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Africa: LAPSSET–A Massive Oil Project That Is Gaining The Attention Of PMSC’s

G4S said it was looking at oil and gas based prospects in countries like Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria and South Sudan, where a huge oil pipeline could be built through Kenya to a port there in order to bypass bitter disputes with neighbouring Sudan.
High potential mining opportunities are also in countries such as Botswana, Ghana, Namibia and Tanzania.
The company expects to move into Ethiopia, Libya, Somaliland and South Sudan in the next year…-Interview

…To reduce its reliance on Khartoum, the South Sudanese government has announced a 2,000 km pipeline, at a cost of $3bn, through Kenya to its port of Lamu. G4S is one of the companies vying to help secure this vital source of South Sudanese revenue… -separate source–see below

I had picked up on this project through some stories I was reading in regards to the future of this industry. That the companies are looking for business in resource rich Africa, and much of that business revolves around energy related projects.

This particular project grabbed my attention, just because of how ambitious it is and how involved the security for it would be.  Because once this is up and running, all aspects of LAPSSET will be a big target for criminals and terrorists. Especially the 2000 km of pipeline they plan on building.

So this should require the services of multiple PMSC’s to help in all aspects of securing this thing. I also imagine that some kind of oil police apparatus will have to be established, which will then require training facilities with instructors. We will see how it goes, and if any readers have any other details about this massive project, feel free to comment below. –Matt



Lamu Port and Lamu-Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor
The Lamu Port and Lamu Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET) aka The Lamu corridor is a transport and infrastructure project in Kenya that when complete will be the country’s second transport corridor. Kenya’s other transport corridor is the Mombasa port and Mombasa – Uganda transport corridor that passes through Nairobi and much of the Northern Rift.
The project will involve the following components:
-A port at Manda Bay
-Standard gauge railway line to Juba (capital of South Sudan)
-Road network
-Oil pipelines (Southern Sudan and Ethiopia)
-Oil refinery at Bargoni
-Three Airports
-Three resort cities (Lamu, Isiolo and Lake Turkana shores)
The project was initially conceived in 1975 but never took off due to various reasons. The project was later revived and included in Kenya’s Vision 2030. LAPSSET cost was estimated to cost $ 16 Billion in 2009. Recent estimates arrived after studies now put the cost of the project at between US $ 22 Billion and US $ 23 Billion.
The timeline of the project is not clear including when it started and when it should be finished. Some projects like the Isiolo-Merille projects began in 2007. At the peak of the project, between 2013 and 2018, it is expected that the Kenyan government will be spending about 6% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product or 16% of its annual budget on the project. The project is in turn expected to contribute an additional 3% increase in Kenya’s GDP by 2020.
Key towns in the project are Lamu & Isiolo in Kenya, Juba in Southern Sudan and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
Wikipedia for LAPSSET here.
Lamu port project launched for South Sudan and Ethiopia

March 02, 2012
There have been protests against the port by some environmentalists and residents of Lamu island
Construction has begun on a $23bn (£14.5bn) port project and oil refinery in south-eastern Kenya’s coastal Lamu region near war-torn Somalia’s border.
An oil pipeline, railway and motorway will also be built linking Lamu to South Sudan and Ethiopia.
Newly independent South Sudan plans to use Lamu as its main oil export outlet.
A BBC reporter says security concerns for the project may explain the presence of Ethiopian and Kenyan troops in Somalia aiming to pacify the region.
‘Biggest African project’
Kenya’s leader Mwai Kibaki launched the project along with his South Sudanese and Ethiopian counterparts, Salva Kiir and Meles Zenawi respectively.
“I have no doubt that this day will go down in history as one of the defining moments – when we made a major stride to connect our people to the many socio-economic opportunities that lie ahead,” AFP news agency quotes Mr Kibaki as saying at the inauguration ceremony.
Known as Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor (Lapsset), it is expected to be completed within four years with initial costs coming from the three governments and plans to attract international investment.
Steven Ikuwa, the administrator in charge of Lapsset, told the BBC the scale of the plans was huge.
“I am proud to say this is one of the biggest projects that we are carrying out in Africa.”
The BBC’s Noel Mwakugu in Lamu says there are worries about the impact of the project on Lamu district, which is one of East Africa’s most beautiful and relatively unspoiled environments along the Indian Ocean and includes a cultural heritage site on Lamu Island.
“Lamu is a living heritage. Already Unesco has declared Lamu a World Heritage Site – as an endangered site,” Mualimu Badi from the Save Lamu group told the BBC.
“If 500,000 people come to work as workers, we stand to lose that status.”
Mr Badi also said local residents fear they would be made homeless by the project as most people in the area are unable to prove their right to live in their homes.
In response to these complaints, Mr Kibaki has announced that residents will be issued with land title deeds and his administration will provide training for 1,000 young people to prepare for future opportunities presented by the port.
Oil export alternatives
Our correspondent says Lamu’s 32-berth port will be five times larger than Kenya’s only other Indian Ocean port, Mombasa – which has been struggling to serve the needs of landlocked countries to the south and west of Kenya.

