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Jobs: Risk Management Consultant, Afghanistan

This is interesting. From the sounds of it, TigerSwan is looking to snag an RMC contract. If you go to the APPF website (yes, that group), it requires companies to have risk management consultants or RMCs to work as liaisons between the company and the APPF.

I am not the recruiter for this job and if you want to apply, please follow the links provided below. By the way, this job will only fly if TigerSwan gets the contract. But it helps to get your resume in now if in fact they do win it. If anyone from TigerSwan would like to comment on this position, please do so in the comments. –Matt


City: Herat
Country: Afghanistan
Date Opened: 07/29/13
Employment Type: Contract
Days Hours:
DAILYRATE RANGE: $338 – $550
Provide individualized and collective consultation to clients regarding:
• Personal Security, Individual Security Measures
• Situational Awareness
• Threat and Risk Mitigation
• Mission Planning
• Mobile Security Management
• Mobile Support Site construction and placement
• Sub Contract Guard Services Management
• In Transit Security – Convoy Planning and Control
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Ability to adhere to the requirements of Afghan Law and Regulation
Ability to receive arming authorization under current Department of Defense and CENTCOM regulations
Ability to adhere to The Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act which makes it a felony for those convicted of crimes of domestic violence to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition.

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Jobs: Aircraft Load Master, OCONUS

I wanted to post this one as a unique job to get into. This is a paracargo job or kicker job and you don’t see too many of these being advertised.

In the smokejumpers I used to partake in these types of operations all the time and they are pretty cool. Flying low and kicking cargo to the guys on the ground, up in some mountain range at some remote fire, is quite the experience.

As to this specific load master job, you would be working with a pretty unique aircraft (DHC 4T Turbo Caribou) and more than likely you would be working in Afghanistan. I did a post awhile back about FlightWorks winning an LCLA contract in Afghanistan and posted a video to go with it if you want to check that out.

My only advice to FlightWorks on this is that there should be some mention of the possibility of crashing or getting shot down, and that Load Masters and crew should be prepared for that possibility. Meaning they should have survival gear and weapons, and some background or training as a back up for that possibility. –Matt


Aircraft Load Master – OCONUS
Job ID: 2013-1076
Posted Date: 3/19/2013
Location: OCONUS
Category: Operations-Operation Management
De Havilland DHC-4 aircraft. Employee will participate as a non-rated crew member on approved missions flown in support of an OCONUS US Government contract.
The Load Master is responsible for accomplishing all required Load Master (non-rated crew member) duties in accordance with FlightWorks policies and procedures to include existing company training programs. The individual will also perform duties in accordance with FAA, ICAO or OEM Regulations and other tasks required to service the aircraft. The employee must be able to read and write English, interpret and apply technical data and instructions in the performance of required duties. Load Master duties are performed under the supervision of the Pilot-Command and include but are not limited to, aircraft configuration changes to support alternate missions, aircraft cargo and personnel loading and unloading operations, passenger safety briefings and other tasks as assigned. In addition to the duties stated above, the load master will also accomplish the following.
Perform non-rated crewmember duties in accordance with aircrew training program requirements.
Plan and perform LCLA airdrop operations.
Plan and perform loading and unloading activities, compute the center-of-gravity position and ensure it is within prescribed limits at all times.

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Jobs: Project Security Team Member, Afghanistan

If you head over to the career page for DynCorp with the link I provided, you will see a bunch of these positions open. What is posted below is all I know about these positions, and if anyone has any inside scoop, please feel free to post below in the comments.

I am not the point of contact for this job, nor am I a recruiter for DynCorp. Follow the links below if you want to apply, and ask the company’s recruiters if you have questions.  Good luck with the job if you apply. –Matt



Project Security Team Member-1206053
Security Clearance: None
Job Summary
The Project Security Team Member provides close, mobile and static security/force protection. Delivers training for expats and cooperating country nationals.  Provides risk consultation, incident management and crisis management.
Principle Accountabilities
• Provides close protection.
• Briefs on mobile security team mission security details.
• Provides static security/ force protection management.
• Provides personal security training for expats.
• Provides professional capacity building and training for Cooperating Country Nationals (CCNs).
• Assesses formal threat, risk and vulnerability.
• Analyses intelligence pertinent to project activities.
• Provides risk consultation, incident management, crisis management.
• Briefs on mobile security team mission security details.
• Develops and refines standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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Industry Talk: London Olympics–Britain Adjusts Security Plans As G4S Fails In Recruitment Effort

This is a really bad deal. lol I mean G4S really screwed up on this one, and this is one of those deals where all other PMSC’s and contractors are watching and wincing. I know I am.

As to why this was such a screwed up deal probably rests upon a poorly written contract, and poorly managed recruitment/vetting effort–because of a poorly written contract. Everything from the appropriate amount of time to do this, to resources, and anything else that could have and should have been included in this contract.  And pay is the one thing that the company should not have played games with.  Check out this quote:

A former police sergeant who signed up to work for G4S at the Olympics has told how he withdrew his application over fears the recruitment process was “totally chaotic” and the firm was simply looking for cheap labour.
Robert Brown, who served for 30 years with Kent police, claimed he knew many other retired officers who had decided against working at the Games for the same reasons.
He said he had been given verbal commitments that staff would be paid £14 an hour, but that the contract he received said he would be entitled to £6.05 an hour for working outside the venues, and £8.50 for working inside the stadium.
“It is actually very sad,” Brown said. “I was looking forward to working at this historic event, but it would have been a waste of my time. The public needs to be aware of this.”

