continue to be busy.

For training and weapons, I suggest companies focus on leadership for their contracts and add new training based on current threats. Daesh, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda are all gaining combat experience and tactical know-how in places like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Nigeria. As security contractors, it is absolutely vital to the success of the contract and safety of your client that we stay one step ahead of these enemies. We need to be focused on the defense, both for static security and mobile operations. Countering complex assaults and active shooter attacks will be key. Studying TTP’s of the enemy on youtube or through open source stories is key (like armored VBIED’s,  tunnel bombs, or complex assaults). Know your enemy, know yourself as Sun Tzu would say, and be prepared. –Matt

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Year In Review: 2013 Google Analytics Report For Feral Jundi

My overall stats for the blog is 1,399,149 visits with 1,084,375 unique visitors and 2,160,681 page views between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2013. (My first post was on the 22nd of January, 2008)

On August 7, 2013, I had a record post with 2,214 visits! That is a record for the blog and the topic that day was the advent of Assad passing a decree legalizing private security in his country. The reason why is because Syria is involved with an all out civil war and manpower is at a premium, and for both sides of the conflict. Foreign fighters are streaming into that country, and working for both sides as well.

One comment about this year’s stats is that I have not posted as much as I would have liked to. I have been extremely busy with contracts this year and I was only able to blog about half of the year. With that said, for a one man show Feral Jundi did quite nicely this year considering the circumstances.

The hardware used to read this blog is interesting. Smart phones and tablets are making a strong showing, and I noticed this trend big time last year. So this last year I invested in some good mobile platform software. Brave New Code makes a mobile app product called WPTouch Pro, and this year I upgraded to the Pro 3 package. I am happy with the way it looks and happy with the price. It also makes it easy to read this stuff on the tiny screens of smart phones.

Demographics is a new one for these ‘Year in Review’ posts. Below I posted two graphics that showed the age and sex of the readership here. It is surprising to me that I had so many women reading this blog. It is also cool to know that my top age groups are the 25-34 year old range, with the 18-24 year old group being a close second. For those companies reading this, be forewarned–I am reaching an audience that will be your employees/contractors in the future. If I have my way, they will be the most innovative, hard working and kick ass leaders this industry has ever seen. lol

As for advertising and revenue, I am mostly focused on Amazon sales. That is really convenient for me and I can put the ads on mobile. Chitika is not that great and I don’t think I will be using it anymore. I am still doing ads in the Ad Center and the pricing has not changed. Of course the primary reason for these efforts are to cover the cost of the blog and hosting.

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Year In Review: 2012 Google Analytics Report For Feral Jundi

My overall stats for the blog is 1,174,476 visits with 901,456 unique visitors and 1,832,601 page views between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2012. (My first post was on the 22nd of January, 2008)

The statistics for this year alone are 379,064 visits with 642,625 page views. My mobile traffic really jumped up this year to 62,642 visits. (last year was 24,792) The top mobile devices used to peruse this site were Apple products like the iPhone or iPad. For Android based mobile devices, the Motorola based platforms seem to be popular.
I am very pleased with the progress of the blog and the process that I have gone through over the years. This is pure Kaizen and it is fun to see how the site and my writing style has evolved over the years.

Now for some of the highlights of the year. 2012 was a year where the wars began to draw down and contractors/companies have had to adjust. With that said, work has been steady and for the transition in the war zones, contractors have been essential. From training, to maintaining the toys that we have given Iraq and Afghanistan, to protecting folks who still have an interest in those countries–business is steady.

As for solid numbers, the last USCENTCOM AOR Contractor Support report listed 137,407 contractors. In Iraq, there was an increase in contractor use (WPS and support), and in Afghanistan we saw an increase in the use of US security contractors.

The increase in Iraq is due to the fact that there are no more military units to back up DoS and their missions, so contractors and the host nation have to take up the slack–which they are doing.

In Afghanistan, even with this new APPF force, we are seeing an increase in the use of a specific type of contractor–the US security contractor. The reasoning there is probable the whole green on blue or insider attacks deal, and cost. We are seeing companies like Triple Canopy taking on FOB security, using American contractors.

