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Bounties: US Offers Millions In Bounties For Top Al Shabaab Leaders

This is good news, because it puts some attention on Al Shabaab leaders. And you never know, Somali’s might jump all over these bounties and start providing tons of tips about the whereabouts of these guys. Which is great. Although I still think we should be opening up the field when it comes to bounties and in lawless countries like Somalia, bounty hunters or companies should be allowed to do their thing.

If they are willing to take a risk operating there, then they should have every right to qualify for and receive a bounty for capturing these guys. Or at least finding them and turning over that information in return for a bounty. In other words, fire up an offense industry to get these guys.

And along those lines, these pirate groups we are currently going after on the high seas, might just look at these bounties as another way to make a buck. So will we pay pirates, if they submit a tip that leads to the capture of one of these guys? lol If so, that would be pretty funny. –Matt

Rewards for Justice website here.


US offers millions in bounty for top Somali militants
07 June 2012
The United States is offering rewards of up to US$7 million for information leading to the location of seven key leaders of Somalia’s al Shabaab, seeking for the first time to target top echelons of the al Qaeda-linked militant group.
U.S. officials said the rewards, to be announced on the State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” website today, opened a new front in the battle against al Shabaab and signaled Washington’s determination to press the fight against terrorism across Africa.
“This is the first time we’ve had key leaders of al Shabaab as part of the Rewards for Justice program,” said Robert Hartung, an assistant director at the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which administers the program.
“Every time we add someone to the Rewards for Justice site, that is a signal that the U.S. government is sending that it takes the fight against terrorism very seriously,” Hartung said.

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Bounties: US Offers $10 Million Bounty For 2008 Mumbai Terrorist– Haviz Mohammad Saeed

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters Tuesday the bounty on Saeed is about “justice being done” and that there should be no impunity for those who kill Americans overseas. She emphasized that the reward was not just for information leading to Saeed’s arrest, but also for information leading to his conviction.

Man, let’s get this guy. This is also a great way to snub Pakistan (again, because they deserve it for hiding Bin Laden all of these years and supporting the Taliban) and show some support for India (who does deserve our support and would tick off Pakistan), by helping to nab this guy.  He has been pretty open in Pakistan and so he shouldn’t be hard to find.

What is key with this bounty though, is that the US wants information that will lead to his location and arrest/conviction. So you might be able to locate him, but in order to get the full amount, I think we want a little bit more. I would say information leading to arrest and conviction would be far more valuable in this deal and would probably give that tipster the full amount.

But of course this whole bounty program is a contradiction in terms. By all intents and purposes, this is a bounty.  According to the Rewards for Justice FAQ, bounty hunting is not prohibited with this deal though. So could a company find the guy and get all of the juice on him, and then find some random person to be the ‘lone individual’ to report the whole thing?  I don’t get that.

By offering a reward, aren’t you encouraging bounty hunters?

We strongly discourage bounty hunters and other non-government individuals from pursuing the capture of terrorists; instead, RFJ provides rewards for information that will enable appropriate government authorities to locate and apprehend such individuals.

To me, the DoS should be up front and purposeful about promoting bounty hunting. It is a form of offense industry that if properly constructed, will definitely produce results. At this time, their Rewards For Justice program is terribly inefficient and poorly set up.

They should be reaching out to all and any parties/groups/individuals/companies, and providing a set of rules and licenses in order for them to do what they need to do to find these folks. Issue a Letter of Marque and Reprisal–with an emphasis on ‘reprisal’ and tell these folks to get bonded, and then let them hunt. Matter of fact, let hundreds of groups go hunting, all being innovative and motivated, and turn ol’ Haviz Mohammad Saeed and others like him into a prize. But that would first require the DoS and governments to stop demonizing bounty hunters and utility….. –Matt


Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, the leader of a banned Islamic group Jamaat-ud-Dawa is seen during an anti-Indian rally to show solidarity with Indian Kashmiris, in Lahore, Pakistan, February 5, 2010.