All I have to say is that if you mess with pay and break promises like that, then of course no one is going to sign up.  When the final report comes out as to what exactly happened, I would be curious as to how many experienced security guys said no thanks to this one because of pay?

What is equally sad is that in one breath they attracted former police officers like the one in the quote and yet jerked him around on pay, and in another breath they sent this memo out looking for other police officers to help save the contract. Unreal….

G4S has got a £284m contract to provide 13,700 guards, but only has 4,000 in place. It says a further 9,000 are in the pipeline.
G4S sent an urgent request on Thursday to retired police asking them to help. A memo to the National Association of Retired Police Officers said: “G4S Policing Solutions are currently and urgently recruiting for extra support for the Olympics. These are immediate starts with this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday available. We require ex-police officers ideally with some level of security clearance and with a Security Industry Association [accreditation], however neither is compulsory.”

The other one that came out was the vetting and recruitment of folks with no security background, and how chaotic and dumb that process has been. How embarrassing? I guess the G4S Facebook Page on this deal is littered with complaints from applicants on how terrible and inefficient the process has been.  Like I said, the devil will be in the details of the contract signed and how this was managed, and the report that comes out on this will be very revealing. I understand G4S’s share price has been negatively impacted, and their reputation will take a huge hit because of all of this. How they deal with this crisis and the impact on the company will be interesting to watch.

If anyone from the company, or anyone that has experienced the recruitment process described has any insight as to ‘why’ this might have went so wrong is invited to share their comments below. –Matt

Edit: 07/12/2012– Apparently G4S had some issues with the computer program running the show. Kind of weak if you ask me, and that sounds like management trying to blame technology for their poor leadership and organizational skills. That and they under bid everyone else by %25.  Here is the quote:

* An insider said the root cause of the problem with G4S was its internal computer system which had failed to calculate staff rostering.

* G4S won the security contract with Locog after submitting a tender at least 25 per cent lower than any other, which would have been hugely attractive to a British Olympic movement paranoid about going over budget.


Britain Adjusts Security Plans in Tense Countdown to the Olympics
July 12, 2012
With 14 days to go before the opening of the Olympic Games — and more than 2,500 days since the Games were awarded to London in 2005 — the British government acknowledged on Thursday that it had been forced to deploy an additional brigade of troops to save its security plan from falling apart.
To cries of “shambles” and “international embarrassment” in the House of Commons, the government of Prime Minister David Cameron said it had issued an emergency draft for an additional 3,500 troops, many of them just returned from Afghanistan — on top of 13,500 already committed for the Games — after broken commitments by a private security company. The government will now field a total military force of 17,000, who will outnumber civilian security details at Olympics venues by more than 2 to 1.
The government move came after what some infuriated Olympics officials described as overly hopeful and ultimately misleading exchanges involving organizers, the government and the G4S security company in recent months. This week, G4S officials finally conceded that the company was far behind — by a head count of several thousand — in its contract under the Olympics’ billion-dollar security plan to produce more than 10,000 fully trained, security-cleared guards.

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Jobs: PSD Personnel, Iraq

This just popped up at Close Protection PSD Jobs and I figured I would expand upon it with the ad from Garda World’s website. At CPPJ, they mentioned that Garda was recruiting for PSD jobs in Southern Iraq for the oil and gas industry. No word on what energy company they would be protecting.

The pay on this one sucks though. Although if you contact the recruiter listed at CPPJ, perhaps they have raised that amount to meet the industry standard?  Because running the roads of Iraq for 269 dollars a day is pretty damn low in my opinion. I think most skilled and experienced security contractors would run away from this one. Maybe the company will come up and expand on this if anything has changed?

I am not the POC or recruiter for this job, so please follow the links below or the link I posted for CPPJ up top, and good luck. –Matt



Position / Employment Type: PSD Personnel
Job Type: Sub-contractor
Location: Iraq – various locations
Start Date: (subject to confirmation) 2011 – ongoing
Pay: Operator Rates starting from £172/day ($269)
Rotation: 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off
Likely duration of task: Long-term

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Jobs: Executive Protection Specialist 3, Illinois

This looks like a nice little EP gig for those guys living in the Chicago area. Although definitely read through the requirements below before submitting.

I am not the POC or recruiter for this job, and please follow the links below if you want to apply. Good luck. –Matt



View Job Requisition –  Executive Protection Specialist 3
Requisition Number: 12-1011878
Job Status: Activated
Posting Type: Posted Internally and Externally.
Posting Status: Available
Location: Chicago, IL
Virtual Office/Telecommute: Virtual Work Not Available
Shift: First
Business Unit: Shared Services
Division: Security & Fire Protection
Program: Enterprise – Regional Security
Occupation Title: Sec and Fire Protection Svc
Skills Management Title: Executive Protection Services
Job Classification: LAJWP3
Job Type: Non-Management
Experience Level: Career/Experienced
Exemption Status: Exempt

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