And speaking of the APPF force, I have been commenting on how pathetic that force is, and especially as the money dries up for Karzai and company. Just watch when they start playing around with salaries or taking from the operational accounts of the APPF? They will also be forcing companies to use this government controlled force, and I just do not have much optimism that it will be effective, or for that matter, survive it’s corrupt leaders.

For the maritime security industry, the big news is the glaring success of armed guards on boats. That, and the push towards an ISO standard for maritime security companies. 2013 will be the year where we will see an ISO being applied, and it will be interesting to watch how it impacts the industry.

Africa has been front and center with many in the industry, and especially as the wars wind down. Erik Prince actually started an investment firm to focus on Africa and that continent has been mentioned by many companies as far as future market planning.

The economic woes this last year really pumped up this industry. With less money going towards police because of a lack of revenue, and especially in the US, local companies and persons have increasingly had to turn to private security for protection. This increase in PMSC use was noted in this report that predicted that security services would reach $63.8 Billion in 2016! So security is a good market to be in.

Not only that, but because of some key incidents highlighting the importance of security–like the attack on a consulate in Libya or the Sandy Hook Massacre in Connecticut— we will see an increase in monies going towards ‘real security’ in schools or increases in security at overseas posts.

For my Building Snowmobiles category, probably my favorite post was either the EFP Quadrotor and or the General Hermann Balck post. Balck was significant because he was an inspiration to Boyd.

Another favorite category of mine is History, and many of my posts last year revolved around privateering. I did one post about Homer Lea and another one about the Apaches that were fun and really interesting to do.

On to my Legal News category, probably the most significant was the ongoing battles to get contractors released from prisons around the world, and the battle against the scam artists who give the industry a bad name. That and the ongoing efforts of the US government to create laws that will fix problems associated with contingency contracting.

For my Leadership category, the stuff written about G4S’s Nick Buckles and the Olympics fallout was the best. It is a profound example of what happens to a company when they do not care about good leadership out in the field. I also reviewed the impact of bad bosses and toxic leaders on organizations. There was also mention of those folks who are teaching and promoting good leadership–like Don Vandergriff’s Adaptive Leader or McChrystal’s Crosslead.

Jundism stayed steady this year with no big changes. Although I continue to see the concepts of Jundism work well when applied. You can also see what happens when the are not applied as you read through my posts in the Leadership section.

My favorite book this last year was the Apache Tactics 1830-86 book. One book I wanted to delve into but never did was the one on Homer Lea. I still want to check out One Ball Four Tracer, and that was a book that came out last year that is still on my long list.

Cool Stuff was another fun category. The Bug-A-Salt gun, used for killing flies was awesome. That and women rocked this year. From the Asgarda– the modern day Amazons in the Ukraine, to Lara Logan and her amazing speech on Afghanistan, women were the ‘cool stuff’ this last year. The entry of private industry into space with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket gets a mention as well. Very cool stuff…

Syria is one country that was front and center in the news. Lots of homemade weaponry, as well as captured weaponry are allowing the opposition to take on the government there. The Assad regime continues to hammer back and that whole thing is a mess. If chemical weapons are used, expect things to get from bad to worse there, with possible involvement of the west. Jihadists are also hijacking the war there, and I expect them to do just like they have done in other Arab Spring infected countries.

Mexico continues to be a problem, and this next year we will see if a new President there with a new strategy will have any impact?

Mali is another place of concern, just because the jihadists last year were able to capture the entire northern part of that country. That is a lot of territory, and the west is still trying to figure out what they will do. Some say a Somalia model will be applied to Mali, as far as intervention is concerned. Meanwhile, the jihadists continue to strengthen their defenses and do their damage.

Gear Review is another category that needs mention. My two favorite pieces of kit right now are the Surefire P2x Fury and the Safariland ALS holster.  Although as you can see below, Google Analytics show that my hearing protection posts and Doug’s review of Palladium Boots is tops.

Well, that is about it for 2012. If anyone has any memorable posts from last year that they liked, feel free to post in the comments section.  I might even make some edits to include stuff that I might of forgotten. –Matt

January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 -379,064 visited this site with 642,625 page views.

January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011 -337,320 people visited this site, with 528,224 page views.

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January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008 -21,427 people visited this site, with 37,841 page views.

