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Mali: As France Goes To War Against The Islamists, What Will Be The PMSC Contribution?

I see three areas of focus coming out of this new conflict, that PMSC’s will be crucial for. The first is security services for private interest throughout the Sahel. In the articles below, I have listed all the actions of companies in Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, and Mali, and it is one of reaction to the events in Mali. The Islamists are targeting western interest as a way of hitting back at France and the west, and the hostage crisis in Algeria is a prime example.

The services I see as crucial would be an increase in PSD services, kidnap and ransom services, static security reviews and manpower increases at facilities, and evacuation services.

The second area of focus for PMSC’s would be logistics, and especially as the conflict drags on and the ECOWAS force comes into play. Whatever force they come up with, it is being drawn from the poorest nations in the area, and this army will have nothing in the way of equipment or support. So I could see the typical players for logistics stepping up for this conflict. The AMISOM mission is a good example of what I am talking about and I believe the main players there are Dyncorp, PAE, and Bancroft Global Development.

Perhaps because this is France’s deal, there might be more emphasis on using French PMSC’s? On the other hand, if the US is footing the bill for training up this ECOWAS force, then it will be their choice for who will support the mission. There will be plenty to choose from and we will see how this pans out?

The final area of focus will be training. I really think the model here will be something like what is going on with AMISOM for Somalia. The forces of ECOWAS will have very little to no experience fighting in deserts or fighting an insurgency. You need a robust training program that will meet then needs of such a mission. Not only that, but you must also account for the education levels of those forces being sent in the first place. So training will be vital to the success of France and the west in Mali, and this will be a long term effort much like how AMISOM has turned out.

I could even see some contracts coming up that are focused on training the new government of Mali. Training, mentoring, and support for both the government and the military, will all be possible contracts in the future for companies.

Overall though, I don’t give Mali much hope unless it figures out it leadership and government. Hopefully the new government will come together and stay focused, but these things tend to be really messy if we look at past experiences. Yet again, I point to Somalia as the model of how messy this could be. Mali must have a leader or leaders that the people (and soldiers) can support and even fight for. The west can expend millions of dollars on training this military to expel the jihadists from the north, but Mali must have a solid government or ‘foundation’ to build from in order to keep the jihadists and military in check, now and well into the future. –Matt


Edit: 01/20/2013- I wanted to add two more articles that detailed the efforts of energy firms throughout the region. Either companies are boosting security, or they are evacuating folks just to be safe.
The Energy Giants at Most Risk in Northern Africa

Foreign Firms in Algeria Boost Security

Security experts said Algerian authorities may now need to rethink the way security is handled, allowing more foreign involvement in the process.In other high-risk resource-rich countries, such as Iraq, foreign companies commonly employ private Western security companies that are staffed by armed expatriates. Algeria, in contrast, keeps the majority of armed security personnel local, said one security consultant.Typically in Algeria, an oil company hires a foreign contractor to advise on security or to head a team, but the majority of the personnel carrying arms are limited to Algerians, the person said. Some of that security is provided by companies set up by retired Algerian generals, the person said.The system could result in lower-quality security, he said. “Even before the French were in Mali, Algeria hasn’t been the safest place to operate in for a long time,” the security consultant said.

Algeria crisis triggers Libya, Egypt oil security review
Jan 18 2013
* Libya says boost oilfield protection in south
* Italy’s ENI biggest operator across the border
* Some firms in Egypt say reviewing security
* Staff evacuation, tighter security to raise costs,
By Marie-Louise Gumuchian and Ron Bousso
Libya rushed to beef up security at its oil fields and energy firms were considering similar measures in Egypt as Islamist militants threatened to attack new installations in north Africa.
More than 20 foreigners were still being held hostage or missing inside Algeria’s In Amenas gas plant on Friday after Algerian forces stormed the desert complex near the Libyan border to free hundreds of captives taken by Islamist militants.
Hundreds of workers were evacuated from a number of Algerian production sites on the border with Libya to safer places in the country’s centre and industry experts said that could ultimately lead to lower oil and gas production from the OPEC member state.

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Jobs: PSD Personnel, Iraq

This just popped up at Close Protection PSD Jobs and I figured I would expand upon it with the ad from Garda World’s website. At CPPJ, they mentioned that Garda was recruiting for PSD jobs in Southern Iraq for the oil and gas industry. No word on what energy company they would be protecting.

The pay on this one sucks though. Although if you contact the recruiter listed at CPPJ, perhaps they have raised that amount to meet the industry standard?  Because running the roads of Iraq for 269 dollars a day is pretty damn low in my opinion. I think most skilled and experienced security contractors would run away from this one. Maybe the company will come up and expand on this if anything has changed?