Wanted : Information leading to the arrest and conviction of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed –Up to $10 Million
Place of Birth : Sargodha, Punjab Province, Pakistan
Date of Birth : 06/05/1950
Sex : Male
Hair : Red
Eyes : Brown
Nationality : Pakistani
Citizenship : Pakistan
Hafiz Mohammad Saeed is a former professor of Arabic and Engineering, as well as the founding member of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, a radical Deobandi Islamist organization dedicated to installing Islamist rule over parts of India and Pakistan, and its military branch, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba. Saeed is suspected of masterminding numerous terrorist attacks, including the 2008 Mumbai attacks, which resulted in the deaths of 166 people, including six American citizens.
The Republic of India has issued an Interpol Red Corner Notice against Saeed for his role in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Additionally, the United States Department of the Treasury has designated Saeed as a Specially Designated National under Executive Order 13224.
Lashkar-e-Tayyiba was designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization in December 2001. In April 2008, the United States designated Jamaat-ud-Dawa as a Foreign Terrorist Organization; similarly, the United Nations declared Jamaat-ud-Dawa a terrorist organization in December 2008.
Link to Rewards for Justice bounty here.
US Offers $10 Million Bounty for 2008 Mumbai Terror Suspect
April 03, 2012
The United States is offering a bounty of up to $10 million for the Pakistani man accused of masterminding the deadly 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai.?The State Department’s “Rewards for Justice” website on late Monday announced the reward for information leading to Hafiz Mohammad Saeed’s capture and conviction. The reward is the second highest bounty offered by the U.S.

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Bounties: US Offers $10 Million Reward For Al Qaeda In Iraq Leader–Abu Du’a

Good deal. In Iraq, these rewards for justice bounties sometimes pay off. Both Uday and Qusay were located because of a tipster seeking the $30 million dollar bounty. We will see and hopefully someone turns him in. Maybe even a contractor? lol –Matt


U.S. offers $10-million reward for Al Qaeda in Iraq leader
October 7, 2011
As the U.S. military heads for the exits in Iraq, the State Department is providing a sobering reminder of the dangers still there.
It has offered a $10-million reward for information that helps authorities capture or kill Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali Badri, also known as Abu Dua, the leader of the group Al Qaeda in Iraq.
If the bounty is any measure, finding Abu Dua is now a top priority. Only the chief of the global Al Qaeda organization, Ayman Zawahiri, merits a larger reward: $25 million. That’s also what the State Department offered for Osama bin Laden, who was killed in Pakistan in May.
The department long has offered $10 million for Mullah Omar, the Taliban commander who sheltered Bin Laden in Afghanistan before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The U.S. also has posted a $5-million bounty for Sirajuddin Haqqani, a leader of a network of Pakistan-based militants that U.S. officials say has attacked American forces in Afghanistan.
Three days after Navy SEALs killed Bin Laden, Abu Dua claimed responsibility for an attack in Hillah, Iraq, that killed 24 police officers and wounded 72 others. His group also claimed responsibility for 23 attacks south of Baghdad in March and April, the State Department said.

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Bounties: To Find Guys Like Siraj Haqqani, And Earn Millions Of Dollars In Bounties, Just Follow Crazy Karzai!

     Crazy Karzai really is crazy. He could of turned in that bastard Haqqani and made a cool $5 million! That’s hero stuff there, and yet he let ol’ red beard go… tisk.. tisk.

     I say that any of you aspiring bounty hunters in Afghanistan want to get lucky, just follow the Karzai crew. Hell, they might even meet with Bin Laden!  Because I guarantee he will be meeting with more booger eaters in the future, and that could be some serious money for you.

     And if you don’t feel like taking credit or snagging this bounty, just give me the tip anonymously and I will report the information to the Rewards For Justice program myself. Missed opportunities….. lol –Matt


Sirajuddun Haqqani

Wanted : Sirajuddun Haqqani Up to $5 Million Reward

Date of Birth : Circa 1973

Weight : 150

Height : 5’ 7”

Hair : Black

Complexion : Light, with wrinkles

Sex : Male

Nationality : Afghan Pashtun

Status : Fugitive

Aliases : Siraj Haqqani, Khalifa

Sirajuddin Haqqani, a senior leader of the Haqqani terrorist network founded by his father Jalaladin Haqqani, maintains close ties to al-Qa’ida. During an interview with an American news organization, Haqqani admitted planning the January 14, 2008 attack against the Serena Hotel in Kabul that killed six people, including American citizen Thor David Hesla.

Haqqani also admitted to having planned the April 2008 assassination attempt on Afghan President Hamid Karzai. He has coordinated and participated in cross-border attacks against U.S. and Coalition forces in Afghanistan. He is believed to be located in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

Link to Rewards For Justice here.


The Long War Journal: Afghan president meets with Siraj Haqqani: Report

Written by Thomas Joscelyn & Bill Roggio

June 27, 2010

Reports from Afghanistan indicate that the president of Afghanistan, the head of Pakistan’s military intelligence service, and Pakistan’s army chief all met recently with the al Qaeda-linked leader of the Haqqani Network, one of the most dangerous terror groups operating in the country.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai; General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Pakistan’ top military leader; and Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the chief of Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Services Intelligence directorate, are reported to have met with Sirajuddin Haqqani earlier this week to negotiate an end to the insurgency, according to Al Jazeera. The location of the purported meeting was not disclosed.