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Year In Review: 2011 Google Analytics Report For Feral Jundi

Boy, 2011 was quite the year. This was the year that Bin Laden was killed and we pulled all troops out of Iraq. So from a war time perspective, there was a lot of movement.

But from a contractor point of view, we had some very interesting developments. The things that stood out for me this year were the formation of Reflex Responses, the outstanding success and massive surge of maritime security contractors to combat piracy, and of course this whole deal with an entire country (Australia) recruiting and going after US and other veterans.

The other big story for security contractors is Iraq. The mission in Iraq for the State Department is highly dependent now on a large armed security contractor force. This is new ground and certainly historical. For 2012, all eyes will be on this mission and we wish everyone involved with that the very best.

Contractors will also play a big part in securing energy. Libya’s Qaddafi fell to this Arab Spring revolt, and security contractors will be a major part of that effort to help secure their oil. The South Sudan is a new country and they will be requiring all sorts of services to help stand up their military and secure energy. Iraq will also be a focus for energy security, and security companies will play a vital role there in protecting those projects.

For Building Snowmobiles, my favorite was the Offense Industry one. I also did a post on the Cyber Lance, and both of those concepts are areas that I will continue to research and draw upon for future posts. Especially Offense Industry, just because there is no one out there delving into this stuff and it is purely a Feral Jundi concept.

The other thing I wanted to comment on was the lack of embarrassing stuff for the industry this year. We did very good and I think the companies are starting to figure out how to play this game. Either that, or it is pure luck. lol But hey, I like to think that everyone is learning from past mistakes and applying Kaizen to their operations.

Even the government is starting to learn how to do this better. I was very enthused to see them switch things up for this Camp Leatherneck contract, and hopefully Best Value continues to be used in future contracts. God knows we have plenty of reports and data on how to do this stuff right, and after ten years of war. lol

For history, my posts on civilian Scouts and their importance during the Civil War and Indian wars were really fun. Of course I was able to dig up more stuff on privateers and I really like the stuff I found on the Flying Tigers. The Pinkertons made a good showing this year as well.

The blog had some technological stumbles this year. I had a major issue with the original blog theme and had to switch to something new with a better platform. As a result, Feral Jundi got a new theme and guts and I like it a lot. I have also received a ton of emails from folks who like the theme, and thanks to everyone for their help in making a better product.

I also set up advertising this year, and that has been a fun. It gives those businesses out there a chance to get some exposure on a site that is very much read by this industry. I also set up my mobile platform for the blog, and I am very happy with that. Since setting that up, I have had 24,792 visits from mobile devices this year. The top devices used were Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Android was used as well.

As for 2012, it will be steady as she goes. I think things will remain busy for the industry and we will continue to be called upon to secure many important things to the world markets. Especially the energy markets. From guarding oil tankers from pirates, to guarding oil facilities and those personnel involved, energy will be key. Especially as the world continues to get more chaotic due to revolutions and economic woes.

I will really keep an eye on Iraq, as will everyone else. Afghanistan will be more of the same this year, but I also expect to see more use of contractors as that war winds down. Especially for training or taking over basic base security contracts.

Then there are the casualties in this industry. This last year I have been trying to track deaths, injuries, and POW/MIA contractors. I will ask the readership to continue to help me keep this stuff current. I have dedicated pages up top for this stuff, and I will continue to keep that updated as best as I can. They will not be forgotten and my heart goes out to the friends and families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Finally, I wanted to mention the cartels in Mexico as an area that I will look at and follow closely. That war is pretty intense and right on the US border. So it certainly matters to me, and I will keep my eye out for this industry’s further involvement down there. Good luck to everyone out there and thanks for making Feral Jundi what it is today! –Matt


January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011
337,320 people visited this site, with 528,224 page views.

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Year In Review: 2010 Google Analytics Report For Feral Jundi

     “Nation states no longer have a monopoly on military force, intelligence, diplomacy or anything else,” Mr. Clarridge said. “What’s going on in Somalia, where you have skilled contractors training a counter-piracy force, is an example of where the future of the military is going. No government or group of governments can get their act together to do it, but someone has to do it, and they are doing it.”- Duane Clarridge, From The Article “Private Firm Trains Somalis To Scuttle Pirates“, December 28, 2010

     Interesting year and it is nice to see all the little changes have made a huge difference.  Namely using Facebook as a means to promote the blog and using Google Reader for filtering stories. I also really liked using Google Alerts because that was bringing all sorts of good stuff into my inbox.