I am not the POC or recruiter for this job, so please follow the links below or the link I posted for CPPJ up top, and good luck. –Matt



Position / Employment Type: PSD Personnel
Job Type: Sub-contractor
Location: Iraq – various locations
Start Date: (subject to confirmation) 2011 – ongoing
Pay: Operator Rates starting from £172/day ($269)
Rotation: 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off
Likely duration of task: Long-term

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Jobs: PSD Team Leaders, Iraq

I suspect this might have something to do with oil and gas stuff in Iraq. If it is located near Basrah, there are tons of oil facilities there.  Who knows, and perhaps a representative from G4S can come up and add a little more detail for the readership?

Also, it looks like this job ad is structured more towards European contractors. But that should not stop you if you are an American or other looking for work, and I still suggest sending a resume for this job if you are interested. I am not the POC or recruiter for this job, and please follow the link below if you would like to apply.  Good luck. –Matt


Job Reference: G4S/TP/51079/2
Number of Positions: 1
Job Category: Security / Protective Services
Contract Type: Full Time
Salary: $105,000 – $105,000
Location: Basra
G4S Region: UK, Ireland and Africa
G4S Business: G4S – IES
Closing Date: 01/07/2011
Job Introduction:
Here at G4S, it’s hard to comprehend what a massive scale we work on. We’re the world’s leading name in security solutions in the private sector – and the work we do helps to ensure the safety and welfare of millions of people in more than 110 countries worldwide.
At G4S Risk Management, we provide risk mitigation, secure support and integrated solutions for a range of clients operating in complex or sensitive environments, including both Iraq and Afghanistan. Our core business is devising and implementing effective solutions to our clients’ complex security issues, enabling them to work more securely and confidently, even in the most hazardous situations.

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Job Tips: Close Protection PSD Jobs Widget

     This is a treat. I stumbled upon this blog recently and it is filled with tons of jobs that the author has found over the last year or so.  It is a basic blog format and it has RSS and a Feedburner subscription. So you have those two options for getting the latest scoop on jobs.

     Also, as a service to the readership here, I have made a widget out of this blog and you can find it with the other widgets below and to the right. This will be an excellent addition to FJ and be sure to check in on it from time to time.

    The other thing I wanted to mention is that authors of sites like this put in a lot of effort to collect this information and post it for all to read. Be sure to reward them by either thanking them in the comments section, forwarding their blog link to friends or on Facebook, or by clicking on their Adsense ads. All of these are an excellent way to show your appreciation, and especially if you got one of those nice paying jobs they posted. –Matt

Close Protection PSD Jobs blog here.


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Jobs: PSD Personnel, Iraq

     This job is for British and Commonwealth passport holders only. The job also requires that you have an SIA license. On the down side, the salary is pretty damned low if you ask me.  Especially since Iraq is still an active war zone.

     My other thought on this is that I think this is for an oil related contract, but I am just guessing. The oil companies are all using British companies in Iraq, and they have that market wrapped up pretty good.

     I am not the POC or recruiter for this, and please follow the link below if you would like to apply. Good luck. –Matt


GardaWorld Job Specification

Position: PSD Personnel

Job Type: Sub-contractor

Location: Iraq – various locations

Start Date: (subject to confirmation)Now 2010 – ongoing

Pay: Operator Rates starting from £172/day ($270 a day)

Rotation: 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off

Likely duration of task: Long-term

Travel/Flight Pay Details: Standard provision


Accommodation & food included, plus insurance & provision of flights from (nearest UK airport of departure) into theatre. For those contractors with an airport Hub outside the UK , the contractor will be required to pay difference in flight costs, compared to costs of flights from LHR.

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Jobs: P.S.D. Team Leader And Security Guard Force Site Manager, Iraq

     More opportunities for qualified guys in Iraq.  For these jobs, you will need to sign up on TSI’s Talent Network.  They did provide a contact email for a recruiter below.  Also read the instructions below about what they are looking for (no former Xe guys).

     I am not the POC or recruiter for this and please follow the links below if you would like to apply.  Good luck. –Matt



PSD Team Leader

Position Type:  Full-time Employee

Location:  Iraq

Pay Range:  Approximately $139,937

Summary:  TigerSwan’s PSD Team Leaders are responsible for mission planning and operational oversight during PSD operations throughout Iraq.


· Must be a US citizen

· Must possess DoD Secret clearance

· 3-5 yrs experience in the security arena

· Must have military or security experience in Iraq

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