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Cool Stuff: Memorial Motorcycle Run In Honor Of Security Contractor Jonathon Coté

What an awesome legacy and memorial for Jonathon. This is the fourth year that they have done this memorial ride and hopefully this will continue for a long, long time. They also have a website in dedication to Jonathon where folks can go to read about what happened to him and his team and even donate to a fund for future scholarships. If you live in New York or nearby, this would be a cool one to check out if you are a rider. –Matt



Motorcyclists hit the road in memory of local man
Jonathon Coté was kidnapped, killed in Iraq
By Kathleen Ronayne
August 13, 2012
More than 300 motorcycle riders turned out Sunday afternoon for the fourth annual Memorial Motorcycle Run in honor of Jonathon Coté, who was kidnapped and killed in Iraq while working as a private security contractor.
In the on-and-off rain, the group rode from Williamsville North High School, from which Coté graduated, to Lewiston. The motorcycle ride represents Coté’s fun and active personality, his family said.
“[Jonathon] saw the motorcycle as a way for freedom,” said his father, Francis Coté.
Proceeds from Sunday’s ride will go to a scholarship for a local high school student and to Western New York Heroes.
For family and friends, it didn’t matter how soaked their clothes were when they completed the ride. Instead, they focused on remembering Coté and celebrating his life.
Coté served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Army, and later went back to Iraq as a security contractor. In 2006, he and four others were kidnapped, and their bodies were found a year and a half later.

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Industry Talk: Security Contractor Tom Boyle Killed In Afghanistan

Rest in peace to the fallen and my thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family. It sounds like Tom Boyle definitely did his time as a soldier, policeman, and security contractor.

No word on what company he worked for, but I would guess it would be one of the ones involved with police training or advising in Kandahar, Afghanistan. –Matt



Barrington Hills man killed in Afghanistan
By Eric Peterson
A Barrington Hills veteran of both the Chicago Police Department and Vietnam War is being remembered for his lifelong courage and heroism after being killed Tuesday in a firefight in Afghanistan.
Tom Boyle, 62, had left the comforts of a Barrington Hills retirement far behind to serve as a contracted law enforcement professional in Afghanistan, where he was providing security and training Afghanis to do the same.
He previously had served in the same capacity during two tours each in Kosovo and Iraq, Boyle’s friend and former employer Steve Kirby said.
Kirby attributed Boyle’s calling to this type of work to his strong moral convictions.
“Tom didn’t need to do this,” Kirby said. “He was very financially secure.”
While a Chicago police officer, Boyle was personally responsible for capturing brothers Tyrone and Larry Strickland, who were later convicted of murdering Wheeling Police Officer Kenneth Dawson in November 1985. Boyle also recovered the weapon used in Dawson’s fatal shooting.
“Thomas Boyle will always have a special place in the Wheeling Police Department,” Wheeling Police Chief William Benson said Thursday. “He is truly, truly a hero. It’s a tragic story.”
Boyle was born in 1949, grew up in Chicago and joined the Marine Corps just out of high school, Kirby said. He served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969 and earned the Cross of Gallantry.
Boyle then joined the Chicago Police Department in 1970 and served for 30 years before retiring.
Upon his retirement, he went to work for Kirby’s private detective agency in Elmhurst. The safety of those he served with, particularly new or younger people, was especially important to him, Kirby said.
“Tom was a great mentor for us,” he added.

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Somalia: South African Contractor Killed In Puntland

Rest in peace to the fallen and my heart goes out to the friends and family of Lodewyk Pietersen. As to the particulars of this incident, the article states that he was killed by his bodyguard after an argument. A Somali version of a green and blue incident, and these type of incidents are not exclusive to Afghanistan.

I thought it was interesting that reports mentioned that these contractors might be going out on missions with the PMPF. Here is a quote from Garowe online. (on a side note, if the PMPF is doing land operations, then why are they wearing bright blue uniforms?-camouflage anyone? lol)

Although reports are still unclear instructor Pietersen accompanied the PMPF in the operation and was killed shortly after entering Hul-Anod district.
Puntland forces have encountered resistance in Hul-Anod before in March 2011 pirates holding a Danish family hostage attacked Puntland forces that were stationed in the district, 5 soldiers were killed.
The Puntland government approved Friday’s operation by the PMPF and it is unclear what exactly occurred in Hul-Anod Friday afternoon but Puntland authorities have already set up an investigation into the killing of Mr. Pietersen.

And the report below said.

The statement said the trainer was killed while accompanying Puntland’s maritime forces on a government-approved mission targeting pirates near Hul-Anod, a coastal area favored by pirates who use it as a base to hijack ships for ransom.