     I added a Scribd profile to the website and that was a really nice place to put documents in. Expect to see more interesting documents and publications to be converted into this format, and I might even get into writing some papers to put out there via Scribd.

     As you can see with the statistics below there has been a huge increase in visitors and page views this last year.  So I am very happy with this and the trend line for the blog just continues to go up and up.  Thanks to all of you out there for visiting, and I am glad you enjoy the site.

     One statistic I thought was cool was the amount of time folks spent on the blog.  Because there is so much information here a person could easily spend some time just browsing.  From the history stuff, to jobs, to information about taxes–all of it is drawing the reader in and the blog is definitely accomplishing the goal of educating the masses.  The average time on the site per visit, for the year, was about 3 minutes.  That is 3 minutes of time that the reader could have easily spent elsewhere, and usually the averages in the past were about a minute in a half. Content is king.

     The Top Ten Titles give you an excellent idea of what topics were popular for the blog.  Viktor Bout, Haiti and all the jobs for that disaster, Jax Desmond, and all my classic Funny Stuff Posters. ‘Potential’ actually draws in some hate mail from the jihadist dorks from time to time, and that makes me happy. lol

     The country and state visitor locations are no surprise to me. The key word stuff matches up with the popular titles as well.

     I guess what Google Analytics is missing is what my favorite posts or subjects were this year.  I enjoyed reading about the Saracen International stuff and the Insurance backed Private Navy.  Those are two stories I am following and it will be interesting to see how it goes for them.  The private navy story also grabbed my interest due to the potential there of using a Letter of Marque in modern times. Stay tuned there.

     The history posts are always fun for me. When I find some interesting little tidbit that deals with contractors in the past, I love getting that stuff out there. All the Koevoet material was a favorite of mine (non-contractor related). The John Coffee Hays and his Texas Rangers post was fun, as was the Soldier of Fortunes of the Mexican Revolutionary War. The young George Washington and his involvement with mercenaries during the French and Indian wars was cool too.

     Gary Faulkner popped up as the crazy bastard of the year that motivated the hell out of me.  I just pictured this guy going to Pakistan year after year, wandering the wilderness looking for Osama Bin Laden and wanting to kill him. Gary gets an ‘A’ for effort.

     Then there was Simon Mann returning to work for Obiang. This is the leader that originally imprisoned Simon and his gang for a coup attempt.  I am still trying to figure that one out.

     My best Building Snowmobiles posts were the Drone Archer and the Cyber Privateer ones. One post I continue think about from time to time is the Open Source Counter-Terrorism topic, and it is fun to think up new ways of promoting this empowerment concept. Also this was the first year I had a reader who came up with a Building Snowmobiles concept that involved economic/political theory and COIN, that he wanted to share with me. After looking at it I agreed that it was intriguing and put it up. So the innovation process here is influencing the readership out there to produce new ideas. That is awesome.

     The big ticket stories were the State Department’s army of contractors, the massive contracts that companies have received, the contractors thrown in jails around the world (wrongly or not) and the excellent support network on Facebook that helped apply the pressure on governments to do the right thing . Notice how the UAE is one of my top readers this year, and especially after the Moody case? lol

     Of course we cannot forget about Crazy Karzai and his attack on contractors in Afghanistan.  It was such a stupid episode, and really highlighted how much of a corrupt idiot he is. Luckily Karzai and company realized how unrealistic it was to ban all PSCs by December of last year.

     Let’s not forget the heroes and the dead this year.  We read about how Louis Maxwell defended his UN compound, and was later shot by Afghan police because they wanted his gun. Shane Schmidt passed away this year, and this guy defined a key jundism– ‘have the courage to do what is right’.

     Finally, the big story that needs to be mentioned from last year was the Code of Conduct signed by all the companies. I have noticed less negative attention on all the work done by contractors and companies this last year. That could be a sign that there are more pressing issues, like the economy or whatever. Or maybe we are starting to get squared away, and the governments using us are getting squared away?  Maybe.

