Bravo, and I am pretty impressed with the standards they have put together. It is a start at least and hopefully we will get some feedback, good or bad, from any industry folks from India about this.

   It is also important to point out, that incidents like the Mumbai attacks require competent first responders to stop the attack.  Police cannot be everywhere, nor can the military, but all of the hotels in Mumbai use private security (I assume).  This new focus on standards for guards is a good thing, if they want to increase the chances of stopping future attacks.

     Strangely enough, it almost looks like they are implementing a system that looks a lot like what I have been promoting here on FJ.  Something that resembles the Red Card system with the Federal Fire Services here in the states.  Even the mentor program reminds me of the task book system that I am familiar with. Oh, and they are teaching disaster management? That sounds like Incident Command stuff there. Hmmmm, interesting. –Matt


Becoming a private guard becomes tougher

Anil Kumar M, TNN

2 September 2009

BANGALORE: You’ve probably wondered how some podgy men in uniform ended up as security guards. Simply because it was open house with few standards. But not anymore.

The government has framed fresh guidelines — Karnataka Private Security Rules — and brought all private security agencies in the state under its ambit.

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