So perhaps Saracen Int. are accompanying these guys on missions and it would make sense. Contractor mentors have been used in other wars, like in Afghanistan with the Afghan Border Patrol mission. Mentors can watch how these guys do business, and help correct training deficiencies and assist in management efforts so future missions have higher success rates.

Hopefully Puntland or Saracen will do some vetting of all of their bodyguards contracted to protect trainers, and make sure that they have folks that they can trust. If they catch the killer, we will see what this guy was all about. Was he mentally ill or an enemy combatant of some type? Perhaps the killer was sympathetic to the pirates, or working for the pirates in Hul-Anod? –Matt

Edit: 04/28/2012- I was given a heads up in an email about a few corrections. Somalia Report is reporting this bit of information, and it sounds like Lodewyk had a full blown mutiny on his hands, and not some rogue body guard. Here is a quote from the website below. Also, I was told that this was not a Saracen International contractor, but some other company that took over when their contract was suspended.

The South African national was monitoring a troop of Somali anti-piracy police ordered into Timirishe village in a move against pirates of the ali Salabeen clan.  When ordered to proceed with the mission, the troops began firing their guns into the air and into the ground, apparently in an effort to warn the pirates.
Sources at the scene told Somalia Report that the mentor then approached the group to encourage them forward and was shot and killed. There is still confusion over the exact motive and exactly who the killers were. PMPF sources told Somalia Report that an investigation is underway.

Edit: 04/29/2012 The name of the company was Sterling Corporate services. Here is a quote from Lloyds back in February of this year.

It is understood that the force currently stands at around 300 officers and  more will be added in time, with UAE-registered private security firm named Sterling Corporate Services having been retained to train the troops

Puntland Maritime Police Force(PMPF)Photo-Garowe Online


South African security trainer killed in Somalia
April 28, 2012
A South African security trainer was killed by his bodyguard in Somalia’s semiautonomous region of Puntland, officials said Saturday.
Puntland’s government said in a statement Saturday that it had launched an investigation into Friday’s killing. The statement identified the man as Lodewyk Pietersen, and said he worked for Saracen International, a security firm that trains anti-piracy forces in Puntland. The statement said the South African was 55 and married with children.
South African foreign ministry spokesman Clayson Monyela said Saturday no official word has been received from consular staff handling South African interests in Somalia.
“We have not yet been alerted to such an incident,” he said.

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Legal News: Philip Young To Be Released!

This is fantastic news and I really hope this turns out to be true.  Philip Young is a South African security contractor that has been detained unlawfully, and has been a prisoner of Afghanistan’s legal system. His case was clearly a self defense shooting against an armed combatant. To imprison him was wrong, pure and simple. Here is a quote from the Justice 4 Philip Young page on Facebook.

Imminent release Confirmed. May be out of here as early as next week. Just waiting for the admin to get done.

So we will see and thanks to Debbie at Facebook for giving me the heads up on this. There are a lot of people out there that will be happy to hear this. As more information comes up, I will make the edit. –Matt

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Industry Talk: DynCorp Contractor And Former Police Officer Brett Benton Killed In Afghanistan

Rest in peace to the fallen. Brett was part of a very important effort in Afghanistan to train the Afghan police forces. He has paid the ultimate sacrifice and the US and Afghanistan both owe him and all contractors whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice in this war a tremendous amount of gratitude. My heart goes out to the friends and family… –Matt

Brett Benton

Kenton PD mourns loss of former sergeant

Jun. 6, 2011

By Brenna R. Kelly

No one wanted Brett Benton to leave the Kenton County Police Department.The well-liked officer had been there for 10 years, started the department’s K-9 program and had been promoted to sergeant.“He was one of the best and brightest that we have, no question about it,” said Chief Ed Butler. “He was the kind of police officer you like to have work for you as the chief.”But Benton had a plan.He and his wife of nearly nine years wanted to move to from their Dry Ridge home to Madison County.

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Blogs: One Hired Gun

A big hat tip to James over at DVM for this one. This is a very experienced British security contractor and is good people. Most of all, he is one of the few that is writing about the maritime security industry from an insider’s point of view. Check it out and definitely put him on your RSS reader. –Matt

Edit: 06/02/2011– Hey folks, it looks like this blog went private. 

The author on assignment.

One Hired Gun

private militaries, jihadis and pirates
“Mercenaries”, “Guns for Hire”, “Soldiers of Fortune”, “Dogs of War”. Private forces and the people who work for them are part of the second oldest profession in the world.
This is a blog about the modern-day mercenary business, from Private Security Companies (PSCs) to Private Military Companies (PMCs) and everything else in between.
The author is a British security consultant who has spent the last eight years plying his trade in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now in anti-piracy, facing off Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. This is the view from the coal face, warts and all, anything relating to the business is covered – news, views and reviews.
Comments are always welcome
Link to blog here.

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