     We will always be scrutinized out there by the media and others, and that comes with the territory. But honestly, I have seen an overall increase in the use of security contractors world wide, and I have seen an increase in the willingness to use security contractors for all types of jobs. It is a dangerous and complex world out there, and this industry will continue to be called upon to do what is required. –Matt

January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010

307,256 people visited this site, with 436,213 page views.


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129,409 people visited this site, with 187,698 page views.


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5. Mexico: Exclusive-Los Zetas Responds To Jax Desmond, And Puts A Hit Out On Company

6. Jobs: Personal Security Detail And Medical Personnel, Haiti

7. Weapons: The VSS Vintorez Russian Sniper Rifle

8. Jobs: Static Security And Mobile Security Positions, Haiti

9. Funny Stuff: Strength

10. Gear Review: Electronic Hearing Protection-MSA Versus Peltor


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Year In Review: 2009 Google Analytics Report For Feral Jundi

   A couple of things about this year.  For one, there has been a massive readership increase.  From 15,414 visitors in 2008 to 100,658 visits in 2009 is a big increase, and I am humbled by the positive response of the readership.

   On that note, let’s go over the information for this year, sponsored by Google Analytics. I love this type of stuff, because it lets me know what you folks really want more of.  It also lets me know if the blog sucks or is doing well.  By all accounts, the blog is doing well and the trend lines are all going nicely in a upward direction.

   The top title with the most views is the ‘Potential’ motivational poster.  We love to laugh on FJ, and nothing is funnier than poking fun at islamic extremists.

   Then there is the weapons stuff.  Boy, I get the point and I will be sure to keep up the interesting weapons posts.  The 6.8 SPC versus the 6.5 Grendel post is a carry over from last year, and so is the Russian Sniper Rifle post.  I should also note that the last month here, the Neopup and the Anzio Ironworks rifle was very popular.  What can I say, other than you guys love the weapons stuff.  I do to.

   Now here is the one area that I really dig, and that is jobs.  Afghanistan and any jobs posted for it, was a hot topic.  I have had hundreds of guys and gals asking me about job stuff this year, and everyone continues to think I am a recruiter or someone that works for the company I am posting for.  Let me say this again, just so it is clear.  I will let you know in the post, if I am a recruiter or not.  Other than that, follow the directions of the job post and good luck.  It is cool though, that this site has helped out a ton of folks to get contracts, and I plan to keep doing that in the future.

   The down side with job stuff, is sometimes I post stuff that is no longer flying or worse yet, the company is just fishing for resumes.  For that, I depend upon my readership or the forums to get the real deal on what is going on with this stuff.  But for the most part, I  just want to get the information out there so you folks can react to it.  Timing is everything with this stuff, and it is first come first serve.

    The gear review is always a fun one, and for the record, I do own a pair of MSA Sordins and I am happy.  I will continue to do more reviews in the future.

   Now onto the Al Qaeda torture manual thing.  I post that stuff, not for people to commit torture on others, but for information purposes. That, and to let people know that AQ has done far worse things to people than we could ever imagine.  Gitmo is a holiday resort compared to what Al Qaeda has done in the name of Allah. Enough said there. (by the way, I am Lutheran, if any Jihadists care to know. lol)

   The one thing that does not show up on this list of titles, that I think should get a mention at least, is the coverage on the topic of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, the explorations into more effective forms of warfare on land and sea in this war, and the whole Jax Desmond episode.  The Kabul Fiasco and the Fitzsimmons incident gets a mention as well. There is also the continuing saga of CTU in Iraq and the poor guys not involved with bs at AGNA who had to work in that environment in Kabul.  We have also lost a few contractors in this war, to accidents and combat, and my heart goes out to all the families and friends of the lost.

   The really under reported star of the year though, is the amount of contractors there are in this war, and how important we all are to the war effort. You and I know the real deal, and I only see more work for us all in the future. And the future will be another post.

   As always, thanks to everyone who has contributed and participated on the blog, and because of your input, Feral Jundi is what it is.  The numbers and data below are proof. Here’s to another year!-Matt


January 1, 2009 to December 29, 2009

100,658 people visited this site, with 185,0144 page views. From January 1, 2008 to December 29, 2008 , there were 15,414 visitors.  There were 37,559 page views.


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