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Afghanistan: Exxon Mobil Considers Oil/Gas Exploration In Afghanistan

Now this is interesting and a big thanks to Adam for sending me this one. The deal here that perked me up is this move by Exxon might be tied into Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s letter (which I posted below) in regards to Karzai doing deals with China on oil contracts. Rohrabacher’s views on supporting the new ‘Northern Alliance’ as Karzai does deals with the Taliban was noted earlier on the blog, and Karzai definitely does not like this guy. lol

I would be interested in any other theories or speculations as to why Exxon would be willing to risk it in these areas. Is this the ‘Kurdistan’ of Afghanistan once all the western forces move on and the Taliban come back to restart where they left off? –Matt


Exxon considers oil/gas exploration in Afghanistan
Mon, Jul 2 2012
By Anna Driver
Exxon Mobil Corp is contemplating participation in an oil and gas tender of six blocks in northern Afghanistan, a company spokesman said on Monday.
Access to the world’s oil reserves for companies like Exxon has gotten tougher in recent years as governments assert tighter control of their resources. Opportunity exists, however, in countries like Afghanistan or Iraq where foreign oil companies’ budgets and expertise are needed.
“Esso Exploration International Ltd’s expression of interest in the Afghan-Tajik Basin tender is part of our ongoing evaluation of oil and gas resources around the world,” Alan Jeffers, a spokesman for Exxon, said.
Afghanistan is seeking bidders for the exploration, development and production of oil and gas in six blocks in the western portion of the Afghan-Tajik Basin of northern Afghanistan, according to its Web site.
Bids are due in late October and winning bidders will be announced in late 2012, the government said.
Afghanistan signed a deal late last year with China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) for the development of oil blocks in the Amu Darya basin in the north, a project expected to earn billions of dollars over two decades for the war torn state.
That agreement was the first international oil production agreement reached by the Afghan government for several decades.
Shares of Exxon fell 68 cents to $84.88 in midday New York Stock Exchange trading. The energy sector was broadly lower on a $2 per barrel decline in crude oil prices.
Story here.


Rep. Rohrabacher to Investigate Karzai Family-China Corrupt Oil Deal
Washington, Jun 27 – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, has expressed grave concern about the recent deal made by the Karzai family and the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), to develop oil and natural gas in the Amu Darya Basin of Afghanistan. He intends to hold a hearing into how the state-owned Communist Chinese enterprise colluded with the notoriously corrupt administration of President Hamid Karzai to gain a foothold in a strategic part of Afghanistan.

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Jobs: PSD Personnel, Iraq

This just popped up at Close Protection PSD Jobs and I figured I would expand upon it with the ad from Garda World’s website. At CPPJ, they mentioned that Garda was recruiting for PSD jobs in Southern Iraq for the oil and gas industry. No word on what energy company they would be protecting.