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Bounties: $100,000 Reward For Eduardo Ravelo–Leader Of the Barrio Azteca Gang

   Let’s get this clown.  Eduardo supposedly had some plastic surgery done, and is doing a pretty good job of eluding capture.  But like the article below says, if you put a high enough price out on his head, someone will turn him in. If he had a hand in the deaths of Americans, then I would like to see that reward jump up to at least a million, if not more. Either a competitor, or some family member or former friend would jump all over that reward.

   This is also the captain of Barrio Azteca, and his capture could help put together the pieces as to who is training these folks.  Eduardo’s hit squads are very good at what they are doing, and they are very organized. Ed has also established networks that will provide warning and protection, much like most criminal enterprises.

   The quicker he can be captured, the better, and I do hope we get him.  Good luck out there, and happy hunting to all that are involved with tracking him down. –Matt


This is pre-plastic surgery, so who knows what he looks like now. 


Leader of Violent Barrio Azteca Gang   10/20/09

Eduardo Ravelo—leader of a violent street and prison gang operating out of Juarez, Mexico—is the second of three new additions to our Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. We are offering up to $100,000 for information leading directly to his arrest.

Ravelo heads the Barrio Azteca gang in Juarez, and is charged with a variety of crimes, including racketeering, money laundering, and possession with intent to distribute heroin and cocaine. Although he has not been charged with murder, Ravelo and his gang members are allegedly hitmen for a Mexican drug cartel and are responsible for multiple homicides.

“From everything our intelligence sources tell us,” said Special Agent Samantha Mikeska, who has been working cases related to the gang since 2003, “Ravelo is a ruthless killer who has absolutely no respect for human life.”

In Juarez, there is a war going on between rival drug cartels, said Mikeska, who works in our El Paso office, and Barrio Azteca is affiliated with one of them—the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes drug trafficking organization. The city, located on the other side of the border from El Paso, Texas, has had about 2,000 murders so far this year.

Barrio Azteca has approximately 600 active members who engage in murder, assault, extortion, human and drug trafficking, and other crimes. Many of the members are in U.S. and Mexican prisons and benefit from the gang’s illicit profits by having funds placed in their prison commissary accounts, Mikeska said. “They are well organized,” she added, “and they are dangerous.”

Ravelo, also known as “Tablas,” is believed to be in his mid-40s. He is 5-feet-9-inches tall and weighs between 150 and 180 pounds. He has a scar on his face and tattoos on his chest, abdomen, and back, although authorities believe he may have had plastic surgery and even altered his fingerprints. Ravelo is considered armed and extremely dangerous.We need your help. If you have any information concerning Ravelo, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate or submit a tip electronically.

“If he gets picked up,” Mikeska said, “it will put a big dent in the gang’s operation.” The bottom line, she added: “Ravelo needs to be brought to justice.“

Link to Press Release here.


The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Eduardo Ravelo.

Link to reward here.


He’s called the face of Ciudad Juarez terror

Authorities say Eduardo Ravelo has helped turn the border city into Mexico’s homicide capital. Now investigators think he played a role in the U.S. Consulate slayings.

By Richard A. Serrano

April 5, 2010

Reporting from El Paso

Authorities think he had his fingertips altered to disguise his prints and plastic surgery to mask his face. Except for his dark eyes, federal officials doubt he looks anything like his 12-year-old FBI most wanted photo — round face, trim mustache and a scar along his cheek. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bounties: $5,000,000 For Wanted War Criminal Felicien Kabuga, Reported To Be In Kenya

   Man, will someone grab this guy?  There are still a whole slew of these war criminals still floating around from the Rwandan genocide days, and they all have bounties too.  Hopefully any of my African readers will jump on this, and I will be crossing my fingers for you. This would also be a good one for the Bounty Hunter Mobile App. if it existed. Good luck and happy hunting guys and gals.  –Matt


Alleged Rwandan genocide financier still in Kenya: US

February 09, 2010

ARUSHA — The alleged financier of the Rwandan genocide, Felicien Kabuga, is still in Kenya, notwithstanding government declarations to the contrary, US diplomat Stephen Rapp said Tuesday on a visit to Arusha.

“I’m going to Nairobi tomorrow to talk to the Kenyan authorities about the arrest of Kabuga, who is still in Kenya,” Rapp, US extraordinary ambassador on war crimes, told AFP during a visit to the Tanzanian city of Arusha.

“We have intelligence indicating Kabuga is in Kenya,” said Rapp, who made the same claim late last year.

Rapp on Tuesday discussed the same issue with officials of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), which is based in Arusha, including tribunal president Dennis Byron and prosecutor Hassan Bubacar Jallow.

Kabuga is the most wanted of 11 genocide suspects sought by the ICTR and still on the run. The United States has placed a five-million-dollar bounty on his head.

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