The pay on this one sucks though. Although if you contact the recruiter listed at CPPJ, perhaps they have raised that amount to meet the industry standard?  Because running the roads of Iraq for 269 dollars a day is pretty damn low in my opinion. I think most skilled and experienced security contractors would run away from this one. Maybe the company will come up and expand on this if anything has changed?

I am not the POC or recruiter for this job, so please follow the links below or the link I posted for CPPJ up top, and good luck. –Matt



Position / Employment Type: PSD Personnel
Job Type: Sub-contractor
Location: Iraq – various locations
Start Date: (subject to confirmation) 2011 – ongoing
Pay: Operator Rates starting from £172/day ($269)
Rotation: 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off
Likely duration of task: Long-term

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Jobs: PSD Team Leaders, Iraq

I suspect this might have something to do with oil and gas stuff in Iraq. If it is located near Basrah, there are tons of oil facilities there.  Who knows, and perhaps a representative from G4S can come up and add a little more detail for the readership?

Also, it looks like this job ad is structured more towards European contractors. But that should not stop you if you are an American or other looking for work, and I still suggest sending a resume for this job if you are interested. I am not the POC or recruiter for this job, and please follow the link below if you would like to apply.  Good luck. –Matt


Job Reference: G4S/TP/51079/2
Number of Positions: 1
Job Category: Security / Protective Services
Contract Type: Full Time
Salary: $105,000 – $105,000
Location: Basra
G4S Region: UK, Ireland and Africa
G4S Business: G4S – IES
Closing Date: 01/07/2011
Job Introduction:
Here at G4S, it’s hard to comprehend what a massive scale we work on. We’re the world’s leading name in security solutions in the private sector – and the work we do helps to ensure the safety and welfare of millions of people in more than 110 countries worldwide.
At G4S Risk Management, we provide risk mitigation, secure support and integrated solutions for a range of clients operating in complex or sensitive environments, including both Iraq and Afghanistan. Our core business is devising and implementing effective solutions to our clients’ complex security issues, enabling them to work more securely and confidently, even in the most hazardous situations.

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Job Tips: Edinburgh International To Start A Recruiting Drive For Oil And Gas Security Jobs In Southern Iraq

Well, here you go guys and gals, and you heard it first on Feral Jundi.  The good folks at Edinburgh International contacted me recently to say that they are currently recruiting for some oil and gas security work in southern Iraq and they wanted to get the word out via FJ.  So the job tip here is that in order to be considered for this work, you need to sign up at their recruitment portal and get on their database. They will not accept resumes by email anymore, and you must be in their database to be considered. Please read the information carefully below as to what they want done. (hint, hint)

Good luck and I am not the POC or recruiter for this. Might I add that oil and gas security work will be very important and long term in Iraq, as the energy industry continues to grow there. –Matt

Edinburgh International only employs experienced and well trained consultants.
Pay, insurance, life support and terms of service all lead industry standards, and signify the calibre of individual employed by Edinburgh International.
In order to apply for a position within Edinburgh International (EI) we need to capture some information about you, your experience and qualifications. We will use this information to conduct candidate searches for ALL of our vacancies.  The more detailed the information you provide us, the greater the chance that we will be able to match you to a role.
Partial or incomplete submissions will automatically fail most EI job searches because we cannot find specific attributes unless you have added them. We cannot and do not search through every CV to find the information requested.
Please take care to fill in your details in all of the following seven sections:
•    My Details
•    Overseas Deployments
•    Qualifications
•    Languages
•    Licenses & Badges
•    Former Branches
•    Nationality
Applicants must be fluent in English. Only applications in this format will be accepted, applications sent via email will not be reviewed.
Your application will be entered into our database and you will ONLY be contacted in the event that you are matched with an opportunity. Calling EI offices directly WILL NOT help your application, please do not do so.
To enter your details onto the database for the first time, please go here. To update your details at any time, please click on Log in.
By submitting details to Edinburgh International , candidates agree to being vetted and having background checks carried out.
Edinburgh International is an equal opportunity employer. Its Equal Opportunities Policy can be found here.

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